The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 1

Prologue: The Legend of the Villainess who Vanished on the Guillotine

My life has been a cruel one.

As the daughter of the Marquis family, I, Leticia Benito, was raised to be overly indulged. To put it nicely, I grew up to be innocent and naive, but to put it harshly, I was a stupid girl.

I hated studying, but loved dresses and cosmetics. I never once thought about working hard in my studies for my fiancé, the crown prince.

As a woman with only her face and family background to boast of, the reaction from the Crown Prince Agustin was incredibly cold when I was brought in as his bride.

Even though he never laid a finger on me and looked at me with beautiful eyes that didn’t even bother to hide his contempt, I, the fool, was simply overjoyed.

Yes, I was in love with Prince Agustin. So I tried every trick in the book to attract his attention.

I invited him to tea parties, dressed up in beautiful dresses, and even gave him gifts.

But unfortunately, Prince Agustin already had a lover. The cute and cheerful Baron’s daughter he met at the Academy had established her position as his public lover at the royal palace, and I always felt miserable.

And so, frustrated that my beloved husband never paid me any attention, I began to spiral out of control.

I bought an extremely expensive necklace because I wanted him to say it was beautiful.

I dealt with shady merchants because I wanted to obtain rare teas to lure him in.

I exiled a maid who made a mistake when doing my makeup because she got in the way of me showing my beautiful self to the Prince and I couldn’t forgive that.

To me, everything I did was perfectly reasonable, exercising my natural rights, or so I thought until just a few days ago.

Even though it was foolish to expect a wise man like him to forgive me, it was because Prince Agustin——no, his Majesty——had grown tired of me that I am now climbing the guillotine.

The merciless sound of hair being cut echoed louder than the crowd’s insults.

A stone thrown from somewhere hit my forehead, and I felt the warm blood flowing down my cheek.

Dressed in a shabby linen dress, with nothing left to be proud of, not even my once beautiful black hair. With my hands tied behind my back and my body pushed haphazardly, my neck was finally placed on the guillotine.

The voices of the passionate crowd grew even louder, screaming “kill, kill!” Surrounded by the enthusiasm that amplified all the malice, hatred, and negative emotions, I felt like my entire body was pierced with needles.

I didn’t know I was so hated.

Because I loved him. I loved His Majesty. I could do anything for this love.

I never thought my family would be captured because of it, nor did I imagine being executed like this.

(Your Majesty…!)

Just before my neck was held down by the wooden frame, I desperately lifted my head to search for His Majesty’s figure. His golden hair was easy to spot even in the guest seats, and I quickly found him leisurely seated in the best position to view the guillotine.

And then I realized that there was no warmth in his sapphire blue eyes.

Oh, me, what have I done until now——

There was a sound of metal sliding, and my vision went completely dark.

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