The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 129


“You could have stayed longer.”

“I can’t just say that. I have a business waiting for me too.”

Natalia and Sicily, who were engrossed in conversation, looked up at Miranda’s words.

Sicily is going to be a partner with Natalia and do trade.

She said she would buy the dye and dyed cloth made in Crete village to avoid demon beasts and sell them in the Kingdom of Arrogas, and sell bottles and agricultural products produced in the Kingdom of Arrogas in Mercapolis.

Since the black spot fever incident came to light, the view of the beastkin in Mercapolis has been changing little by little.

Although there is still a look of disgust towards the beastkin, the council is also starting to move towards resolving the discrimination against the beastkin.

All of this was due to the efforts of Miranda and Natalia.

If the effect of the demon beast avoidance made by the beastkin becomes known, their impression will change even more.

“Please be sure to come again.”

Leah approached with tears in her eyes.

Leah and Pit are going to help Natalia with her work.

“Of course. I’ll definitely come back.”

Luke gently stroked Leah’s head.

Pit bowed his head to Luke.

“Luke-san, thank you very much. If it weren’t for Luke-san, I wouldn’t be here now.”

After the black spot fever incident, Pit was able to return to Crete village again, and the villagers also accepted him warmly.

“No, this is something Pit won with his own power. I didn’t do anything.”

“That’s not true! If it weren’t for Luke-san, I would. . . I would still be under them. . .”

“That’s not true. Pit was the one who had the courage to accuse. You’re not a miserable slave who was kicked around and treated like a tool, you’re Pit, a beastkin with courage. So you can be confident.”

“Luke-san. . .”

Pit clung to Luke.

“Natalia, Falx-san, please take care of these two.”

“Leave it to me. I’m going to make these two into fine merchants. And eventually, they will become the core of the Knightly Group.”

Natalia showed a thumbs up.

“What are you so proud of? You’re still half-baked. You should say such things after you become independent.”

Falx sighed.

Natalia is officially becoming a co-owner of the Falx Chamber of Commerce, and is going to start the Condor & Falx Chamber of Commerce.

Falx says he has to take care of the half-baked ones a little, but it seems he recognizes Natalia’s enthusiasm.

“Well, I’ll leave those two, no, all three of them, including Natalia, to you. Especially Pit, he has a lot of potential. He will make a good merchant.”

Falx said that and smiled at Luke.




And the time to set off has come.

“Luke-san, please make sure to come again. I’ll be waiting.”

Kick cries out and swings Luke’s hands around.

Then Namil took Luke’s arm.

“Lord Luke, we really owe you a lot. We will pass down to our descendants that this village was protected by the Red Horned Princess and you.”

“Well. . . that’s a bit of pressure. . .”

“What are you saying? Just being a disciple of the Red Horned Princess makes you a subject of faith. We’ve even made a statue like this.”

What he took out of his pocket was a statue of Iris, and next to it, a statue of Luke bowing down.

“In the village of Crete, we will make these statues from now on. Eventually, we plan to spread the deeds of the Red Horned Princess and you to Mercapolis. Also, the day Lord Luke came to this village will be a holiday. . .”

“Stop, stop! That’s enough!”

Luke waved his hand with a red face.

“I’m really not good at that kind of thing.”

“That’s not fair~ Just Iris and Luke. I want one too.”

Alma looks envious next to the embarrassed Luke.

“Don’t worry, we’ve also made a statue of Lady Alma.”

What Namil took out was a statue of the fully armored Alma stepping on a cyclops.

“Your brave fight in the Granite Dungeon, Lady Alma, has become a legend among us. We plan to inspire courage by worshiping Lady Alma in the future demon beast activities. Please accept it.”

“I. . . can’t accept. . .”

Alma is trembling next to Sicily, who is rolling with laughter.

“Lord Luke, if you meet the Red Horned Princess, could you tell her that we are grateful? And if she comes down to the world, we hope she will come here.”

“Understood. I’ll definitely tell her.”

Luke smiled as he received the statue from Namil.

“I’ve already received a lot of souvenirs.”

The cart is loaded with the famous liquor of Crete Village.

Of course, it’s an offering to Iris.

“Well then, we should be going. . .”


Just as they were about to set off, a shadow ran into the village.


It was Hikushin and the villagers of Poorman Village.

“We heard that Luke-san and the others are leaving today, so we came to see you off. Luke-san!”

Hikushin grabbed Luke’s hand firmly.


“I’ll never forget your kindness! You’re not just the savior of our lives, you’re like a leader who revived our confidence and pride as men of the forest! We’ll never forget what you taught us!”

He then took out a huge magic stone from the bag he was holding.

It was Balthazar’s magic stone that Luke had left in Poorman’s village.

“Please take this! This is actually yours. . . but this is the only thing we can give back to you!”

“But this is for the reconstruction of your village. . .”

“It’s okay. We’ll manage the village. Luke-san taught us that. When you come next time, we’ll show you a transformed village. Please accept it. Right, everyone?”

The people of Poorman’s village who accompanied Hikushin nodded strongly.

Their eyes were filled with burning vitality.

“. . .Understood. Then I’ll gratefully accept this. Everyone, thank you very much.”

Luke bowed deeply.

“Then everyone, excuse me. I’ll definitely come again.”

The cart pulled by the running dragon slowly started moving.

“Luke-san! Be sure to come again! It’s a promise!”

“Yeah, of course! I’ll definitely come to see you again!”

Waving to Ria and Pit who were chasing after him, Luke and the others left Creet Village.

The figures of the villagers and Miranda and the others were getting smaller.

“There were various things, but I’m glad I came.”

Alma, wiping the corners of her eyes, leaned her head on Luke’s shoulder.

Holding her hand, Luke nodded.

“Yeah, I’m really glad I came. Someday, let’s bring Master back. I’m sure. . .”

The running dragon ran through the forest, making the sound of the cart wheels echo.

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