The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 184

𝐄𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐲

“Wha. . .what is this, what is this, ahhhh!”

Dandale’s scream echoed across the beach.

Dandale couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The number of soldiers Dandale had gathered to conquer Osten Island was 450, all of them were experienced mercenaries.

He was confident that with this many people, even a Greater Dragon could be defeated within a day.

But now, they were being brutally defeated right in front of Dandale’s eyes.

The beach was filled with incapacitated soldiers.

Some were knocked out by rocks, others were impaled headfirst into the sandy beach, not moving at all.

In the midst of the falling soldiers was Iris.

She was gracefully hopping around, repelling the attacking soldiers as if she was dancing.

No, Iris had already become the predator.

“Eeeek! She’s a monster!”

“What is she! What is she!”

Soldiers began to panic and started to retreat from the battlefield.

“Damn it! Don’t falter! Maintain formation! What are the magic units doing! Provide support immediately!”

At the commander’s angry voice, the mages released their magic all at once.

It was a no-chant magic that only demons could do.

“How about that! A 20-hit attack magic that can slay even an Archdemon! With this. . .”

The commander’s voice of triumph stopped midway.

Iris, who emerged from the smoke, was not injured, not even a tear in her clothes.

“M, Monster. . . then, concentrate the attack on her companions! Distract her attention!”

At the commander’s order, the soldiers rushed towards Kiel and the others.



But the soldiers fell unconscious before they could reach them.

“I won’t let you get close to them.”

There was Luke, who was standing in the way, releasing electric shocks from his left hand.

“N, Nonsense! Why can a human stop a demon! Their fragile magic can’t possibly. . .”

“Don’t lump my disciple with those humans.”


The commander stiffened at the sudden voice from behind.

When he turned around with a creaking sound, Iris was standing there.

“Ha, ha, ha. . .”

The commander could only gasp for breath as if he were drowning.

Iris slowly raised her index finger.

“Master, I think you understand.”

“I understand, I won’t kill you.”

When Iris touched his forehead with her finger, the commander collapsed as if his strings had been cut.

“I just stopped the flow of magical power. He’ll wake up in about an hour.”

The battle was essentially over.

Both the human and demon soldiers had lost their will to fight and were just surrounding Iris and Luke from a distance.

“Is it over already? It wasn’t even a good distraction.”

Iris looked around disappointedly and bent her index finger.

Omid and Dandale were drawn to Iris as if they were tied by an invisible rope.

Both of them were pale and trembling.

“You guys are the bosses of these guys, right? Can you tell them to put more effort into it? It’s not exciting at all.”

“W, Who are you. . .”


Omid asked, dripping with sweat.

“If you’re such a powerful demon, there’s no way I wouldn’t know. Who are you and where did you come from! Why are you doing this! Aren’t we the same demons! Why are you siding with humans even though you have such strength!”

“Are you still saying that?”

Iris grabbed Omid’s head tightly.

“Do I have to engrave it into your soul to make you understand?”


“Master! It’s above!”

At Luke’s warning, a shadow suddenly cast overhead.

Something huge was slowly descending.

With a heavy flapping of wings, a red-scaled dragon landed in front of Luke and the others.

Then, several blue dragons landed one after another.

There were about ten of them, each with a heavily armed warrior riding on a saddle around its neck.

“That’s. . . the dragon unit of the demon realm. Why is such an elite unit of the demon realm here. . .?”

Gaston muttered, swallowing hard.

The Dragon Unit, known for its bravery in the demon realm, flies at high speed and bombards with powerful magic.

Its power, said to be able to take on a platoon alone, is still feared in the Arrogas Kingdom and is passed down as a subject of fear.

However, since the agreement between the human race and the demon realm, it rarely appears in public, so this was the first time Luke had seen it.

A demon descended from the red dragon.

He was clad in black armor and exuded an extraordinary aura.

There was no doubt that he was the commander of the unit.

“Oh! Lord Berlanji!”

Dandale’s face lit up with joy at the sight.

The man who raised his face was indeed Barbassa Berlanji, the lord of the Berlanji territory.

“He’s leading the dragon unit. . . But why is he on this island?”

Cold sweat ran down Luke’s forehead.

He knew Berlanji’s strength well from the bandit subjugation the other day.

And now he was leading the dragon unit, known as a one-man army.

If Berlanji were to become hostile, it wouldn’t end well.

“Well, it looks like someone with a bit of a bite has finally arrived.”

Iris smiled, showing her teeth in amusement.

“Help me! Those rogues! They’re trying to torture and kill my soldiers! This is a clear act of aggression against the demon realm!”

Dandale ran to Barbassa and clung to his knees.

“Hurry up and exterminate those people! They are enemies of our country, despicable villains! Show them the glory of the demon realm’s lord now!”

Barbassa looked at Luke with a stern face.

“Fool. . .”

At the same time as his words, something could be seen dancing in the air.

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