The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 23

Chapter 23:  We will convene an emergency meeting from now on

The time filled with despair felt longer than it actually was.

I imagined Luna giving me a contemptuous look, causing me to shrink back.

Camilo, who arrived late, quickly understood the situation and handed me his glasses, but it was already too late no matter how much I struggled.

Luna, with eyes widened in shock, wouldn’t take long to understand the first memory.

Ah, it was a short dream. These past few months, when Luna treated me as her senior and enjoyed spending time with me, were truly fun——

“…I had no idea! Leticia-senpai was such a beauty!”


Luna began to passionately explain, clenching both hands in excitement, so I involuntarily tilted my head.

“What should we do? She’s like the top beauty of the kingdom! It’s such a waste for her to wear those thick glasses, isn’t it?!”

“Um, Luna…?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Don’t you feel weird about this? Like feeling sick or confused or anything like that…”

In response to my question, Luna blinked in confusion.

“What is that? There’s no way I’d feel sick looking at a beauty like her!”

His pure smile couldn’t possibly be a lie.

I swallowed a sigh of relief with all my might.

Luna’s memories did not return.

It may be cowardly, but I didn’t want Luna to hate me.

Because Luna is really a good girl. If possible, I wanted to continue working with her as a kind senior.

I glanced at Camilo and he gave a slight nod with a troubled look. He already knows that Luna is the maid in question.

Even though Elias-sama’s memories returned, Luna’s memories did not. Where exactly is the difference between these two?

On the last day before summer vacation, we decided to hold a meeting for the purpose of sharing information, taking advantage of this last opportunity.

The location was the usual desk in the library, surrounded by Camilo’s barrier.

The participants were me, Camilo, Elias-sama, and Alondra.

They are all valuable and excellent members who know that this world is their second time here.

I felt bad for involving two people who were not directly related, but I was grateful that they volunteered to participate.

It seems that both of them were interested in this peculiar situation.

As soon as the only strangers, Camilo and Alondra, finished introducing themselves, the meeting began.

First, I decided to tell them that Luna couldn’t remember even if she saw my face. Alondra, who was still very interested, was the first to speak up.

“I remember that the amount of magic power is related to whether the lid of memory can be opened or not. So, what is the magic power of this Miss Luna?”

There are two conditions for memories to return.

First, the person who had a deep connection with them must stimulate them.

And second, that stimulus must exceed their own magic power that serves as the lid of their memories.

“Well, I don’t know for sure… but she said her magic power was normal.”

I remember having such a conversation, but I don’t have any more information than that.

So, how much magic power does Elias-sama have?

“I don’t have a lot of magic power either. It’s just about average.”

Elias-sama said with a wry smile. It is said that Camilo and Prince Agustin are said to have an exceptionally high amount of magic even among the royal family, but I haven’t heard any reputation about his magic, so it’s probably true.

Alondra seemed lost in thought and spoke slowly.

“So, both of them had some involvement with Leticia in her first life and have a normal amount of magic. Yet they clearly diverged on whether to regain their memories or not.”

“Yes, that seems to be the case.”

As I nodded cautiously, the three of us fell silent with difficult expressions.

This was clearly an inexplicable situation. If Elias-sama regained his memories, Luna should also have regained hers.

“I guess that means there’s one more condition besides what the goddess said, right?”

Camilo’s words were likely something everyone had thought of.

“That’s possible. It’s natural to think so.”

Everyone has different ways of relating to each other, and magic levels cannot be measured.

So there may be a possibility that the differences are due to that, but there may also be another condition that cannot be denied.

“The Goddess of Time Sheila is said to have met with ancient magic researchers in written records.”


Camilo’s eyes widened at Alondra’s words.

I also learned about this from Alondra, and it was quite surprising.

“Yes. Until now, the researchers have taken the description with a grain of salt, but now that we know it’s true, I can’t contain my excitement.”

“I see. That’s surprising…”

“She is probably a transcendent being from the primitive era. It wouldn’t be strange if she had one or two secrets hidden from humans.”

What is the true goddess, who is not created by humans, thinking?

Maybe she just forgot to mention it. Fufu, that would be quite a punishment.

Elias-sama seemed surprised, but after a while, he regained his composure and smiled.

