The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Let’s pick up trash! — Part 2

“You were a classmate, if I remember correctly…!”

The first one to speak up was Yserra-sama.

With her beauty, reminiscent of a goddess, even the forested mountain trail looked like a sacred place.

Overwhelmed by the situation, I did my best to return the greeting.

“G-Good day, I’m Leticia Benito, Yserra-sama.”

“Hello, Leticia-sama! What a coincidence. Are you on a date?”

Ah, Yserra-sama is being so pushy…!

Normally, it would be impossible to have a conversation like this, ignoring Prince Agustin. But her free-spiritedness, fostered by her upbringing as a commoner, was perhaps the factor that won over this crown prince.

The two had only met a few days ago but had become close enough to venture outside the academy together.

“Yserra, that’s not a question to ask so bluntly.”

“Oh! You’re right, Agustin-sama. I was just…”

Prince Agustin’s eyes, as he admonished Yserra-sama, were filled with a gentle hue. This exchange between the two, which they had repeated countless times before, was now taking place in their second life.

Even now, in this new life, I was prepared for my heart to ache when I saw him. But upon actually witnessing it, my expectations were pleasantly surpassed.

It didn’t hurt at all, and I could only wish for their happiness. Confirming the clear and refreshing feeling in my heart today, I smiled so small that no one could have noticed.

However, it seems that Camilo did not share my sentiments.

“…Introduce us, Agustin. Who is that young lady over there?”

Although he appeared to be smiling, his voice was much lower than usual.

In the past, Camilo would get angry and accuse me of being rude whenever he saw us getting along.

It seems that even in this second life, that has not changed.

But you know what? It’s okay. I’m not hurting anymore. I’m not getting hurt anymore.

“Her name is Miss Yserra. She just transferred here and was asked for guidance around the neighborhood.”

Prince Agustin alternated his gaze between Camilo and me. I thought his eyes would naturally be cold, but there was something about them that felt cautious and probing.

I wonder if he’s concerned because we had a disagreement about the engagement the other day. I didn’t think he was the type to be considerate like that.

“Oh, so the Crown Prince himself.”

Camilo said with a faint smile.

Normally, it would be disrespectful to ask the Crown Prince for directions, and Agustin dislikes those who don’t know their place.

However, the fact that he readily accepted shows that he has shown some affection towards Yserra-sama.

“Agustin-sama, are they your friends? It seems like you’re on good terms.”

Yserra-sama’s bright smile was full of transparency, as if she didn’t understand the Prince’s special status. But perhaps she knew everything after all, given that she had even dropped her handkerchief herself.

“He’s my cousin, Camilo.”

The introduction by Prince Agustin was cold.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen these cousins talking to each other much. I thought they were just being argumentative the other day because of the circumstances, but maybe they really don’t get along.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Camilo Cervantes.”

“I’m Yserra Echeverria. Nice to meet you too.”

At the second meeting, the two strangers introduced themselves, and Prince Agustin turned his gaze towards Camilo.

“Let me ask you, are you rendezvousing with her?”

…What? What kind of question is that?

Prince Agustin doesn’t show interest in anyone other than Yserra-sama when he’s with her. Why would he ask such a thing?

While I was still in shock and speechless, Camilo’s smile vanished from his face. He narrowed his eyes with a sharp look and stepped forward to hide me.

“We’re currently busy with Volunteer Club activities. We have to excuse ourselves now.”

I think I must have had a bewildered expression on my face at that moment.

I was so happy that Camilo had protected me.

I didn’t know why I was so happy, so I was confused.

“Volunteer Club…?”

Prince Agustin looked us up and down before fixing his gaze on me.

“So, you’re in the Volunteer Club.”

I was so surprised that he spoke to me and called me “you” that I felt like my legs were going to give out, even though I had never wavered from calling me “you” in my previous life or when we met the other day.

Come to think of it, why did he become interested in the Volunteer Club? I thought he was the exact opposite of someone with a service-oriented spirit…?

“Y-Yes, Your Highness. I find it very rewarding.”

“…I see. Keep it up.”

As Prince Agustin nodded, Camilo’s broad back blocked my view.

He must have been worried and protected me because I was scared when I refused his engagement before.

