The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: With the clean-up finished, winter was approaching.

The staff room was lively with people working in the afternoon. I handed Lena-sensei the book I had borrowed and bowed my head respectfully.

“This book was very informative. Thank you so much.”

Lena-sensei, who had returned to her desk, accepted the book and smiled happily.

“You’re welcome, Leticia-san. How are the children at the orphanage progressing?”

“I think they have developed age-appropriate reading and writing skills. As for math, it’s improving little by little.”

“That’s great. Even if it’s just a little bit, I think any activity can be a great help for the children.”

Lena-sensei spoke calmly and rationally.

From her expression, I felt that she was genuinely supporting our activities and it encouraged me.

“I heard that Leticia-san has a dream of opening a reading and writing classroom. This book might be helpful.”

“Wow…! Thank you so much!”

Sensei Lena handed me a few books that were piled up in the corner of the desk. It seems that she had prepared them for me after our previous discussion.

She’s such a wonderful teacher. I want to be like Lena-sensei someday when the classroom opens up.

“I think that’s a wonderful dream. I’ll support you, so feel free to come talk to me anytime.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

I bowed at a right angle and left the staff room.

I walked down the hallway holding several newly borrowed books. If I looked out the window, I could see the trees planted in the schoolyard trembling coldly, announcing the arrival of winter.

More than a month has passed since the incident, and the uproar that followed has settled down like a lie.

As a result, Yserra-sama left the Academy through voluntary withdrawal.

This is what I heard directly from His Majesty, but apparently, she was spared the death penalty as she was still a minor and will be undergoing training under a powerful magician.

I’m glad. After all, no one has died in this world yet. Now that the case has been resolved, it would have left a bad aftertaste if only Yserra-sama had been executed.

It may be tough training, but I hope she becomes a splendid magician.

The news of my injury became public knowledge, and my parents rushed to me that very day. They arrived just a few minutes after I returned to the dormitory, and I was relieved that my absence wasn’t discovered.

Amazingly, even His Majesty the King came to apologize at the same time, which was quite overwhelming.

Prince Agustin seemed to have been scolded severely by His Majesty, and there was no particular punishment for slapping him.

Moreover, I was surprised that even Duke Cervantes was present. Apparently, when His Excellency needed to travel, he chose to ride a dragon as the fastest means of transportation.

I was filled with gratitude for all their concern and care, but I felt sorry that I couldn’t explain the situation when they were angry, asking, “What was Camilo doing when his fiancée was in such trouble?”

And when the commotion settled down a bit, the four members of the witch investigation team held their final meeting.

We started by apologizing and expressing our gratitude to Elias-sama and Alondra, whom we were truly indebted to, and then we talked about various things.

Thus, we concluded that since the condition for regaining memories is “having died before Camilo,” there would be almost no one in the Academy, which is mostly comprised of young people, who could potentially regain their memories.

As a result, I don’t have to worry about taking off my glasses as much as I used to.

My partner, who I had sent in for repairs, also returned, and now it’s just an ordinary day as usual.

“Hello, Miss Leticia.”

“Elias-sama. Good day to you.”

Elias-sama and I met and exchanged greetings with each other.

I feel really sorry for involving Elias-sama in the incident, but there was one thing that we gained from it.

Apparently, Yserra-sama let slip that it was her own plot to assassinate His Highness Elias under the guise of an accident.

The phrase “first life” was mentioned without any context. The magician who was listening in on the conversation seemed to wonder what was being said.

After confirming that there was no prior knowledge, Elias-sama replied with a smile and said no, with a preface.

They considered the possibility of a farce, but it seemed unlikely that there was any reason to lie.

After all, Yserra-sama had already given a thorough testimony on the most important matter, which was the bad witch.

The interrogation ended easily, and it was only a matter of time before they captured the bad witch.

So, if he were to tell a weird lie, the investigation would be prolonged, and he would only get himself into trouble.

Therefore, Elias-sama confessed in despair, and Camilo, Alondra, and I came to the same conclusion.

As for Yserra-sama’s guilt, there is nothing for me to say.

Of course, anger wells up inside me, but I am a villainess who brushes off Camilo’s actions with a single word of “I don’t care.” Therefore, I cannot blame anyone for their first life’s sins.

We should consider ourselves lucky here. After all, Elias-sama can now study abroad without any worries.

“Elias-sama, have you decided where you want to study abroad since then?”

I smiled, thinking of making small talk, but the response I received was dull.

“Well… actually, I’m still pondering about it.”

“I see. Is that so?”

“Well, yeah. I’ve started to think that continuing my studies in this country isn’t a bad idea.”

Since our country is one of the world’s leading powers, it’s undoubtedly an excellent experience to study at a famous university. Above all, if that’s what Elias-sama wants, I hope it comes true.

I nodded vigorously and looked up at him with the same beautiful smile as always.

“That’s wonderful. I hope you can pursue the path you desire, Elias-sama.”

“Thank you. Well, if I determine that it’s necessary for the country, I’m always prepared to go overseas.”

Elias-sama showed a cheerful smile. However, as if suddenly remembering something, he blinked his eyes and said, “Speaking of which,” in a thoughtful voice.

“My older brother has recently been suggesting that he would even pass the throne on to me.”


“Since the incident, he’s been strangely down and humble, like a different person. When the brainwashing was lifted and he woke up, he shouldn’t have become like this. I wonder what happened.”

I felt my blood rushing downward.

Could it be that being slapped after regaining his memories has caused a great deal of damage?!

