The Heroine Ran Away! the Villainous Daughter Has to Break off Her Engagement and Tame Her Watchdog Mage – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Even though I’m like this, there is someone I like

“Look, if you cry so much, your eyes will swell~.”

Cid, the guardian mage, always laughs and says that my story about my past life is just a bad dream. 

He placed his hand on my shoulder as I broke down in tears and gently comforted me. 

“Miss, I will protect you, so don’t worry. Dreams are just dreams, after all.”

Although I think of my memories of my past life as a dream, I don’t completely disbelieve them. Cid is the only person I can confide in about my worries. 

Cid is a handsome young man with sleek black hair and crimson eyes. He is 19 years old, three years older than me. 

He is hailed as the strongest mage in the Roselia Kingdom, brought to me by my doting father.

Despite hiding it under a gray robe, his muscular yet slender physique is exactly my type.

He easily surpasses 180 centimeters in height, with long legs clad in black trousers, slender arms, and a shining red earring on his right ear. . .

He is incredibly cool, even though he is not a character from a novel. 

I can’t thank Otou-sama, who brought Cid as my guardian, enough. 

“Miss, if you have the power of foresight, you can change the future.”

“Ugh. . .! Is there still time?”


Cid nodded with a gentle smile. 

I’m overjoyed that he doesn’t make fun of my story and assures me that he will protect me after considering it. 

If I had known that I would become a villainess before I was reincarnated, I think I would have said, “Just run away immediately!” 

But I couldn’t. 

I vividly remembered my past life when I was around 10 years old, and by then, I was already engaged. 

Moreover, I had a loving father who adored his daughter and a gentle mother with a pleasant scent. However, both of them died in an accident when I was 12 years old. . .

Even now, I have a beautiful, intelligent, and slightly timid older brother. 

I couldn’t abandon this family, and I didn’t want to cause them trouble by running away… So I ended up being unable to move and came to this day.

That’s why I intended to push the prince onto the heroine. . .No, I meant to ask for a wonderful romance. 

“I can’t believe it. . .!”

The Roselia National Academy is a place where noble children must attend. Unless they get married or fall ill, even if they are poor, they borrow scholarships to attend. 

If they don’t, they won’t have good marriage prospects or job opportunities. 

“I wonder where Baron’s daughter Kukrika Larry went? It’s troublesome if she doesn’t enroll!”

I lamented in the salon. Cid, who crouched down next to me, gently said while looking at the roster. 

“Miss, if she didn’t enroll, doesn’t that mean your foresight was wrong? Or perhaps, the future changed because you worked hard.”

“Because I worked hard?”


When I looked up, he smiled at me as usual. His smile makes my heart skip a beat, but it’s not the time for fluttering feelings. 

“The only things I worked hard on were not letting the family fall into ruin, studying, and training in magic. I haven’t had any contact with Baron’s daughter Kukrika Larry.” 

I recently remembered her name, and it seemed like a fog was always hanging over my head when I thought about the heroine. 

I never imagined that the moment I remembered, the heroine would go missing. 

“I guess this isn’t a world from a novel after all. . .?”

Cid came to my aid as I struggled with my thoughts. 

“I will instruct the spies to search for Baron’s daughter Kukrika Larry. Miss, please think about tomorrow’s entrance ceremony. I’m sure the uniform will suit you well.”

That’s right. 

I can’t afford to look clumsy. 

Even if my engagement is eventually broken, I must be a perfect young lady without any room for condemnation. 

Finally composed, I stood up straight and wiped away my tears. 

“It’s only natural that the uniform suits me, right?”

I looked at Cid with a dignified and authoritative attitude as usual. 

He chuckled as if enduring something and nodded. 

“Yes, of course, Miss. If you’d like, I can even help you change.”

“I don’t need that!”

I swatted away the offered hand and left the salon, returning to my room.

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