The Late Game Healer Is Way Too Strong – Chapter 4.2

The man asked.

A cold but leisurely voice.

Kim Chul-won stood there dumbfounded, trying to think of what to say.

After all, no one had ever asked him ‘what the’ before.

Even Kim Chul-won was originally a Hunter.

He wasn’t someone that a junior who had just Awakened could treat so casually.

Still, he had to choose his words carefully.

His instincts as a Hunter told him to.

Be careful.

“Well, if you’re going to go together, why don’t you just say so? You left without a word for days. . .”

“Just follow me if you’re going to move. Do you want me to hold your hand and escort you?”

“N-No, that’s not it! I’m just saying you should at least tell me when you’re going.”

“Do you tell a stray dog where you’re going when you take it with you?”

“S-Stray dog. . . . . . . .??”

Then, a woman followed out of the gate.

She was pretty and looked familiar.

Kim Chul-won recalled seeing the woman’s face on the list of candidates who had entered.

“A-Are you the Awakened?”

Kim Chul-won approached the woman and asked.

“Yes? Yes, we are! We’re on our way out after taking care of the boss monster.”

“I see. B-But, this man. . . . . . . . .”

“Me too.”

Kim Chul-won was momentarily taken aback by the man’s casual speech.

If he had just Awakened, that would mean he was a candidate like the woman.

Even though they didn’t have a senior-junior relationship and only cared about rank, wasn’t this going too far?

“I didn’t see you on the entry list.”

Kim Chul-won finally let go of his polite speech and questioned him bluntly.

After all, it was better to come on strong in such situations to avoid being taken lightly.

“I didn’t use the entry list.”

“. . .???”


“How did you come out through the exit if you didn’t enter through the entrance?”

“I opened my eyes and I was there.”

Kim Chul-won sighed.

He couldn’t treat him like a cute junior anymore.

He pressed the emergency button.

Click, a siren blared through the building.

“Hey. I don’t know how good your skills are, but don’t you know any better than to provoke your seniors? No matter how urgent it is, you should still show some respect to your seniors, you insolent little brat!”

Kim Chul-won shouted, releasing his mana.

A roar like a wall of force.

Shin Ji-soo couldn’t help but take a step back at his spirit.

The pressure she felt from him was different from when he was facing the monsters.

To think that the man who had seemed so docile just a moment ago could now exude such an overwhelming aura.

Was this the power of a professional Hunter?

As they were making a fuss, the guards who had been called arrived in no time.

They were all E-rank or higher, and some were even D-rank.

They were usually in charge of dealing with outsiders with malicious intent.

Even for them, it had been a long time since they had dealt with an Awakened who had just come out of a gate.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Kim Chul-won?”

The 2nd Platoon Leader, a D-rank Hunter, asked.

It seemed he was asking why the emergency button had been pressed to call him.

“You’re here, Sir 2nd Platoon Leader. It’s nothing much, but there’s a guy who just came out of the gate and he’s not on the entry list.”

At Kim Chul-won’s words, the 2nd Platoon Leader frowned.

He replied in a cold tone.

“Not on the entry list? How is that possible?”

“W-Well, I quickly checked after pressing the emergency button, and he wasn’t there for at least the past 4 months. I really did! And when I asked him, he didn’t even answer me properly.”

The 2nd Platoon Leader sighed.

He could think of a few possible scenarios.

“A newbie who just came out of a gate. If you’re messing around with a skill related to disguise or camouflage, stop it now. If you go any further, it won’t be a joke anymore, it’ll end with a serious punishment.”

The most likely possibility was, after all, ‘skill’.

There had been a few cases like this in the past.

There was once a guy who had acquired a transformation skill and disguised himself as someone else to cause trouble.

They had already introduced equipment and items to deal with such situations, but it was better to try to persuade them with words first.

However, Siwoo, who heard his words, had an indifferent expression.

His face, which was making people lose their tempers, made the 2nd Platoon Leader grit his teeth.

To think that a guy who had just Awakened would dare to cross the line with a current Hunter.

“Hey, punk. Are my words not getting through to you? Do you want me to smash your head into the floor?”

At that, Siwoo smiled for the first time.

It was a very faint smile, but it was full of sarcasm.

“The Hunter world has really gotten better these days. They even give warnings.”

“. . . . .What?! What did you just say, you little punk!”

“You’re a Hunter, but you fight with your mouth?”

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