The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 17



Alma’s scream echoed throughout the area.

“I’ll be fine!”

From within the lingering sooty smoke in the room, Luke’s voice could be heard.

“Defensive magic, it seems you can manage it to some extent.”

A voice echoed from above the stairs.

“I thought there was a mage here, but it seems you’re the one.”

Luke, emerging from the fading smoke, replied while tapping his cape.

His appearance showed no signs of injury.

On the upper floor landing, a thin man stood.

“You’re quite skilled, but in a battle against a mage, revealing your hand first is a disadvantage. And you’ve already shown your unique lightning magic. I’ve already dealt with countering your lightning magic.”

A thin membrane-like barrier, likely specialized against lightning magic, faintly surrounded the man.

The man raised both hands.

Magical power gathered between his hands, forming a massive fireball.

“I’ll send you to the next world with my greatest magic! Behold! Infernal Fire Hail!”

“I’ve already seen your magic too.”

As Luke spoke, the man’s fireball disappeared.

It was the power of nullification magic.


Surprised, the magician faced Luke, who extended his left hand towards him.

“Now it’s my turn.”

A mass of water appeared in mid-air, rapidly attacking the magician.

“Impos. . . water magic! Without any incantation?! Unbelieva. . . aargh!”

The magician, dodging Luke’s water bullet, lost his balance and tumbled down the stairs.

“Ugh. . . huh?!”

The magician staggered to his feet, but stopped upon seeing Luke standing before him with his left hand extended.

Fear and confusion mixed in his eyes as he glared at Luke.

“Why? How can you use two unique magics? That’s impossible!”

His confusion was justified.

Magic theory states that only one magic can be permanently embedded in a person.

“No. . . Is that really unique magic? . . .Could it be!”

Struck by a realization, the magician looked at Luke as if seeing the unbelievable.

“Could it be. . . implant magic? No, that’s impossible. . . that technique was lost hundreds of years ago as a taboo. . .”

The magician’s head dropped, and he fainted.

“Good guess. It is indeed implant magic. Though, what’s implanted is a prosthetic arm.”

Luke continued speaking to the unconscious sorcerer.

The development of magic for instant activation, like inherent magic, has been studied for over a millennium.

Implant magic, artificially embedding magical formulas in the body, was one such method, but due to the severe mental and physical strain on subjects, and the extremely low success rate of one in ten thousand to master even a single spell, it was eventually forgotten as a taboo.

However, Luke, with his seemingly limitless magical power, and the prosthetic arm made by the demon Iris using a powerful magical lifeform, made it possible.

Currently, Luke’s prosthetic arm has hundreds of magic formulas embedded in it, which can be activated instantly just by thought.

Among them were ancient magics, lost to modern times but recreated through Luke’s analysis, akin to composite magic.

“I made him forget the recent events. When he wakes up, he probably won’t remember me either.”










Upon opening the door to the storeroom, a rickety staircase led down into the darkness. 


In the basement illuminated by Alma’s magic, about ten young women were found imprisoned.

All wore expressions of terror, and some were even unable to look up.

“We are from the St. Arrogas guard. We’ve come to rescue you! Everything is going to be alright now!”

The women faintly responded to Alma’s voice.

Eventually realizing they were truly saved, they slowly started ascending the stairs.

“Thank you so much!”

“I thought we would never be saved. . . Thank you, truly.”

With tears in their eyes, they thanked Alma and Sicily.

Some clung to her, unwilling to let go.

By the time the rescued women had emerged above ground, Luke, who had gone to the second floor, returned.

“How did it go?”

To Alma’s question, Luke shook his head.

“Didn’t find anything significant. Given the scale of this, they couldn’t have been acting alone, but probably kept connections to a minimum to avoid detection in case of a crackdown. It’s unlikely they’ll reveal anything if questioned.”

Luke said this, glancing around the hall.

The captured men were all restrained and lying on the floor.

“I see. . .”

Alma sighed.

“I tried talking to the women too, but they seem to know nothing. They were kidnapped suddenly and kept locked up there.”

“But there is another piece of evidence.”

Luke showed a bottle he was holding to the disheartened Alma.

The bottle was almost empty, but at the bottom, a faint green liquid remained.

“What is that?”

“Found it upstairs. It’s a potion for enhancing magical power, but it’s illicitly manufactured.”

Magical potions used for healing and enhancing magical power are both valuable and delicate, and their manufacture and distribution are strictly regulated by the state.

However, illegal potions are circulated in the underworld, forming a significant source of revenue for criminal organizations.

“I suspect that their organization is involved in the illicit potion trade. If we follow this bottle and the remaining potion, we might find something. But. . .”

Luke frowned slightly.

“Further pursuit might be dangerous. Given the scale of their operations, they must have considerable organizational power. Continuing might put our lives at risk. . . I can’t expose the two of you to such danger.”

The two listened intently to Luke’s words.

They understood the gravity of what he was saying.

“Even so. . .”

Alma muttered.

“That said, I can’t overlook it. There are other places like this, and if there are people suffering even now, it’s something I can’t forgive. I don’t want it to be just helping here and ending it.”

“Yeah, that’s our duty as guards, right?”

Sicily agreed.

Luke nodded.

“Understood. Still, I think this is going to be beyond our abilities. First, can you report it to the guards? Then, let’s think about what to do next. I don’t think it’s too late to decide what to do after that. “

Alma and Sicily nodded.

At that moment, the sound of approaching cavalry was heard in the distance.

“Looks like reinforcements have arrived.”

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