The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 140

𝐎𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐈𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝

𝐎𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐈𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝

“This feels good~!”

Alma is laughing with a radiant smile while looking at the horizon from the bow of the ship.

The ship glides across the sea surface, raising a spray of water.

Luke and Alma are on their way to Osten Island with Kiel.

“Look! Luke! It’s a dolphin! It’s my first time seeing a dolphin!”

“Ugh. . .”

Contrary to the frolicking Alma, Luke was rolling on the deck with a pale face.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m. . .I’m fine. . .”

Luke, who answered in a hoarse voice, covered his mouth before he could finish his words.

He ran to the side of the ship and vomited a large amount of stomach contents into the sea.

“Are you really okay?”

“I. . .I might not be okay. . .”

Luke, who answered while leaning against the side of the ship, had a face that had already turned pasty beyond blue.

“If it’s that hard, you didn’t have to force yourself to come, did you?”

“I. . .I had no choice.”

“About Flora-sama?”

Luke nodded weakly.

He had confessed to Alma what he had been asked by Flora the night before.

“If Luke has decided, I won’t say anything more, but don’t push yourself, okay?”

Alma sat down next to Luke and gently stroked his back.

“But why didn’t you tell me when you two were talking about it?”

“Well, probably because Flora-sama wanted you to enjoy a normal vacation. I wanted to keep it to myself as much as possible, too.”

At first, he thought it would be enough to just check the public order and the attitudes of the influential people towards the royal family.

However, the southern territories seemed to have more problems than Luke had imagined, and he decided that he had no choice but to ask for Alma’s cooperation.

“Is that so?”

Alma rested her head on Luke’s shoulder.

“I’ll do anything if I’m with Luke, so I want you to tell me if anything happens.”

“Of course. . .I also. . .ugh.”

Luke’s face turned blue again as he spoke to Alma.

“Oh, you’re really suffering, aren’t you?”

Kiel came over.

She walked as lightly as if she were walking on the ground, even on the swaying deck.

“What. . .what is this. . .as soon as I get on the ship, I feel. . .ugh. . .”

Luke stuck his head out from the side of the ship again.

“That’s seasickness. It’s common for people who are not used to ships.”

“Seasickness? This is. . .”

He had heard of it, but he didn’t think it would be this bad.

The inside of his body felt unbearably heavy, and although he didn’t have a fever, his head was fuzzy and he couldn’t think properly.

It felt like the morning after being forced to drink cheap liquor.

“I didn’t imagine it would be this bad. . .”

He looked up at the sky, panting heavily.

“It depends on your constitution and physical condition~ Some people are fine.”

Kiel handed Luke a water bottle with a laugh.

“What do you want to do? Shall I cast a healing spell for seasickness? I can do that much.”

“. . .No, I’ll pass for now.”

Luke answered while drinking water.


“This is also an experience. You wouldn’t have this opportunity otherwise.”

“Huh, well, that’s fine. You’re quite unusual, Luke, to purposely get seasick.”

“Haha. . .”

Luke gave a weak laugh and then began to groan again as he lay down on the deck.

“It’s better to look at the horizon or as far away as possible. That way, you’ll get used to it faster.”

“Thanks for the advice. . .”

Luke staggered to his feet and leaned against the ship’s side, looking out at the horizon.

A small island shadow could be seen beyond the horizon.

I wonder if that’s Osten Island.

“Ugh. . . It’s still far away. . .”

As he let out a cry of despair, he saw a black shadow approaching from the horizon.

“. . .It seems like something is coming this way. . .”

“Kiel! Someone’s coming this way!”

A crew member on the lookout tower on the deck shouted.

“What?!. . . Damn, that’s the flag of Rivasura! Everyone, get ready for battle!”

Kiel shouted with a stern face as he pulled out a telescope from his pocket.

The ship was suddenly enveloped in a tense atmosphere.

“Hey, bring me a weapon! Don’t dawdle!”

“Damn! Where’s my armor?!”

“Set the sails! All of them!”

The crew members began to hurriedly arm themselves, pulling weapons and armor out of the ship’s hold.

“Are they. . . enemies?”

“They’re the Rivasura clan, a tribe living in the same village as us, but we don’t get along.”

Kiel answered Luke’s question with a stern face and turned back to the helmsman at the bow.

“How’s it going?! Are we losing?!”

“No good! We’re against the tide and the wind direction is bad too! No matter where we run, they’ll catch up!!”

“Damn. . .”

Kiel gritted his teeth.

At that moment, a flash of light ran from the distant black shadow, and a few seconds later, a water column rose up near the ship where Luke and the others were.

The ship rocked heavily as it was hit by a sideways wave.

“You’ve got to be kidding. . . They’ve even got a mage on board?!”

“What do we do, Kiel? We don’t have any magic defenses here.”

The crew was shaken by the sight of the magic attack from the Rivasura clan’s ship.

“Damn. . .”

Kiel groaned in frustration, but there was nothing he could do about the attack from afar, and she could only watch in silence.

The attack magic released from the Rivasura clan’s ship intermittently attacked Luke and the others, and the point of impact was gradually approaching the ship.

Now, the Rivasura clan’s ship had come close enough for them to see each other’s faces.

They could see a bearded man grinning at them.

Next to him, a man who appeared to be a wizard was chanting a spell.

“Damn. . . If only we could use magic too. . .”

Kiel muttered regretfully.

“What. . . are they planning to do?”

Luke asked, gasping for breath from the increased rocking of the ship due to the magic attack.

“That bearded guy’s name is Dorkin, he’s the most hated guy on the island for acting like a pirate. He’s probably planning to kidnap us and demand a ransom from the chief.”

“Hey, Kiel! I know you’re there!”

A voice echoed from the ship across.

Bearded Dorkin was shouting with his hand on his mouth.

“You know you can’t beat us! If you surrender quietly, I guarantee your safety. Disarm quickly and come out!”

The crew was lined up on the deck across.

They were conspicuously showing off the ladder for boarding.

Kiel gripped her sword.

“No joke. I’d rather fight and die than be humiliated by that guy.”

“So. . . we just need to stop that ship.”

Kiel hurriedly tried to stop Luke, who was staggering to his feet.

“Wait, it’s dangerous! You never know when magic will fly!”

Light was born between the hands of the magician on the deck across.

“This is bad! That’s a flame bullet!”

The crew in the crow’s nest shouted.

“Flame bullet.”

Immediately after, the magic Luke released hit Dorkin’s ship directly.

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