The Heroine Ran Away! the Villainous Daughter Has to Break off Her Engagement and Tame Her Watchdog Mage – Chapter 68

π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« πŸ”πŸ–: 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐀 π‘πžπ₯𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 π‚π¨π¦π¦πžπ¦π¨π«πšπ­π’π¨π§ 𝐒𝐒

[You see, I am a villainess.]

[. . .?]

Viara, 10 years old, Cid, 13 years old.

After being bedridden with a high fever for three days, Viara secretly whispered to Cid.

(Although the fever should have subsided by now)

Seeing Viara suddenly say something strange, Cid smiled but was also puzzled.

Viara had a fever when she was playing magic with Cid.

When Cid returned to the mansion after training, Viara ran to the entrance and begged, “I want to see the snow.”

Upon hearing that Viara’s etiquette instructor was from a region with heavy snowfall, she became curious about the cold snow that fell from the sky.

Although Cid was exhausted from his magic training, he couldn’t refuse when Viara looked at him with sparkling eyes and said, “Next time.”

With the determination to fulfill Viara’s wish, he used magic even though it was a strain.

As a result, an unexpectedly large amount of snow was generated like an avalanche, burying Viara and Cid. They were quickly rescued by the young men, but Viara suffered from a high fever and suffered on the bed for three days.

Finally, when she woke up, Cid  couldn’t understand when she said she was a “villainess.”

[Miss, let’s have a meal and take medicine first, and then we can talk.]

[You don’t believe me, do you?!]

Seeing Cid’s reaction, Viara’s eyes welled up with tears.

[No, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but there are more pressing matters at hand.] 

[Well, that may be true, but. . .! I want you to listen to me now.]

Unable to resist Viara’s earnest plea, Cid eventually agreed to listen to her.

[In my past life, I was a girl from a country called Japan. . .no, from a different world.]

It was an absurd tale, but Cid silently listened without interrupting or uttering words like “this is a world from a novel.”

Although internally he found himself in a strange situation where Viara was suddenly labelling herself as a “villainess”. . . he understood that Viara was desperately trying to convey something important.

(Is it possible that Miss had foreseen the future that would unfold. . .? Regardless of the truth of her past life, if it unfolds as she says, I must deal with it)

While listening to the story, Cid pondered in his mind.

But when the conversation turned to the fate of the villainess, he finally spoke up.

[I will be executed in the end! By guillotine!]

[Why would they use such an outdated execution method like a guillotine?]

[I don’t know about that. But in the novel, that’s how it goes! The villainess Viara was executed by guillotine!]

[Hmm. . .]

It was unheard of to execute the daughter of the Duke’s family. First of all, there was no way the Duke Marcus family would allow such a thing.

Although Cid calmly advised her, Viara was frightened at the thought that she might be executed in the future. Seeing her like that, he couldn’t say words like “It’s just a bad dream.”

[Miss, have you consulted with Duke-sama or Ethan-sama?] 

[No way. . .They would think I’m crazy!]

[It’s okay. You’ve been quite strange before.]

[Hey?! How rude!]

Even though he glared at her, the sight of the weakened 10-year-old girl didn’t scare him at all.

(She told me even though she didn’t want to tell her family.)

A slight sense of superiority welled up in Cid’s heart.

He felt that he had to protect this child. It came naturally to him.

[Miss, at what age are you supposed to be executed? If you encounter that so-called heroine at Roselia Academy, you should have until you’re sixteen or seventeen, right?]

In response to Cid’s question, Viara nodded silently.

[It’s okay. We’ll figure something out before then.]

[Really? Can we really do something?]

[Yes. Let’s do our best.]

With a firm declaration, Viara finally calmed down and smiled.

[Well then, let’s have a meal brought in. I’ll call the maids.]

[Okay, please.]

Cid left the bedside and went out into the hallway to call the maids. He also needed to call a doctor and prepare the medicine, so he hurriedly left the room.

Upon hearing the news that Viara had woken up, the people in the mansion quickly made preparations. Warm soup was brought in, and she was changed into fresh clothes and examined by a doctor.

