The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 186

𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠

“. . .Well, the reason I. . . teamed up with Dandale to get this island. . . is to make the southern territories independent. . .”

Omid answers, sweating profusely.

He is being forced to confess by Gale’s absolute domination.


Alma’s eyes widen at Omid’s words.

Luke was also surprised by this.

He had planned not only to control Osten Island but also to seize the southern territories.

Gale snorted, lifting the corners of his mouth in amusement.

“Hmph, you thought of something big. Tell me in detail. How did you start and how were you going to do it, everything.”

“I. . . I first teamed up with Dandale from the demon realm. Because our interests coincided with Dandale, who was trying to expand his business to escape the strict regulations of the demon realm.”

Omid continues his words with difficulty.

“The plan was divided into three stages, the first stage started with us pretending to be at odds. This has several effects other than diverting attention from our secret agreement. . . If we, the influential ones, become hostile, tension will arise between the two countries. Tension leads to deterioration of public order, and crime becomes rampant.”

Omid continued to confess his sins, shedding a torrent of tears.

He knew that ruin awaited him if he told everything, but he couldn’t stop, it was tears of despair that he realized.

“We became the financiers of bandits and pirates behind the scenes and embezzled the loot. At the same time, we increased the trade of magic stones under the pretext of deteriorating public order, got kickbacks from Osten Island, and hired mercenaries with that as capital. The deterioration of public order also has the effect of justifying the increase of mercenaries.”

“Terrible. . .”

Alma frowns as she listens to Omid’s monologue.

It became clear why the bandits were wearing the equipment of the Arrogas Kingdom and the demons.

Omid continues to speak, trembling all over.

“The second stage is the alienation of Osten Island. We made the two clans on the island confront each other by openly favoring one clan each. This causes price competition and allows us to buy magic stones even cheaper. And we incited Errant to start a war on the island. Because war is a reason to wake up the divine beast sleeping on the island.”

“It’s your fault!”

Kiel lunged at Omid with a shout.

“You. . . you instigated everyone on the island!”

“Kiel, calm down.”

“Let go, Luke! I’m going to kill this guy!”

Kiel thrashes around while being held in a full nelson by Luke.

Her face is plastered with an angry expression like he’s never seen before.

“This guy. . . how many people do you think died because of this guy! The chief. . . Errant too because of this guy! This guy deserves to be killed a hundred times over!”

“I understand. He will be given a suitable punishment. In order to do that, we have to make him confess all his sins.”

At Luke’s words, Kiel’s movements finally stopped.

She seems to be somehow restraining herself, her face red and panting heavily.

“. . .I understand. Luke, I’ll follow your words for now. But I won’t accept anything less than a death sentence for this guy. When it’s time to execute, I’ll be the one to guide this guy. Even if a different judgment is handed down, I’ll kill him.”

Kiel glared at Omid with a murderous look as she spoke.

Gale urged him to move on with an expression that didn’t evoke any emotion.

“If you’re satisfied, let’s continue the conversation. What were you planning to do after awakening the divine beast?”

“Ye. . .yes, Errant seemed to believe he could tame the divine beast, but we never believed that. . . rather, it would be inconvenient if Errant could control the divine beast, so we were planning to let it run wild anyway.”

Omid continues the conversation.

“Defeating the divine beast that once terrorized the southern territories, this was supposed to be an indispensable achievement in leading independence. Moreover, the public sentiment would likely lean towards us, who defeated the divine beast, as the rightful rulers of this chaotic region. We were planning to effectively control the southern territories with the support of the public.”

“Hmm, so you’re trying to start a fire and put it out yourself. That’s something a small fry without real power would think of. Those guys usually leave evidence for their last resort. Where is it?”

“Th. . .that is. . .”

Omid distorts his face in pain.

He seems to be making a last-ditch resistance, fearing that providing physical evidence would truly spell his doom.

But that was a fleeting resistance in the face of Gale’s absolute domination.


“Th. . .there is a hidden safe behind the painting hung in my private room. It’s protected by defensive magic, but it can be unlocked with the necklace I’m wearing. Inside, there are all the secret agreements and evidence of backdoor deals I made with Dandale. . .”

Omid’s eyes roll back in his head.

He collapses as if his strings have been cut.

“Has he run out of energy?”

Gale stands up and approaches Omid.

He casually rips off the necklace hanging around Omid’s neck.

“You heard the conversation, didn’t you? Go secure the evidence quickly.”

“As expected, Prince Gale.”

“Huh, Princess Flora?!”

Alma, who turned around, lets out a surprised voice.

The person standing there was Flora.

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