To be honest, I’m really scared of getting involved with Prince Agustin, and if possible, I don’t want to talk to him at all. So I quietly exhaled and listened to the lovers’ conversation over Camilo’s back.

“Miss Yserra, let’s put off Mt. Mores for another time.”

“Eh? But Agustin-sama, you went through the trouble of bringing me here.”

“It’s troublesome to run into the Volunteer Club. Opportunities are endless without worrying about it.”

Yserra-sama seemed disappointed, but as soon as she realized that Prince Agustin won’t budge, she quickly backed down.

I watched the backs of the two who left after a brief greeting and relaxed in the place where they disappeared into the trees (grove).

Wow, I was surprised. Can coincidences like this really happen?

“Leticia, are you okay? You don’t look well.”

“Yes. I’m fine.”

When I looked up in response to the question, Camilo was looking at me with a worried expression. Seeing his narrowed eyes and furrowed brows, I wondered if I looked really unwell.

“Thank you, Camilo. You protected me.”

“That’s obvious. You surprised me.”

Camilo smiles at me and tells me that everything is going to be alright and I smile at him so that he doesn’t worry.

Although I was surprised that Prince Agustin spoke to me, it was probably just a whim. It couldn’t possibly mean anything for him to be concerned about me.

“After all, you still… (*think about him).”

I was too shaken up to notice Camilo’s small mutterings.

After that, we picked up trash while making small talk.

Just like in my previous life, it was the pointless conversations that were the most enjoyable. Time flew by quickly, and before we knew it, we had reached the summit with our bags full of collected trash.

There were souvenir shops and snack stands on the summit, like any other tourist spot. At one corner of the many wooden benches placed outside the shops, faces that I hadn’t seen since this morning were gathered.

“Oh, the teacher is here too.”

All the members were already gathered, including Lena-sensei, who is both my homeroom teacher and advisor. She probably used the tourist magic gondola to climb up here.

“Leticia-san, Camilo-san, good job making it up here.”

Lena-sensei waved with a smile. Her hairstyle, with chestnut-colored hair tied up high, suited her well, and her casual shirt and pants looked nice too.

The Volunteer Club’s activities are always on holidays, but Lena-sensei always shows up.

“Thank you for coming, sensei.”

“Hehe, of course. I’m sorry for being late.”

I think she said she was going to see the newspaper club’s coverage in the morning today, so she probably rushed here after it ended. I really can’t thank her enough.

“You did well to gather new members. That’s impressive.”

“Yes, I’m a little overzealous.”

Camilo had already greeted Lena-sensei when he submitted his application form.

Camilo, carrying a giant trash bag more than anyone else, had his usual smile on his face without any hint of pride.

“Well then, thank you all for your hard work. Let’s have some ice cream and enjoy.”

At Lena-sensei’s suggestion, the members of the club cheered all at once. Crustia-san’s reaction was particularly bright.

As dorm residents, we would have lunch waiting for us if we returned to the Academy. However, the truth is that we dorm students who hardly ever go outside the Academy are also interested in the shop.

Lena-sensei is really kind and cool, isn’t she?

“Shall I carry your backpack, Sensei?!”

“Martin-kun is really thoughtful. It’s okay, thank you.”

It’s the usual exchange where the club president is aiming for good grades and Lena-sensei, who understands everything, just smiles and goes with the flow.

It’s reassuring to see Telencio, who has nothing to do with exercise, looking exhausted, while Crustia-san and Luna seem relaxed. It’s the usual scene.

It feels like meeting Prince Agustin and Yserra-sama just a little while ago was a dream.

We walked together towards the food stalls.

Crustia-san took out her wallet from her pocket, and Lena-sensei ordered ice cream for everyone.

“Three orders of the famous cinnamon doughnuts and black sausage hotdogs, and also sweet potatoes, please.”

Three orders, as expected of Crustia-san.

We all sat on the outdoor bench and ate our ice cream.

The scent of greenery and soil, under the gentle sun’s rays, the smiles of our companions shone brightly.

Compared to the loneliness of my first life, how happy my current life is.

The vanilla ice cream after work was exceptional. The cool sensation and sweetness permeated throughout my body. Thinking that I would have gone through life without experiencing this taste if I had remained as the Black Rose, I became deeply emotional.

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