The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 12

𝐋𝐮𝐤𝐞’𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜

“Delicious! As expected, the street food in this city is the best!”

Biting into a heavily spiced sausage, a specialty of St. Arrogas, Luke shouts in joy.

“I’ve dreamt of this sausage so many times over these five years. . .”

Tears even appear in his eyes.

“Was the food situation that bad. . .?”

“Ah, no, we had food, but it was limited to animals we caught, river fish, and wild vegetables. Seasonings were limited too, so we couldn’t eat elaborate dishes like this often. I wish I could take some to master.”

Alma, looking skeptically, asks Luke with a puzzled expression.

“. . .Are Luke and your master really just in a teacher-student relationship? Listening to you talk, it sounds like. . .”


Suddenly, a sharp shout echoes around them.

Hearing this, Alma immediately starts running.

Luke quickly follows her.

“I am Alma Bastille, a guard! What happened?”

“A pickpocket! That man stole my wallet! It has a month’s worth of living expenses! Guard, please get it back for me!”

An elderly woman crouched on the road clings to Alma.

Turning around, they see a figure entering a back alley.

“Over there!”

However, when the two enter the alley, the figure is nowhere to be seen.

“We’ve lost him. . . This area is complex, and many uncooperative people are involved in shady businesses, making it hard to pursue. . .”

Alma grinds her teeth in frustration.

“No, it’s okay.”

Luke squats and places his left hand on the ground.

Luke’s left eye clearly sees the footsteps escaping through the alley.

“Trace Manifestation. The target is the footsteps, the time is just now, enable visual confirmation.”

As he speaks, glowing footsteps appear in the alley.

“What is this. . .?”

“My unique magic, Analysis. I made the footsteps made just now in this alley visible. Fix the target, extend the manifestation over time.”

Glowing footsteps continue to appear.

They pass through the alley and lead to a small door.

The footsteps go through another door and wind through narrow alleys.

But they never disappear.

“Amazing magic! With this power, we might not need guards!”

“Thanks! I’m happy to help Alma.”

The two chase the revealed footsteps, eventually reaching a small man sitting in a bar.

“What are you staring at? Got any business with me?”

The small man becomes wary of the two who suddenly appeared.

“Let’s return what you took from the lady.”

Surprised, he jumps up, but Alma quickly restrains him.


“What are you doing! That’s my wallet! Who are you people!”

The man shouts in anger as his wallet is snatched from his pocket.

“Your wallet? Let’s verify that.”

Luke spreads the contents of the wallet on the table and places his hand over it.

“Trace Manifestation. The target is the fingerprints of the man in front of us, the time is the observable limit. Enable visual confirmation.”


Luke’s words, along with the fingerprints left on the wallet and coins by the small man, shone light on the situation.

The outside of the wallet was covered with the man’s fingerprints, but there were hardly any on the coins.

“It’s strange. If these are your belongings, then your fingerprints should also be on the coins.”

“Hah, don’t be ridiculous! This is nonsense! A trick! You two are trying to frame me!”

“We’ll hear your side of the story later. For now, please come with us.”

The small man, protesting vehemently, was taken away by Alma.










Ultimately, the small man was handed over to the on-duty guard, and the wallet was safely returned to the woman.

“Thank you so much! This is definitely my wallet! I would have been in a real bind without it! I truly appreciate it!”

“It’s okay. It’s part of my job, after all.”

With tears in her eyes, the woman expresses her gratitude, to which Alma responds with a smile.

The woman repeatedly bowed her head in thanks as she left.

“Good work.”

Once everything calmed down, Luke handed Alma a cup filled with cold juice.

“I’m sorry, Luke, for dragging you into this.”

Alma accepted the cup apologetically and sipped the juice.

It was a summer staple of St. Arrogas, made with ginger and perilla.

“To think, I’m spending my day off with Luke and here I am. . .”

The bittersweet juice helped calm her exhilaration from the chase, while also fostering regret for wasting their precious time together.

“It’s okay. The lady was happy, and besides. . .”

Before he could finish, Luke chuckled amusingly.

“That’s just like you, Alma. You couldn’t overlook someone in trouble in the past, and you haven’t changed a bit. That’s reassuring to know.”

“Oh, stop it. You make it sound like I haven’t grown at all. I’ve changed a bit, you know.”

Alma blushed and puffed out her chest in a playful manner.

“But I’m surprised. Luke’s unique magic is incredible. With that magic, it seems like any incident could be resolved in no time.”

“Shoot, I forgot to be careful about that. Alma, would you mind keeping my unique magic a secret? I don’t want it to be widely known yet.”

“Understood. I won’t tell anyone. I can tell Luke’s magic is no ordinary thing.”

Alma nodded firmly.

“That’s a relief. I’m glad you can do that for me. . .but aren’t you scared? I couldn’t use magic before, and suddenly I can do all this. Doesn’t it seem creepy?”

“?I don’t think so? After all, you’re still Luke. You helped me today, and you’re still as kind as ever. Besides. . . what you did earlier. . . was kind of cool. . .”

“Thank you. It means a lot to hear you say that, Alma.”

Luke smiles at Alma, who murmurs with flushed cheeks.

“Anyway, I think my magic proved to be a little helpful for your work. I’m looking forward to working with you again from tomorrow.”

“Likewise! More than that, I’m just happy to be with you again, Luke!”

“Oh, but before that, I guess I need to get permission from your boss?”

“No worries! I’ll make sure I get the approval! Oh, but Luke, you’re supposed to be dead, right. . . What’s your current identity?”

“Ah, right now, I’m going by the name of an adventurer. I even have a registration card.”

Luke took out a metal plate from his pocket.

The registration card only had the name Luke inscribed, without the Surberry surname.

“I’ve abandoned the name Surberry since descending the mountain. Now, I’m just Luke. It’s more convenient for many reasons.”

Being an adventurer who tackles dangerous requests like demon beast hunting and dungeon raids, it’s a profession that attracts those with a rough temperament, and many have a checkered past.

Therefore, when registering, there was no need for a guardian or a custodian, making it the perfect occupation for Luke who wanted to leave his past behind.

“So that was the case.”

Alma looked at the registration certificate with admiration.

“Is this enough then?”

“Yes, I think this is sufficient. The guard corps sometimes cooperates with adventurers.”

Luke let out a sigh of relief at Alma’s words and extended his hand.

“Good. Shall we continue our walk then? We still have plenty of time.”


Alma took his hand with a shy smile.

The two of them, holding hands, once again entered the bustling crowd.

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