Viara’s parents were overjoyed at their daughter’s recovery, and Ethan had been by Viara’s side since he returned from the academy.

[Viara, is there anything you want? Onii-sama will prepare anything for you.]

[I want some time alone.] 

[Uh. . .]

[It’s been five hours already. Seriously, Onii-sama, go back to your room!]

Although Ethan drooped his shoulders, he quietly left the room so as not to burden Viara.

[Hey, why is Cid still here?]

In response to that question, Cid tilted his head cutely and answered.

[I am Miss’s bodyguard, servant, and dog. So, it’s only natural for me to be by her side.]

[. . .That’s not fair.]

Ethan glared at Cid in front of the door and was forcibly expelled by Viara, who said, “See you tomorrow.”

Seeing the three of them, the maids giggled.

Viara told the maids to step back and only Cid remained in the bedroom.

[Miss, are you really okay now?]

[You worry too much.]

[Well, it’s because of my failure. . .I’m sorry.]

Cid suddenly apologized humbly. Viara laughed and said, 

[That’s funny! Cid is apologizing.]

[Well, yeah.]

[But thanks to Cid, I remembered my past life. If I hadn’t known anything, I might have become a villainess.]

[. . .]

[So, this is for the best.]

Saying that, Viara smiled and seemed to forcefully suppress her anxious feelings.

Cid immediately approached her and held her hand tightly with both hands as he spoke. 

[I will become stronger. So that nothing like burying Miss in the snow happens again, and even if something like being a ‘villainess’ were to happen, I will be able to help Miss.]

(No one knows what the future holds. But if I have the power, I should be able to help Miss)

Viara smiled happily at Cid’s words.


[Yes. I promise.]

Viara laid down on the bed and soon fell asleep, still not fully recovered.

Sitting on the chair by the bedside, Cid watched his master’s peaceful sleeping face and organized what he needed to do.

(Anyway, I need to organize the information. . .I’ll have someone write down the future Miss saw and eliminate each possibility one by one)

Starting from tomorrow, he would become busy with training again.

While Viara was bedridden, Cid had been by her side, and his tasks had piled up. But now, he felt even more motivated, knowing that his own strength might save this child’s life in the future.

[Miss, it’s okay.]

Telling the sleeping master that, Cid quietly stood up and left the bedroom. 


Seven years have passed since then.

Finally, they managed to break off the engagement and overcome their class differences to have a wedding ceremony.

The future that they couldn’t have imagined when they arrived as hostages from a neighboring country has now become a reality.


“Hmm. . .What is it?”

Their honeymoon was two weeks long. They escaped from the unveiling party and are currently on the run, leaving everything to Ethan.

When Cid woke up in the morning, Viara was right next to him.

He gently combed through his wife’s long hair with his fingers and called her name, hearing a small response.

“Is it already morning. . .?”

The sun was already high in the sky. However, Cid held Viara tightly, not letting her realize it.

“Let’s oversleep today. It’s our honeymoon, after all.”

“Sounds good. . .”

Viara let out a yawn and quickly fell back asleep.

Cid was looking forward to going sightseeing, but he thought they could do that the next day.

“It’s really over, isn’t it?”

Without speaking to anyone, Cid muttered to himself.

He repeatedly confirmed that the most important person was in his arms.

Viara herself, who had been tossed around by the fate of a villainess, had already adapted to this happy reality, but Cid couldn’t let go of his guard, thinking that there might still be something else.

“I will make you happy.”

Whispering that, Cid kissed Viara’s forehead, and she squirmed ticklishly. This ordinary everyday life was incredibly precious.

Cid closed his eyes, thinking of taking another nap with Viara.

However, at that moment, The faint sound of the communication device started coming from the luggage in the closet.

――Beep. . .Beep. . .Beep. . .

“. . .”

(It must be Ethan-sama.)

It was their honeymoon, just the two of them. He had expected some interference, but to receive a call on the second day was quite frustrating.

Cid sat up and reached his right hand towards the closet.

Then, skillfully, he froze only the communication device, cutting off any further contact.

“That should do it.”

He would deal with the consequences later.

Cid made up his mind and fell back asleep next to Viara. 

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