The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 182


“Don’t move! Who are you guys!”

As soon as they arrived at the village, Luke and his companions were surrounded by soldiers.

Everyone was fully armed and brimming with murderous intent.

“I live in this village! Who are you guys! What are you doing in my village!”

Kiel angrily confronted the soldiers.

“Silence! If you don’t listen, we’ll restrain you!”

A soldier with bloodshot eyes raised his sword.



Luke’s left fist sank into the soldier’s face.

“You! What are you doing!”

The surrounding soldiers suddenly became agitated.

“It’s hard to argue against violence. . .”

“I love this kind of thing!”

Unlike the sweating Luke, Iris was happily clenching her fists.

“So it comes to this.”

Alma stood back to back with Luke, seemingly resigned.

She was already in full battle gear with her Demonstration Armor.

The soldiers with their swords drawn were slowly closing the distance.

“Damn it, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going all out! I’m going to do it thoroughly!”

Gaston roared at the soldiers.

“That’s enough!”

At that moment, a sharp voice came from the back.

The man who came through the soldiers was alone.

From the badge on his armor, it was clear that he was in charge of the soldiers.

“I’ve told you that harming civilians is a serious crime!”

The man walked up to Luke, scolding the soldiers as he went.

“I apologize for the rudeness of my subordinates. However, this island is currently under strict surveillance and is under the control of our security forces. I would like you to refrain from acting on your own.”

“So, what, I’m asking why you guys are managing this island like it’s your own! This island is our island! Isn’t it you guys who are doing whatever you want!”

“Well, that. . . we’re just following orders. . .”

“Then bring the guy who gave the order right now! Who the hell is doing such a thing!”

Kiel aggressively confronted the man.

“What’s going on, it’s noisy.”

At the sound of the voice coming from the crowd, Luke instinctively made Kiel step back.

“Alma, take care of Kiel.”

Alma nodded and hid Kiel behind her.

The voice belonged to a person well known to Luke and Kiel.

The man who appeared through the crowd was Omid Wilkinson, the Southern Territory Supervisor.

At the sight of Omid, the soldiers let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh, Omid-sama, just in time!”

Omid’s face seemed to twist for a moment when he recognized Luke and his companions, but he quickly approached with a calm smile and open arms.

“Well, well, Sir Luke and Alma-sama, I’m glad to see you’re safe. I was worried.”

“Why are you here?”

“What are you talking about? Of course, I came to help you after you crossed the island. After all, the opponent is a divine beast, and if we leave it as it is, it will be a crisis for the island. So we reluctantly took over the maintenance of security.”


“That’s right! After you guys left, we received a report that the divine beast sleeping on this island woke up, and we rushed to rescue it. We had no choice but to take over the security maintenance because the opponent is a divine beast and it’s a crisis for the island.”


Omid dramatically spreads his arms and theatrically places a hand on his chest.

“To help us. . .”

Omid’s words were not entirely believable.

First of all, his actions were too quick.

Considering the distance between the continent and the island, it would be impossible to arrive in this time since the divine beast woke up.

Unless he knew in advance.

And there’s another point of concern.

“Why are you acting with the demons? Aren’t we in a tense situation with the demon realm now?”

Luke looked around.

Among the soldiers, there were also demi-humans and demons.

Although they were undoubtedly Omid’s private soldiers, it was too unnatural.

“I’ll explain that.”

A voice came from behind Omid.

“Sir Dandora? Why are you here?”

The one who stepped forward was a nobleman of the demon realm, Dandale Dandora.

He was dressed in a dazzling armor, but like Omid, he clearly seemed to be worn by the armor.

“Yes, we also received a rescue notice from Osten Island. We happened to meet Sir Wilkinson when we were heading here urgently. Given the situation, we decided to put aside past grudges and cooperate for now.”

“That’s right. They have trade with the Rivasura clan, so it’s easy to share information. We had some friction with Sir Dandora in the past, but we can’t save lives if we stick to it at this time, so we’re joining forces.”

Omid and Dandale lined up their words like water flowing down a board.

Their confident manner of speaking made it seem as if they would believe them even if they doubted them.

But Luke’s eyes clearly caught that the two were lying.

Sweat, breath, movement of the pupils, everything showed their unusual tension.

“I see, how did you arrive so quickly? It should be less than half a day since the divine beast woke up. . .”

At Luke’s words, Omid and Dandale looked at each other and twisted their mouths.

As if they knew that question from the beginning.

“Ah, that. Actually, we were originally doing an exercise. After all, the situation was such that a war could break out at any time. Just the other day, a ship from the Kranken clan was captured. . . Oops, was that a slip of the tongue.”

Omid bowed his head with a smirk, as if he had done it.

As if this was the end of the story.

Dandale also nodded in agreement.

“As Sir Wilkinson says, if they move, we have to move. That’s the situation. So we were about to go out for an exercise along the coast.”

Luke nodded greatly as if to match the story.

“I see, that’s why you were able to arrive so quickly. By the way, who asked you for help? Kiel has been with us all the time. . .”


Omid, looking pleased, answers with his chest puffed out.

“That would be Mr. Errant of the Kranken clan. If anything happens to the village chief, he’s the one who takes command of the village. Perhaps the village chief got involved in some sort of accident.”

“What are you talking about!”

Kiel stepped forward.

“That Errant may have awakened the divine beast!”

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