The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 191

𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞

“Luke, thank you for your hard work today, and Alma too.”

After the signing ceremony, Luke and Alma were called to Flora’s private room in the Blue Palace.

“Thank you for your hard work as a representative of the royal family.”

“Let’s keep the formal greetings to a minimum. My shoulders are so stiff. Oh, is tea okay for both of you?”

Flora is brewing tea with a cheerful smile.

“I love the fragrant flower tea here. I even have it delivered to the royal castle.”

“I’m sorry for deceiving you.”

After a brief chat, Flora suddenly muttered.

Luke, who realized that she was probably talking about inviting them to the southern territories, waved his hand and smiled.

“We don’t mind. After all, we were told to investigate.”

Alma nods at Luke’s words.

They had been prepared for something to happen ever since Flora asked them to investigate the southern territories.

Besides, they were able to visit the beautiful southern country and Luke had a lot of gains, so there was no reason to complain.

Seeing this, a relieved expression appeared on Flora’s face.

“It’s a relief to hear you say that.”

“Did you know everything, Princess Flora? Even the resurrection of the divine beast. . .”

“That was completely unexpected. I still feel sorry for putting you in danger.”

Flora bows her head apologetically.

“I never thought Sir Wilkinson would plan something so dangerous. . . If the divine beast had been resurrected, it wouldn’t have been a matter of treaties. The worst-case scenario could have been a deterioration in relations with the demon realm. In that respect, you saved us again.”

After that, Omid and Dandale confessed everything after a severe interrogation.

The two men who tried to usurp the southern territories were heavily punished, and Dandale has already been executed and Omid is now in prison waiting for his end.

“The southern territories will be directly governed by the royal family. I have been appointed as the interim lord.”

Flora announces quietly.

“It’s a heavy burden for me, but with Prince Gale gone, the royal family is short of personnel.”

Since then, there has been no news of Gale.

About a month ago, Barbassa said that three humans traveling in the demon realm were spotted.

Luke thinks that must be Gale and his companions.

He’s sure that the prince is living robustly in the demon realm.



“There may be times when we will need to rely on Luke and Alma’s strength. Can we count on you then?”

“Of course! If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.”

“I feel the same way. Whenever you need my help, I’ll be there.”

Luke and Alma nod strongly.

“Thank you. This is just a token of my gratitude, but please accept it as a gift from me to you.”

Flora nods happily at their words and takes Luke’s hand.

She drops something small into Luke’s palm and slowly releases his hand.

“F, Flora-sama, this is. . .!”

Luke is astonished at what he has been given.

It was a signet ring with the Nightingale family crest and Flora’s name engraved on it.

“Anyone who holds that ring will be placed under the protection of the Nightingale family in my name.”

Flora smiles.

“That’s true, even if they are from the demon realm.”

“Flora-sama. . . do you understand what you’re saying. . .”

Luke swallows hard without realizing it.

Flora is saying that she will protect whoever Luke entrusts that ring to.

She probably knows who Luke is going to give it to.

“Of course. I told you, this is my feelings towards you. Luke, you have saved this country many times. As a member of the royal family, I have a duty to repay that. Please consider it as a proof.”

Flora stands up with her usual smile.

“I called you today to tell you that. I’m sorry for taking your time.”

Luke stands up, taking her words as a sign to end the conversation.

“Flora-sama, thank you. I will never forget this favor.”

“Please say hello to your master for me. I haven’t been able to welcome her since then, so I’m always waiting for her.”










“Oh, so that’s what happened.”

While playing with Flora’s engagement ring, Iris mutters uninterestedly. 

“That’s not the point!”

Luke rants excitedly. 

“I’ve been worrying about how to get everyone to accept he master. If we have Flora-sama’s support, our worries will be solved at once!”

Iris is still feared as a demon who opposed humanity. 

There are even religions that regard her as a divine enemy in their doctrines. 

It would be difficult to change people’s hearts all at once. 

But if there is physical evidence that Flora supports us, we can certainly have more hope than before. 

“Well, it’s fine. But it’s a bit. . . The first ring I got from Luke is another woman’s property.”

Iris grumbles unenthusiastically. 

“That’s not Luke’s ring, it’s Flora-sama’s ring. I’ll make sure there’s no misunderstanding.”

“No, no, once it was handed over to Luke, the fact that Luke gave me the ring doesn’t change.”

Iris retorts teasingly to Alma’s insistence. 

“Well, it’s something I’ll gladly accept since it’s a gain.”

Iris says this and puts the ring on her right hand. 

“Speaking of which, I’ll return this too.”

Luke reaches into his left arm and pulls out a red magic stone. 

It’s a magic stone with Iris’s soul in it. 

“You can keep that.”

“B, But. . .”

“I know, you want to say that it’s too much power for you now, right?”

At Iris’s words, all Luke could do was nod. 

It contains enough power to defeat a divine beast as easily as twisting a baby’s arm. Luke couldn’t possibly control it all. 

Rather, power attracts power. 

Just imagining what kind of people would approach Luke seeking this magic stone sends shivers down his spine. 

“Even so, Luke. You’re going to get involved in various things, whether you like it or not. That’s because you’ve gained that much power. To get through those, you need to be able to make this much power your own.”

Iris says this with a smile and pats Luke’s shoulder to cheer him up. 

“It’s okay! Luke, I’m sure it’s okay because I’ve entrusted it to you. You should feel more at ease!”

“That’s. . . right.”

Luke nods with a stiff face. 

What Iris says is true. 

Various things will happen in the future. 

In order to protect myself and everyone around me at that time, I need to become stronger. 

No, I have to become stronger. 

“When you’re lonely, you can think of it as me and hold it while you sleep. I can’t leave it all to Alma.”

“What! So that was your aim!”

Alma snaps at Iris’s words. 

“That’s my soul, literally one with Luke. Remember that I’m there even when you’re with Luke.”

“Take it off! I’ll definitely make you take off your left arm!”


A smile appeared on Luke’s face as he watched the two of them play.

(That’s right, what am I hesitating for? I should be able to do anything with these two.)

“Understood, master. I gratefully accept this magic stone. I will meet your expectations!”

Luke’s gaze was filled with a new determination as he said this.

When I can master this power, I should be able to free Iris.

A strange conviction filled Luke’s chest.

“That’s the spirit, Luke. You can do it.”

“That’s right, if it’s Luke, he can definitely do it! I’ll help too!”

Iris and Alma stood up and smiled at Luke.

“Thank you. . . I’m really glad to have you two. I think I’m the happiest man in the world to have such wonderful people with me.”

“You say such nice things!”

Iris hugged Luke and Alma.

“Then let’s have a feast until morning tonight! We have the wine you two brought too!”

“Hold on, Iris, you should drink moderately. Last time you ended up. . .”

“Don’t be so stiff! Luke, you think so too, right.”

“. . .That’s right, it’s good to enjoy ourselves to the fullest today.”

“Luke, you too. . . Well, I understand. But be prepared, once I decide to do something, I’ll go all out. I won’t stop anymore.”

“That’s the spirit! Let’s have a drinking contest after a long time!”

The three of them entered the mansion with their arms around each other’s shoulders.


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