The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 52

𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐆𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧

“You scoundrel, what are you doing to Flora!”

Gale, visibly angry, confronts Luke.

“Prince Gale, it was I who spoke to him.”

“Flora, stay out of this.”

Gale pays no heed to Flora’s intervention.

“Listen, Flora is not someone for a scoundrel like you to casually approach. Understand? Now get away from her.”

“My apologies.”

“Wait, speaking of which, I just remembered something I had to tell you.”

Gale stops Luke who was about to leave after bowing.

“You, entering the Narejji territory without permission, and even with armed guards, I hear?”

“That is. . .”

Luke tries to explain it’s a misunderstanding, but Gale is not listening.

“Normally, you would be punished for trespassing, blasphemy, and even treason. Seems like you’re only alive because of Rampart Margrave’s protection. Quite the maneuver.”

“. . .Prince Gale, who told you about this?”

Luke asks calmly in response to Gale’s provocation.

“Perhaps it was Lord Greed or Sir Avaris?”

“And what if it was?”

“Then, if I may express my opinion. You may think what you will of me, but I would advise not to trust those two too much.”

“Nonsense! A commoner like you dares to criticize two noblemen?”

“That is not my intention.”

Luke continues in a calm voice.

“We went to the Narejji territory to rescue Alma-ojousama who resides here. Sir Greed might be involved in Alma-ojousama’s abduction, and Sir Avaris could be connected to Sir Greed. The abduction incident might also. . .”

“Enough, enough!”

Gale draws his sword.

“If you intend to further dishonor the nobility, I will cut you down right here!”

The gazes of the two men intersect.

This time, Luke has no intention of backing down.

He can’t stay silent when the Bastille family, who has been kind to him, is insulted.

Luke responds quietly.

“If that is your wish, go ahead. But before that, could you please listen to what I have to say? If you still aren’t satisfied afterwards, do as you please.”

“How dare you. . . Very well, I’ll grant your wish! If you can withstand my sword, then I’ll listen to your story!”

“You must not proceed further.”

Flora steps in front of Luke.

“Flora! Why do you defend this man! He insulted the nobility right before me! As a member of the royal family, it’s my duty to punish him!”

“That is precisely why. Prince Gale, before being a leader of the nobility, you are a leader of the people. Please remember that this is the time to demonstrate it.”


Prince Gale looks around, startled.

A crowd has formed around them, and the soldiers are watching the unfolding events.

“Everyone here is a common soldier. Do you intend to be a king who would draw his blade just because a citizen spoke a word or two against the nobility?”


“Grr. . .”

Gale stumbles over his words.

After glaring at Luke for a moment, he eventually sheathes his sword.

“Hmph, fine. I’ll entertain your talk as a jest. But it all depends on this large-scale subjugation. If you achieve more merits than me in this hunt, I’ll listen to you. But be aware if you don’t make any significant achievements.”

Gale glares at Luke with disdain.

“If that happens, leave this country and never return. This is a decree from the first prince of the Kingdom of Arrogas. There’s no second word on this.”


Luke bows in response.

“In return, if I surpass your Highness in achievements, please keep your promise.”

“Hmph, I am a prince, I always keep my promises. But let me warn you now: it’s impossible for you. If you value your life, you better leave the country while you still can. I won’t stop you.”

With that, Gale spat out his words and left with a loud laugh.

“Phew, thank you very much. That was a close one.”

Sighing, Luke smiles at Flora.


Alma rushes to him.

“Such a promise is reckless!”

“It’s okay, I’ll manage somehow.”

“But. . .”

Luke embraces Alma.

“It’s okay, I promise I won’t leave your side, Alma.”

“Luke. . .”

“Luke, be careful. Prince Gale may be arrogant, but he’s genuinely skilled.”

“I understand. I have no intention of being careless.”

Luke nods reassuringly to Flora, who expresses her concern.

“But now things are clearer. Everything depends on this large-scale subjugation. Succeeding in it should significantly advance our investigation.”

“That brat! Daring to stand up to me! I’ll make him see what’s coming!”

Gale walks away, unable to hide his irritation.

“Your Highness, it seems it went well.”

Avaris appears.

“Hmph, I’ve pushed him to leave the country as you wished. Are you satisfied now?”

“Thank you, thank you. As expected of Your Highness. All that’s left is for you to show your usual prowess.”

“Of course! I won’t lose to someone like him!”

Gale roars.

“Let’s start quickly! I’ll end this large-scale subjugation in no time!”

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