The Heroine Ran Away! the Villainous Daughter Has to Break off Her Engagement and Tame Her Watchdog Mage – Chapter 59

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟗: 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐞

What?! Were you tortured or something?!

Cid gently stroked my head as I widened my eyes and stuttered, planting kisses on my cheeks and forehead.

“What is illusion magic?! Master Grat, what did you do to Cid. . .?!”

“Yes, it’s all part of the plan. The executioner over there is also a member of the Marcus family~.”

One after another, I was kissed in front of the public, and I desperately tried to escape. It felt more like a public execution for me.

However, Cid, who is grinning happily, tightly embraced me and refused to let go.

“Ah~ Vi-sama. Ha. . .My Viara.”

“This is not the time for this! What about Elsa?! What about Noah-sama?!”

“Elsa should be rescued soon, don’t you think~?”

“Let go of me already!”

As I swing my hands and struggled, I heard a loud rumbling sound.

“Cid!! What are you doing to my precious Viara! I’ll make you disappear, you worthless dog!!”


Onii-sama, who was controlling the magic scooter, flew onto the execution platform.


“Oh no!!”

Oh, the scooter fell on His Highness. 

Because Onii-sama jumped off. . .

The magic scooter weighed about 100 kilograms, condolences to His Highness.

Onii-sama, who walked briskly, took me back from Cid’s arms.

“What are you doing to my sister before her marriage! Viara will never have anything to do with a promiscuous man like you!”

As I am embraced by Onii-sama, I firmly held onto his coat.

Seeing that, Cid furrowed his brow and lamented.

“Vi-sama! It’s an act of mutual consent, right?! It’s because we love each other that we touch each other, right?!”

When I turn my head and ignore him, Onii-sama deliberately stroked my head.

“Vi-sama is already mine~.”

“I don’t care! You’re fired, fired!”

“Oh, I don’t want that.”

Seeing Cid throwing a tantrum like a child, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

At that moment, Master Grat slowly approached us and intervened.

“Enough of that. I’ve already set up a barrier throughout the square, so the church people can’t escape. Besides, the commander will be arriving soon. The plans are messed up, but restrain that idiot over there.”

Yes, I’m the one who messed up the plans! I’m sorry!!

Upon Master Grat’s words, Galius from our side restrained Prince Roque. He was unconscious, so he couldn’t move anymore.

“Hey, Cid. Who is the commander?”

“He is the son of the royal prince.”

Cid smiled and pulled me closer. Onii-sama, who took advantage of the opportunity, looked frustrated but was led away by Rosso for the aftermath.

“The rest will be taken care of by the knights who came on board here. The church people will be captured, and Roque, who was manipulated by them, will be disinherited. The legitimate son of the royal prince will ascend the throne soon.”

It was all part of Cid and their plan. 

While we were in Fumble, it seems that Onii-sama secretly persuaded the royal prince and others. 

Onii-sama was working!

Even though he’s timid, he managed to negotiate with them, saying, “Help me as a symbol of usurping the throne.”

Impressed by that, Cid took my hand and jumped off the execution platform.

“Vi-sama, let’s get out of the square for now. I have to capture Noah.”

However, at that moment, a woman on a magical scooter appeared.

When she took off her full-face helmet, her brown hair gracefully fluttered in the wind.



I immediately ran over and embraced her.

“I’m glad you’re safe!”

“Thank you! Ethan-sama helped me escape just now.”

Elsa, who was imprisoned by the church, was being controlled by mental magic. Onii-sama rescued her, and Cid’s mother released her mind with holy attribute magic.

“Um, why is my mother. . .?”

By the way, Cid’s mother was now full of energy. She was knocking enemy soldiers away with a giant spatula, and Cid was dumbfounded by her appearance.

“Does there need to be a reason to save my son? Right, Elsa?”

“Yes, that’s right, Ojou-sama.”

As the two of them chuckled, a large number of soldiers arrived from the front.

Leading the vanguard was a gallant knight in armor.

It’s the eldest son of the royal prince, Granbalm-sama.

He approached me on his horse and squinted his eyes as he spoke. 

“Well, well, you’re as beautiful as ever, Duke Marcus’s daughter, Viara. .”

I bowed politely.

“I heard of your distinguished achievements. You still have that mischievous side as well.”

His smile seemed teasing.

“Well, I’m just here to welcome our escort.”

I casually dodged the question with a smile, knowing that I won’t be pressed further.

“If you were willing, I wanted you to become my queen and support the country. . .But with such a fierce watchdog by your side, that won’t happen, will it?”

It’s a wonderful invitation to become the queen of such a dignified new king.

But it was too far-fetched for me.

“Hehe. . .I am free. I choose my own partner.”

“I see, that’s a shame.”

He glanced at Cid and spoke to him in a friendly manner.

“I’ll take care of the rest. Cid, don’t go too far in pursuing Noah.”


“Alright? I won’t allow you to die before the deal is complete.”

With those words, Granbalm-sama rode off with his attendants and knights.

I looked at Cid standing next to me and sighed mixed with relief.

“What deal is he talking about?”

“Well, it’s a lot of things.”

There seems to be a lot that I haven’t been told yet.

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