The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Memories of Camilo’s First Life

She is a quiet girl with black hair and glasses. Due to the thick glasses, it is difficult to see the color of her eyes.

Her black jacket and blue ribbon on the uniform are neatly tied, and the length of the skirt is knee-length, even in this era where short skirts are in fashion.

Well, her appearance can be described as plain, undoubtedly.

Although Miss Leticia’s impression was only that much, she became a person of my interest from the time of enrollment for some reason.

But now, the reason has become clear. Why did I forget until now?

The moment I saw the face of Miss Leticia, whom I held in my arms, I remembered that this life was my second chance.

Miss Leticia… no, Leticia.

The unfortunate villainess who spent her only time in the royal palace, the beautiful Black Rose. I know well that her eyes are a vivid rose color.

Although I had no contact with Leticia during our school days, she was supposed to be a popular presence at the Academy with her glamorous beauty.

In my second life, why does Leticia appear to be quiet and studious, to the point of being described as innocent?

In my daily life, everything unfolds as I remember, but Leticia’s memory does not match up with my memories.

Could it be that she also remembers her past life? Perhaps that’s why she tried to change the future by changing herself first.

I’m not sure how that leads to her dressing plainly, but I’m sure Leticia remembers the tragic end of her past life.

After Leticia graduated from the academy, the wedding ceremony of the crown prince and princess was held. At that time, I had no contact with Leticia and only exchanged greetings with her at the wedding. I thought she was still beautiful.

However, Agustin, who was supposed to be a newlywed, had a lover.

Despite my repeated advice to take care of his new wife, he was too enamored with his lover to listen.

In the midst of all this, Leticia, who yearned for her husband’s love, began to lose control, one thing after another.

I remember well the first time she spoke to me.

It was after the wedding, when I won the tournament. She complimented my magic and gave me a pure look.

I think I replied with a hackneyed wordplay, “You are more beautiful than my magic.” Leticia didn’t get annoyed and laughed happily.

The next day, I was walking around the royal palace and stumbled upon a group gossiping about yesterday’s victory.

“The winner is Camilo-sama. He’s only 19 years old, isn’t he too strong?”

“He’s the eldest son of the king’s younger brother. He can get any privileges he wants.”

“It’s so unfair. I wanted to win too.”

I’m used to hearing petty gossip, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. But at that time, I felt a little uneasy because some of my dragon knight friends were in the group.

No matter how hard I try, it seems there are few people who will truly appreciate my efforts and give me proper recognition.

“Stop it. Speaking ill of others is not something an honorable dragon knight should do.”

I heard a dignified voice, and I swallowed my breath quietly.

Peeking out from behind the pillar, I saw a dragon knight prostrating himself and Leticia standing up straight.

“I swear to God that the royal family did not show favoritism in yesterday’s tournament. Camilo-sama’s victory was all due to his own abilities.”

She looked beautiful. Her lustrous black hair adorned with pearls and her navy blue dress were fitting for her beauty, which was called the Black Rose. I was glad that she had the courage to stop the men from mocking my efforts.

“If you laugh at someone’s efforts, your pride will be tarnished. You must not say such things again.”

The men were completely intimidated and left quickly as soon as they got permission.

Leticia started walking away, but she came towards me and we ended up facing each other, missing the timing to escape.

“Well, Camilo-sama.”

“Haha, thanks…”

When I apologized for eavesdropping, Leticia smiled shyly.

It was the moment I fell in love for the first time.

Before we knew it, we became friends who talked to each other and called each other by name when we passed by.

She and I were standing in the rose garden in the courtyard, having a conversation. Illuminated by the sunlight, she looked adorable, surrounded by the small white flowers with a softer aura than usual.

“Agustin-sama likes pears, doesn’t he? Shall I make a cake?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Fufu. If it turns out well, I’ll give some to Camilo too.”

“Looking forward to Leticia’s homemade cake.”

I think supporting the love of the person I like is rubbing salt in my own wounds.

No matter how much I think about it, she is the wife of my cousin and the Crown Princess.

Several years have passed while I was in despair because she was not within reach, but Leticia did not stop loving Agustin.

Why? Why is it not me?

If it were me, I would have complimented you on how beautiful you looked with that necklace.

