The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 188

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐢𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝

“If that’s the case, please leave it to me.”

Flora returns a soft smile. 

“We will prepare our country’s finest sake for you.”

“That’s the spirit!”

“Do you have any other requests? I may be presumptuous, but I believe I can have some influence on the country’s policies, albeit small.”

Iris stares at Flora’s face. 

As always, Flora’s face reveals no intention. 

Eventually, Iris shrugs and shakes her head. 

“Hmm. . . I guess that’s fine for now.”

“Are you sure? If it’s a domestic matter, I will do my best to realize your wish to some extent. . .”

“Despite appearances, I’m quite satisfied with my current environment. Besides, I already have a prior commitment regarding my wish.”

Iris puts her arm around Luke’s shoulder as if to hold his head. 

“I see.”

Flora smiles. 

“Then it would be rude to insist any further. Although it’s regrettable, I will withdraw for now.”

Flora bows slightly and turns to Luke. 

“I apologize, but I will have to return for now to process the future. I will be staying at the Azure Palace for a while, so Luke, please come by when things settle down.”

“Understood, take care, Flora-sama. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.”

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.”

Flora smiles and bows to Barbassa. 

“Berlanji-sama, it’s an honor to see you again after a long time. Please forgive my late greeting.”

“I’m truly grateful to see you again. I’m relieved to see you haven’t changed.”

Barbassa exchanges greetings with Flora and glances at Luke. 

“I was concerned that you didn’t come, but this was the reason why you sent him here. You’re a terrifying woman as always.”

“Not at all. I had to send him as a representative because I couldn’t leave due to unavoidable circumstances, but I didn’t expect this situation.”

The two of them are having a pleasant conversation, but there are negotiations in the words. 

“So, about that matter. . .”

“I’m sorry, but given the situation, could we postpone it to another day?”

Barbassa nods at Flora’s words. 

“Yes, now that we know you have a connection with that person, we need to change our response. But this result was unexpected for us as well. It seems that our cooperation was not a mistake. I look forward to seeing you again.”

Barbassa kneels in front of Iris again. 

“Goddess, I sincerely apologize, but I must excuse myself now. Normally, I would welcome you with all my territory, but I’m ashamed to say that we are currently in chaos due to the rebels, and we are not in a position to welcome the Goddess. As soon as we stabilize the situation, we will welcome you again, so please wait until then.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll go when I feel like it, so you do what you want.”

Iris waves her hand in annoyance. 

“I have no words to express my gratitude for your generous consideration. Then, I will excuse myself now, hoping to see you again.”


Barbassa bowed deeply and left, leading Dandale’s private army away.

Flora also bowed her head in front of Iris.

“Then I’ll take my leave now. Iris-sama, please feel free to visit anytime. You’re always welcome.”

Flora and her guards left the island with Omid’s private soldiers, and the surroundings were suddenly enveloped in silence.

“. . .Is it. . . over?”

Kiel muttered to herself.

“Yes, there will probably be some chaos for a while, but we shouldn’t face a crisis like before.”

Luke looked around.

The soldiers had left, and the island’s residents were gradually gathering on the beach.


Turning around, there stood the elders of the Kranken clan.

Everyone stood still with a gloomy expression.

Eventually, one of the elders raised his face as if he had made up his mind.

“I’m sorry, we were wrong to be swayed by the sweet words of the humans.”

The surrounding elders nodded at his words.

“Our chief was killed, and the mine was destroyed by the divine beast. There are those who are injured and have lost their homes. We can’t make any excuses, this is our responsibility for believing Errant’s words.”

With that, the elders knelt before Kiel.

“Kiel, all of this happened because we ignored your words. We won’t say anything as convenient as asking for forgiveness. But from now on, you’re the only one we can entrust our clan to.”

“That’s right. Not just us Kranken clan, but the Rivasura clan should also listen to your words.”

“Please, guide the island.”

“No. . . I’m the one who should apologize.”

Kiel knelt on one knee.

“I couldn’t do anything. Everything was done by Luke. I wasn’t thinking about the island at all. I just wanted to have my own way. If I hadn’t been so stubborn, Errant might not have done what he did.”

“Kiel. . .”

“So I’m not qualified to guide the island yet. But I’ll do my best to do what I can. This time, I’ll find a way that everyone on the island can agree with. So, can everyone help me?”

Kiel, who raised her face, had a bright smile on her face.

“Of course! Let’s all work together to rebuild!”

“That’s right! If we all cooperate, we should be able to prosper without relying on magic stones!”

“. . .It seems like everything is going to be okay.”

Looking at Kiel and the elders hugging each other, Luke nodded with a smile.

“Master, we plan to stay on this island for a while to help with the reconstruction. . . Huh? Where’s master?”

Luke looked around in wonder, but Iris was nowhere to be seen.

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