“I see. Then let’s start by considering the differences between Miss Luna and me and Camilo,” said Elias-sama.

“Yes, that sounds good,” Alondra quietly affirmed.

What is different between Luna and Camilo and Elias-sama…something.

Then, Camilo raised his voice as if he had just come up with an idea.

“What about the difference between royalty and non-royalty? I’m technically a member of the royal family too.”

“Now that you mention it, both Camilo and I have that in common.”

Elias-sama put his hand on his chin in thought. It could indeed be considered a clear difference.

However, it is unclear why being royalty would lead to regaining memories.


Alondra murmured, lost in thought.

“Is it possible that the difference in favorability towards Leticia in her first life is due to the fact that His Highness Elias died in an accident and therefore didn’t know about Leticia’s problematic behavior after becoming the Crown Princess? On the other hand, that Miss Luna person was even exiled.”

Ugh! My friend is touching on an old wound!

“For His Highness Elias, Leticia is a tragic woman who has an inconsiderate fiancé. For Miss Luna, he’s the worst master who can’t tolerate even the slightest mistake.”

“Alondra…? Uh, can you rephrase that a bit?”

“I don’t need to explain about Camilo-dono. Even if there were any connections, as long as the favorability rating is in the negative, it doesn’t affect the memory lid, then it all makes sense.”

“Hey, Alondra, that’s just too harsh in so many ways?!”

Ignoring the desperate plea, now it was His Highness Elias who took over the conversation.

“I see… That might be possible. In my impression, Miss Leticia is a good girl who is being mistreated.”

“Amazing, Miss Alondra. In terms of the difference from Miss Luna, there is no doubt about it.”

Even Camilo! I know Luna must have hated me, but everyone is so merciless, aren’t they?

Alondra is looking absolutely thrilled and Elias-sama seems to be enjoying himself too.

“This is interesting. Let’s apply it to our magic research on time!”

“There’s something fun about this. It’s like solving a new mystery.”

Although it’s completely unrelated to them, I’m grateful that they’re willing to listen to me. Let’s not worry about it.

But I never realized that Alondra had such a favorable impression of me. She truly is amazing.

If that’s the case, there may not be many people who have the potential to restore their memories back with my real face.

I think even Prince Agustin and Yserra-sama disliked me, so the likelihood of them not regaining their memories is higher.

While it would be a relief for me, it’s a complicated feeling…

“By the way, Elias, have you heard anything about Agustin’s engagement?”

Camilo’s question is something I’m very curious about too.

In my first life, Prince Agustin and Yserra-sama couldn’t be together because he had already been engaged to me.

This time, without any interference, I thought that even though they come from different backgrounds, they could get engaged and be together.

“But… it seems like those two aren’t getting along very well.”

“What? Is that true, Elias?”

Camilo and I were surprised at Elias-sama’s unexpected answer.

That’s strange. Without me there, they should be able to be affectionate with each other without any worries.

“I don’t really get along with my older brother either, so I didn’t hear anything. But I noticed that his face doesn’t look very happy. It seems like they’re not sticking together as closely as they did in the first life.”

I also recalled what happened in my first life.

The lovey-dovey couple. The closer they became, the more apparent my loneliness was, and I was pitied.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the two of them together as much as in the first life…?

“This is just my opinion, but maybe it’s because there was an obstacle that their love for each other burned so passionately.”

“Elias-sama, what do you mean…?”

“Yes, I mean you. In the first life, he was engaged to Miss Leticia, a formal fiancée from a prestigious aristocratic family. That’s why their love burned so passionately, and it continued even after marriage. It makes sense when you think about it.”

If what Elias-sama said with a wry smile is true, then I must have been playing the fool without realizing it.

Maybe it’s okay to be angry or think that it serves them right, but somehow, I really don’t care anymore.

“Fufu. If that’s the case, it sounds like a joke.”

“If that’s the case, but anyway, let’s just leave it alone.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Alondra looked exasperated, and Elias-sama seemed a little apologetic.

Camilo had a complicated expression and crossed his arms, but maybe he was holding back his anger towards Prince Agustin.

Looking out the window, I saw cumulus clouds rising up in a square cut-out shape in the distance. If I were to step outside, the dry sunshine would surely shine all over my body.

Summer is coming, that different from last year.

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