If it were me, I would have stopped you from dealing with the suspicious merchant and invited you to a tea party myself.

If it were me, before sentencing the maid to exile, I would have consoled you, saying that you are beautiful no matter what.

If it were me, I would have…

I love her so much, and yet…

Unlike that damn bastard who’s obsessed with his lover, I will cherish only you for the rest of my life.

And about five years after the crown prince and his wife got married, Leticia was suddenly arrested for embezzlement of taxes without any warning.

As the national sentiment toward Leticia declined, I tried my best to clear her name. But it was no use.

Agustin, who had become king, was a formidable opponent, and a mere dragon knight like me couldn’t match him.


I call out to her, who is huddled over with her knees up behind the iron bars.

Leticia looked up in surprise, recognizing me and running over to me.

“Camilo! What are you doing here?”

She wore a dirty linen dress and had her glossy black hair tied back in a simple hairstyle. Even so, her rose-colored eyes still shone brightly, and they were beloved and madly beautiful.

“I came to get you out of here.”

There was no plan at all.

I used my connections as a dragon knight and snuck in with money. All I had to do was to take Leticia with me, escape the pursuit, and ride away on a dragon.

I have confidence in being able to escape. So, Leticia, with me——

“…I can’t leave my parents behind and run away. Besides, it’s no good for you to be involved with a criminal like me.”

The radiance disappeared from her rose-colored eyes. Leticia weakly shook her head and even smiled.

“I am the queen. I cannot run away without explaining myself.”

No, Leticia, it’s not okay.

Maybe you spent too much on taxes, but you didn’t embezzle anything.

If things continue like this, you’ll fall from grace and won’t have a decent life. Worst of all, you might never leave the prison again.

“But Leticia…!”

“It’s okay. It’s just a misunderstanding. His Majesty will surely understand.”

Leticia’s smile was too pure and filled with love for her husband.

I received a shock like being hit on the head and lost my words in an awkward manner.

…I know. You’re not a villain at all.

You’re just a foolish and lovely queen of this country who only loves Agustin.

It was never allowed for someone like me to take your hand from the beginning.

“I understand. I will definitely help you in court, Leticia.”

“Thank you, Camilo…I was happy that you came to rescue me.”

Who could have imagined that Leticia, who smiled and said those words, would become her final appearance?

After escaping from prison, I was restrained by the royal guards. Originally, I planned to break through with Leticia in the midst of the knights, but I couldn’t hurt them unnecessarily now that things had turned out like this.

A few days of disciplinary action were imposed, and I spent the time in a model manner to finish the punishment as soon as possible.

During that time, Leticia disappeared on the guillotine.

How much regret did I have for not being able to save her?

Treason against the king? Leticia did not do such a thing. It was impossible.

At that time, I should have forcibly taken her out. If I had imagined even a little bit of the tragedy of her being executed, I would not have left her in that cold prison.

The world turned gray, and I couldn’t tell day from night. I sank into deep despair and could not come back.

Leticia did commit a mistake. She spent too much on taxes and disregarded the needs of the people. However, she did not take anyone’s life. It was Agustin who was unfaithful and hurt her in the first place.

But, still, the most foolish one is me. I jumped off the dragon’s back onto a balcony of the royal palace. Using wind magic, I broke the window, and a piercing scream that sounded like tearing silk pierced my eardrums.

On the bed in the dark bedroom, the king of this country and the woman who had taken the queen’s place were cuddling.

“Camilo…?! What are you doing?”

“Goodbye, Agustin.”

Unable to feel any emotion anymore, I swung my sword carelessly.

The unpleasant smell of iron filled the spacious bedroom. In front of the two lives that disappeared without even a death cry, I let out a twisted smile.

Ah, how foolish. Surely Leticia did not wish for this. Even if I killed these two, my beloved person will never return.

The palace guards who heard the commotion rushed over. Since I had no intention of resisting from the beginning, I easily ended up being pierced through the chest with a sword.

After all, a world without Leticia is just meaningless, right?

Please, God, I beg of you.

I don’t care what happens to me, but please grant this sinner’s wish.

May Leticia be happy in her next life…

——Then, why don’t you make her happy in this life?

I felt like I could hear a clear voice.

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