The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 180

𝐈𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐆𝐚𝐥𝐞

“Is this the end. . .? Really, have those divine beasts been sealed again?”

Kiel was still looking up at the towering canopy, seemingly unable to believe it.

“It’s okay, if master says it’s over, then it’s really over.”

Luke put his hand on her shoulder.

The earthquake that had been shaking the island had completely subsided, and it had regained its silence as if nothing had happened.

“Master, how long will this seal last?”

“Well, it’s a makeshift seal, so it’ll probably only last about 300-400 years as it is.”

“T, Three hundred. . .?!”

Kiel was at a loss for words at that statement.

It was a scale that could not be estimated by human lifespan.

“Well, I’ll teach you how to maintain it later. If you do maintenance about once a year, it’ll last longer.”

“I think you probably taught the people here the same thing a long time ago.”

“Did I? I’ve forgotten because it was quite a while ago.”

“What is this person. . . no, not a person. . . what is this entity?”

“It’s better not to worry too much about what Iris does. She’s not an entity that we humans can measure.”

Alma put her hand on Kiel’s shoulder and shook her head.

At those words, Kiel opened her eyes wide.

It seemed that she had come to realize what the entity in front of her was.

“. . .Could it be, this person. . . no, this entity is. . .”

She was trembling all over as if she had seen a god.

Iris, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care about Kiel’s gaze at all.

“Well, that doesn’t matter. Now that our business is done, why don’t we go sightseeing? I want to see various things because it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the world.”


Gale stopped Iris.

He was glaring at Iris with a pale face.

“You. . . you said you were Luke’s master. Who the hell are you?”

“Who am I? I can’t explain every little thing, it’s a hassle. I’m Luke’s master and a good spouse, that’s enough.”

“Wait a minute, Iris! Who said you’re a good spouse?”

Alma snapped at Iris, who was completely unfazed by Gale’s interrogation.

“Alma, are you complaining to me? Even though you two came to this place? I’d rather hear more about that.”

“That, that is. . .”

“Don’t mess with me!”

Gale cut in between the two, looking irritated.

He glared at Iris from the front and pointed his finger at her.

“You must have trained this guy! It’s impossible for him to become this strong in such a short period of time! You’re not just a demon! Reveal your true identity! If you don’t reveal it, I won’t let you go!”

“Oh, you say interesting things.”

Iris narrowed her eyes and approached Gale.

“Let me explain what you’re not going to let go of.”

“Guh. . .”

Gale was already regretting his words from earlier.

He managed to avoid eye contact, but he was already unable to put any strength into his lower body.

He felt an overwhelming pressure from Iris, as if it would be easier to face Behemoth.

Gale glanced at Luke.

(How can he keep a straight face with such a monster next to him. . .?)

Everything that has happened since this demon named Iris appeared has exceeded Gale’s expectations.

Why can a human defeat a divine beast alone? Why do I feel such an awe from this demon that surpasses a divine beast?

What have I been doing all this time? What is my life. . .?

Before he knew it, Gale’s past life was flashing through his mind like a revolving lantern.

“Hey, master, didn’t I tell you to be gentle! This person is the prince of our country, the heir to the throne, you need to consider that a little more.”

“I know, I just scared him a little. I’m not thinking of taking his life or anything.”

When he came to his senses from their conversation, Gale realized that he was sitting on the ground.

His whole body was drenched in sweat as if he had taken a shower.

“I’m sorry, master has not had contact with anyone other than me for a long time, so there are some things she can’t grasp about the distance between people. I apologize on her behalf, so could you please forgive her?”

Gale, who had been staring blankly at Luke’s outstretched hand, finally realized his situation and stood up as if to brush off that hand.

“Hmph, I’m not convinced, but I admit that prying is vulgar. I’ll let it go this time.”

Although he is acting bravely, his knees are still shaking.

“Thank you.”

Luke bowed and returned to Iris and Alma.

“. . .Damn it.”

Gale spat out as if he was gritting his teeth.

He hadn’t felt this miserable since he was slapped by Flora.

Every time he sees Luke’s face, he is reminded of how small his former self, who believed without a doubt that there were no enemies in this world, was.

The only way to erase that is to surpass Luke in strength, and he has been throwing himself into training that is like shaving off his life with that conviction.

Iris’s existence seemed to mock Gale’s efforts.

“How much more do I need to give up to catch up. . .”

“Ah, I’m tired because I worked for the first time in a long time. It would be nice if there was some delicious food and drink somewhere.”

Iris was calm as if she didn’t notice Gale’s anguish at all.

“Don’t worry about that! You are the savior of this island. We will entertain you with all our clan.”

Kiel ran up to Iris.

“Oh, that sounds fun. I heard that this island has delicious rainbow lobsters. I’d like to try them again.”

“Of course! We will prepare the best ones!”

“It’s a disaster!”

A member of the Kranken clan rushed into the group of Luke and others who were about to head to the village.

“The demon realm and the Arrogas Kingdom are attacking!”

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