“O-Oh, really…I see…”

“I don’t want to become king, but I might end up doing it anyway. I think it’s just a whim, though.”

Elias-sama laughed easily. I desperately tried to resist the urge to look around and just laughed along, wishing to appear normal.

I’m sorry, Elias-sama. Prince Agustin might be serious…!

“Anyway, Miss Leticia, please get along with Camilo.”

As soon as Elias-sama said that, he patted my shoulder with a strong, teasing smile.

His smile was a mix of mangled and seriousness, and it was powerful.

“Listen. It’s not Miss Yserra, but you’re the only one who can control that mad dog. I can’t always stop him either.”

“Um, Elias-sama? ‘Mad dog’ is a little too harsh. Is there another way to put it?”

“First, make sure you don’t get hurt or involved in any trouble. After that, just casually pay attention to him, and he should survive on his own.”

What kind of language is that?!

Well, he’s not wrong, I think. Elias-sama can be a bit of a sarcastic person sometimes…?!

“I’m counting on you, Miss Leticia.”

“Y-Yes. I’ll do my best.”

I nodded while feeling overwhelmed.

Elias-sama smiled satisfactorily after hearing my response, and left with casual movements.

As I glanced out the window, I saw white things beginning to flicker. It’s early winter now, so it’s unlikely to accumulate, but it seems to be chilly enough to observe the first snowfall.

It’s December, this season. Today is the last day of club activities that the seniors will participate in.

In the clubroom, where all the Volunteer Club members have gathered, we are seated around a round table.

On the table are mountains of sweets and various light snacks that we received from the cafeteria. The drinks are also perfectly prepared.

After confirming that everyone had an orange juice glass in their hand, I coughed softly.

“Well, everyone, let’s toast together… Seniors, thank you for your hard work for the past three years!”

“Thank you for your hard work!” The voices of the juniors overlapped, and we clinked glasses in the center.

Yes, today is the retirement party for the club president and Crustia-san.

“Thank you too! I had a lot of fun for the past three years!”

“Thank you, everyone. I’m so happy.”

The president laughed heartily, and Crustia-san smiled gently.

The seniors will retire after today. They will no longer be the people we can unconditionally meet every time we participate in club activities.

They were admirable and wonderful seniors, and it was thanks to the two of them that I found a place in this club. They were very important people to me.

It’s lonely without them…

“Congratulations on getting accepted into university, President!”

Luna said cheerfully, and Camilo, Telencio, and I also congratulated him.

The President had earned a ticket to recommendation, and from spring he would become a college student.

“We had a lot of fun working together! It’s all thanks to everyone that I got the recommendation. Thank you!”

The President was so humble.

Although he had a sneaky side, he was sincere, kind, and a reliable senior. From now on, we’ll have to work hard since the President won’t be there to bring in the budget.

I picked up a ham sandwich and took a bite. When I looked diagonally across, Crustia-san was elegantly eating a cookie with no hesitation.

“What are you going to do after graduation, Crustia-san?”

“Me? I’m getting married.”

Everyone was blown away by the sudden announcement.

The sound of a chair shaking echoed, and Telencio, who quickly recovered, protested by slamming his hand on the table.

“Hey, come on, tell us earlier! If that’s the case, we could have celebrated more enthusiastically today!”

He’s surprisingly reasonable. Telencio really cares about his club members, no matter what.

“It was decided recently. Um… I can’t remember the name very well. I just want someone who doesn’t mind spending money on food.”

“What a great way of thinking…?!”

Camilo exclaimed in astonishment at Crustia-san, who was calmly chewing on fried chicken. Yeah, I agree with him.

“Well, in any case, congratulations! Crustia, congrats!”

“Thank you, Martin. Congrats to you too.”

I wonder who this beautiful, big-eating fighter woman is that he managed to capture…?!

But as the club president said, it’s wonderful when happy things pile up.

“Congratulations to both Crustia-san and the club president! Let’s cheers again!”

We raised our glasses again and toasted. Everyone’s smiles exploded with the sound of clinking glasses, making the room even brighter.

It was an easygoing relationship that would be unthinkable in high society. The connections we made through the Volunteer Club would surely be treasures in the future.

“Fufufu. Good luck as the new club president, Leticia-chan.”

“Uh…! I’ll do my best!”

I shrunk back and nodded deeply as Crustia-san smiled at me.

The truth is, I am taking over as the next club president. It’s a heavy responsibility, but I’ll strive to do even better.

“And Camilo will be the vice president. The two of you will protect this club together!”

“Yes, leave it to us!”

Camilo responded in his usual refreshing manner to the club president’s cheerful announcement.

…That’s right. Based on our club activities, Telencio should have been the vice president, but it seems that Camilo was chosen instead.

Camilo had kept his joining the Volunteer Club a secret, but it seems to have been revealed recently.

According to him, he’s going to stop doing things secretly and use his authority as vice president to reject anyone who clearly just wants to join for him.

By the way, I asked him if Telencio didn’t want to be the vice president, but he suddenly turned pale and looked away. Even though I didn’t get angry or anything.

“Well then, I’ll be intruding. Everyone, enjoy yourselves.”

“Ah, Lena-sensei!”

Luna stood up eagerly at the appearance of Lena-sensei and went to receive the luxurious refreshments. We all cheered and welcomed our beloved advisor and the treats.

I know very well that our time as students is short.

The last year will probably fly by in the blink of an eye.

So I hope to savor this precious experience and spend the time to come just as well.

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