The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 21


“So, is that so. . . You are Luke Surberry, huh? I have often heard about you from my daughter.”

Regaining consciousness, Sir Wilfred sat down on the sofa, wiping his sweat and smiling at Luke.

Sir Wilfred, a gentleman with neatly combed gray hair and a moustache, had a sturdy build.

For some reason, he was clad in armor as if he was about to go into battle.

Luke stood up and knelt on one knee in front of Sir Wilfred.

“Pleased to meet you. It’s an honor to meet you, Lord Rampart. My name is Luke, a friend of Alma-san. I used to go by the name Luke Surberry, but now I’m just Luke. I look forward to your acquaintance.”

“Hmm, I have been wanting to meet you. But I was surprised, I thought my daughter had brought back a partner. . .”

“Otou-sama, you’re jumping to conclusions too quickly.”

Alma puffed her cheeks.

“But you intend to do that eventually. . .”

“Hm? Did you say something?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Alma smiled cheerfully at her father who asked curiously.

Luke whispered in her ear.

“Does your family have a tendency to faint easily? You also fainted when we met before, right? Is it hereditary?”

“I don’t think so. . .”


Sir Wilfred entered the conversation between Luke and Alma with a cough.

“So. . . Luke, you will be staying at our house for a while, right?”

“Please, just call me Luke. Yes, I will be imposing on you for a bit. I apologize for not contacting you in advance.”

Luke bowed his head to Sir Wilfred.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. This was my daughter’s doing, not your responsibility. A friend of my daughter is a friend of mine, you are most welcome here. And your father, Lord Eric, was an old acquaintance of mine. We became distant after we both had children, but we never lost touch. I’ve met you before, you might not remember as you were very young.”

At Sir Wilfred’s words, a memory surfaced in the depths of Luke’s mind.

It was one of Luke’s earliest memories.

He had gone with his father to visit someone far away, and while the two adults talked, he played with a girl who was there.

“No, I vaguely remember. Alma-san was there too, right?”

“Oh! You remember! You must have been about three years old, but it’s impressive you remember.”

Sir Wilfred let out a breath of admiration.

“That girl was Alma.”

“. . .Now that you mention it. . . maybe. . . that was. . . Luke? I thought the first time I met you was at school.”

“I had completely forgotten until Lord Rampart mentioned it.”

“Ha ha ha, both of you were so young. Alma, you cried a lot when you had to part with him.”

“D, Dad, don’t tease me about my childhood!”

Alma’s face turned bright red.


“Anyway, I welcome you. Sorry, but I have work to do, so I can’t offer much hospitality, but please make yourself at home.”

Sir Wilfred said this and stood up, making a clanking sound with his armor.

“Is that. . . perhaps related to your outfit?”

“Otou-sama, could it be. . .!”

Alma’s complexion changed.

“Indeed. . . Actually, I’ve been planning to conquer a dungeon soon. Right now, my subordinates and I are preparing for it.”

“That’s too dangerous!”

Alma exclaimed.

“You promised not to go to the dungeon again, didn’t you!”

“It can’t be helped, my daughter.”

Sir Wilfred sighed.

“I’ve been silent about my worries, but since the drought two years ago, we’ve been struggling financially. I had to take on debt to protect our people. Now, the due date for that debt is approaching.”

“Oh no. . .”

Sir Wilfred gently placed his hand on the speechless Alma’s head.

“Worry not. A little venture into the dungeon to collect magic stones should cover the repayment easily. So, there’s no need to worry.”

In this world, due to geological reasons, underground spaces are easily formed, attracting monsters that seek the magical essence accumulated there.

Monsters absorbing the heavy magical essence underground transform into demon beasts, occasionally emerging on the surface to attack and torment people.

The underground spaces inhabited by demon beasts are called dungeons, and eliminating these creatures from dungeons within their territory is a crucial duty of the lords.

This led to the birth of magic knights.

Nobles eagerly aspire to become magic knights, primarily because hunting demon beasts is a noble’s duty.

Although dangerous, demon beasts accumulate magical essence in their bodies as crystals, which are traded at high prices as magic stones.

Magic stones obtained from dungeons are a valuable source of income for the lords.

“Having not ventured into dungeons for a long time, I’m sure we’ll find plenty of magic stones. That should settle the debt quickly.”

“But. . . Otou-sama, you were severely injured in the last expedition! You promised not to venture into dungeons again. . .”

Alma persisted with a desperate expression.

“It’s necessary.”

However, Sir Wilfred remained resolute.

“This is something I must do, even if it means risking my life.”

“Lord Rampart.”

Luke stepped forward.

“If you must go, may I accompany you?”

“You?! No, that’s impossible. I can’t let my daughter’s friend go to a dungeon infested with numerous dangerous demon beasts.”

“Please rest assured. Despite how I may appear, I have some experience in slaying demon beasts. I promise to be of help to you, Lord.”

“But. . .”

Still hesitant, Sir Wilfred listened as Luke continued to speak.

“I understand if you can’t trust me. Perhaps you could test my abilities? Then you can decide whether I’m worth taking to the dungeon.”

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