The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Observation of Ordinary Lady Luna Pascual

Hello everyone, I am Luna Pascual, the eldest daughter of the Viscount Pascual family.

I’m 15 years old and a first-year student who has just enrolled in Alania Academy, the most prestigious school where children of nobles from all over the country gather.

I’m just an ordinary noble lady with peculiar red hair and freckles on my cheeks that I’m self-conscious about.

My only strengths are my positive attitude and the convenient ability to quickly forget unpleasant things.

I’m like an ordinary picture of a noble lady, but there’s actually one thing that I’m curious about.

That is how Leticia-senpai from the Volunteer Club is overly kind to me.

“Luna, it must be heavy. Let me carry it for you.”

Ah, even now, Leticia-senpai took the documents I was carrying.

“Leticia-senpai?! It’s not right for a senior like you to carry such a thick map for me…!”

“It’s okay, I volunteered to do it.”

I hurry to follow Leticia-senpai, who is walking briskly.

She seems to be wearing very thick glasses, which makes it hard to get a clear impression of her eyes. But I can tell that she cares about me very much.

Despite being a noble lady, Leticia-senpai is not stuck up at all, and I deeply respect her for being kind and serious.

…However, sometimes I feel like she’s a little too overprotective.

For no particular reason, it feels like she’s trying to atone for something.

Once, when I was kicked by a child at an orphanage I visited for a volunteer program, she gave a stern lecture to the child.

And sometimes, I feel a mysterious gaze from Leticia-senpai. Maybe it’s because of her glasses, but even if I try to make eye contact, I can’t. But maybe it’s just my imagination…?

(No, no, it’s just my imagination. I’m being too self-conscious.)

I gently shake my head.

Leticia-senpai must have been worried about the new members since she is such a kind person. In order to be useful to my wonderful senpai, I need to work even harder!

As we chatted idly, we made our way to the clubroom. We were there to search for materials for our next volunteer activity.

The clubroom building was a two-story brick building, and the Volunteer Club was located on the far right of the second floor.

Oh? As soon as we peered into the clubroom, Leticia-senpai suddenly stopped moving.

…Ah! And she even dropped the map she was holding. What could have happened?

“Leticia-senpai, are you okay?!”

I also looked into the room, but then I finally realized why Leticia-senpai was so flustered.

It was none other than Academy’s superstar, Camilo Cervantes-sama, who had come out of the clubroom and picked up the map!

“Should I put this map inside?”


Leticia-senpai trembled in shock.

Well, that’s surprising, isn’t it? After all, this Volunteer Club is said to be a gathering of oddballs by the students.

Oh, I just made a self-deprecating remark because I’m part of the club, but I really love it!

“Miss Leticia and, um…”

Camilo-sama glanced at me.

Wow, he’s so handsome! He has long legs and a great figure. Seeing him up close, he also exudes a mature atmosphere and a presence that doesn’t feel like a student. Against the backdrop of our plain club room, he stands out so brightly…!

“I’m Luna Pascual!”

“I’m Camilo Cervantes. Nice to meet you, Miss Luna. I just joined today.”

Is this what they call a bolt from the blue?

While I was too surprised to say anything, Leticia-senpai was blushing and trembling uncontrollably.

I believe she previously said that she’s not interested in handsome guys… But when it comes to someone like Camilo-sama, even Leticia-senpai might get shy around him.

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