The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 19

𝐆𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐋𝐮𝐤𝐞

Sharp eyes like a lion’s glare at Luke.

“Answer me. Why is there a civilian here?”

“This person is our collaborator. His name is Luke, and thanks to him, we were able to rescue those who had been abducted.”

Rebecca answers.

“Hmph, saved by a civilian? The level of the royal guards has fallen.”

Gale snorts in amusement.

Yet, no one rebukes him.

It was impossible to do so.

No one could dare to oppose a man who would eventually control the entire kingdom.

Even Rebecca, who was openly scorned, had no choice but to accept his words.

“Hey, you there.”

Gale’s arrogant voice is directed at Luke.

“What’s with those long gloves? Take them off right now.”

“These gloves?”

“What else? Hurry up and take them off. Or is there a reason you cannot?”

Gale’s tone carries a hint of irritation.

He seems to be quite short-tempered.

“No. . . there’s no such reason.”

Luke slowly removes his left long glove.

“I normally hide it because I don’t want people to see scars from my childhood.”

What was revealed was a perfectly normal human hand.

A large burn scar ran from the palm to the back of the elbow.

“Hmph, how effeminate for a man to hide his scars.”

Gale snorts uninterestedly and looks away from Luke.

“Luke, that arm?”

“It’s illusion magic. I’ve incorporated a magical formula to make it appear as a normal arm for such occasions.”

Luke whispers back to Alma, who asks quietly.

“I was surprised. I thought it had turned back into a real arm.”

Alma sighs in relief.

“Wait. . . is that girl there, could it be Lord Rampart’s daughter?”

At that moment, Gale’s gaze shifts to Alma, standing next to Luke.

“Yes. . .”

Alma answers softly, looking down.

Her shoulders tremble slightly.

It was no wonder Alma was nervous.

They had met only once before as potential fiancés, both adopting social attitudes.

But now it was different.

She was a woman whose engagement had been broken, and in a way, the prince was the person who had rejected her.

She had no idea how to behave towards such a person.

“Why is the daughter of a Margrave in the royal guard?”


The prince’s blunt words make Alma flinch.

His words implied that her once being his potential fiancée was an insignificant detail unworthy of remembrance.

Likely, he was unaware of Alma’s failure to join the Seraglio Guards or her family circumstances leading her to the guard.

Or even if he had heard, he probably forgot it the next moment.

To Prince Gale, Alma was of such little significance.

Lost for words, Alma stands frozen as the prince throws more words at her.

“It seems the once-renowned Bastille family can’t even pass on decent blood. Soon, they might not even be fit to govern the frontiers.”


“. . .!”

Alma’s clenched fist turned white.

“Your Highness.”

At that moment, Luke stepped forward and knelt down.

“What is it?”

“Your Highness, do you know what has been happening here?”

“Is that all?”

Prince Gale snorted.

“I came upon hearing of an explosion. This area is notorious for poor security. Probably some rogue sorcerer caused a rampage. We had to intervene because your guard troops are incompetent.”

“I regret to inform you, it seems there was organized human trafficking and kidnappings targeted for this purpose here.”


Prince Gale’s eyebrows shot up.

Luke continued speaking calmly, head still bowed.

“Several women who were abducted have been rescued. It’s likely not the act of a lone perpetrator. I suggest a thorough investigation to trace the organizational ties.”

“. . .And?”

However, Prince Gale’s response was cold.

“So, you’re saying leave it to you, the guard troops? Ridiculous! Organized crime? Careful investigation? It’s not for you to decide! Know your place!”

“. . .”

Luke continued bowing silently under the prince’s rebuke.

Prince Gale, looking disgusted, waved his hand.

“Enough. Get lost. You’re just hindering the investigation. Remember, you just happened to be at the scene before us. Don’t delude yourself thinking you resolved it. Don’t even dream of boasting about it.”


Luke replied shortly, stood up, and quickly left with Alma and the others.

“Hmph, a civilian dares to advise me, would have flogged him if this weren’t the place.”

Gale muttered, watching Luke and the others leave.

“But that man, Luke. . . he’s not just a civilian. . . Who is he?”

Not even courtiers dare to voice opinions in front of the prince.

Gale found it intriguing yet annoying.

Especially Luke’s eyes, seeming to see everything, irked Gale particularly.

“Luke. . . such a trivial name.”

Gale scoffed again.

Well, it doesn’t matter, such a man is but a pebble under my foot. 

Noticed only when stepped on, but forgotten at the next step.

“What are you dawdling for! Secure the women and detain the men! Squeeze everything out of them!”

With that shout, Gale had already completely forgotten about Luke and his advice.










“You did really well.”

Luke smiles, holding Alma’s hand.

Tears streamed down Alma’s eyes as she walked beside Luke.

“I’m glad. . . I can’t use magic anymore, glad I didn’t join the Seraglio Guards, didn’t become the prince’s fiancée. . . Really. . . glad.”

Saying so, Alma rubbed her eyes vigorously.

She smiles at Luke with her eyes red and swollen.

“And I’m really happy you’re here with me, Luke. . . Thank you. You talked to the prince earlier just to distract me, didn’t you? I was so happy. . .”

“I feel the same. I’m truly glad that Alma didn’t become that man’s fiancée.”

“Luke. . .”

Alma gazes at Luke with teary eyes.

“Hey there.”

Sicily beside them spoke up.

“Ah Sicily! you, you were there?”

Alma screams.

“What do you mean ‘were there’? I’ve been here the whole time! Sorry to interrupt, but save that for when you’re alone.”

“W, We weren’t getting carried away or anything. . .”

“So what’s going to happen now? Are we off the hook with this case?”


Rebecca, walking beside them, responds.

“With St. Arrogas’s guards taking over, we can’t intervene anymore. It’s a shame, after all our efforts. If only I had more power. . .”

She says, grinding her teeth in frustration.

“No, it’s not your fault, Captain Rebecca.”

“Exactly, it’s just bad luck on our part. Besides, we can’t beat the prince.”

“. . .You guys. . . Thank you. Hearing that makes me feel a bit better. But still. . .”

Rebecca sighs in relief and then smiles mischievously at Alma.

“I never knew you and Luke were so close. No wonder you’ve been doing well recently.”

“No, no, it’s not like that, Luke and I!”

Alma shouts with a flushed face.

“Don’t be shy, if it helps your grades, then it’s good. So, how far have you two gone? Let’s hear the details.”

“Captain, please! Don’t tease me!”

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