The Heroine Ran Away! the Villainous Daughter Has to Break off Her Engagement and Tame Her Watchdog Mage – Chapter 35

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟓: 𝐏𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐧 《𝐂𝐢𝐝 𝐒𝐢𝐝𝐞》

I have a lot of complaints about these handcuffs. 

Did they seriously think they could restrain me with something like this?

The hierarchy of magicians starts with the purple spinel, followed by blue, red, green, yellow, and white, totaling six ranks. However, there is a huge difference between blue sapphire and purple spinel, like heaven and earth.

If they want us to obey, they should bring restraints that can control the dark dragon. 

Even though I’m currently behaving, I can freely use magic even with these handcuffs that suppress magical power.

The mechanism is supposed to neutralize my powers by absorbing magical energy, but a little bit of energy being drained won’t affect me at all.

It’s like a normal person losing two or three strands of hair, it’s no big deal.

Henry probably hasn’t realized that these handcuffs are useless because the purple Spinels in this country aren’t following his orders.

They are probably making false reports that these handcuffs are effective. If they were to create restraints that actually work, it might pose a threat to us if we were to defy Henry in the future. 

After all, everyone values their own safety.

I waited for the faint light to disappear completely through the ventilation vent, then judged it to be the right time to act and stood up.

――*Snap*. . .

With a little bit of magic, the handcuffs immediately crumble. 

They’re so fragile. They should have had the dwarves make them properly.

“Well then, let’s go.”

I casted an illusion on this cell, making it appear as if I’m lying down and sleeping. 

The guards were just drinking and eating, so it seemed unlikely that they’d notice. 

Using wind magic, I cut a round hole in the ceiling and dug through the soil directly  above. Since this was right beneath the fortress’s backyard, escaping was easy.

What a fortress with such an easy escape design. I’m starting to worry about the enemy.

If it were Duke Marcus’s estate, they would probably explode as soon as the prison walls were broken or holes were made in the ceiling.

I infiltrated the fortress, incapacitated the soldiers, and stole their dark green military uniforms. 

I stole some alcohol from the kitchen and made the soldier drink it, then left them naked behind the dining hall. They would assume they got drunk and took their clothes off.

He was someone who had been involved with the maids, so I have no guilt.

When I put on the military uniform, it surprisingly suited me.

I wonder what Vi-sama would say if she saw me like this. Lately, she’s been getting flustered and finding my every move interesting, cute, and irresistible.

To ensure a peaceful and happy life on the run, I must crush Henry’s plans. 

First, I need to find out Vi-sama and my mother’s whereabouts from the servants and make an escape plan.

Then, I’ll explore the fortress. I should also search the library. I want to infiltrate the magicians’ research labs.

Before Henry starts a war, I’ll stir up trouble from the inside. 

I won’t let Fumble take away my princess, whom I finally obtained.

[I love Cid so much! I want to be with him forever!]

The first time I realized that I liked Miss was when I was twelve years old. 

Until then, she had been like a little sister following me around. 

When Miss was young, she sought me out, even though I had nothing to offer. She wished to be with me, despite me not being strong or smart. 

For me, who was on the verge of death every day due to training, She was my only source of healing and purpose with her carefree smile.

I always thought that I would continue living with Miss since childhood, without realizing that someday someone would take her away. 

When the engagement with Prince Roque was just arranged, Miss had not yet dreamt of becoming a notorious villainess. 

Her face, as she innocently laughed and accepted only the word “engagement” with joy, was incredibly adorable.

“I wonder if I will also become a beautiful bride~?”

Watching Miss giggling and frolicking, I thought to myself. 

――Will I be able to see her off in a wedding dress?

I have nothing else. 

She’s the only one I have, yet she’ll be taken away by someone who has everything.

I don’t want that to happen. 

Miss belongs to me. 

Since I was twelve years old, I had been training to obtain her. 

Over the years, I had been steadily accumulating power to capture Miss. 

I reached the highest rank of Purple Spinel, thanks to Ethan-sama, who understood my feelings and jokingly said, “If you want to become Viara’s husband, you must at least achieve the highest rank.”

All this power was obtained through efforts that literally made me bleed, for the sake of our future together. 

The younger guys would often say, “You’re always so laid back,” but considering how tough my master’s training was, I had no choice but to laugh. It was a situation where laughter was the only option.

When I was seventeen, I obtained the title of Purple Spinel, the highest rank of a mage. 

By assisting Ethan-sama in making magical tools and being able to create new magic, I also received regular rewards from the Mage Guild. 

I have secured a fortune that surpasses the Count families around here. 

I thought I had become a man worthy of Miss, regardless of  my status. But. . .

When I graduated from school and returned to the Duke Marcus household, Miss had taken a completely unexpected path. 

Surprisingly, she significantly increased the agricultural production in her territory and was called the goddess of abundant harvests by her subjects. 

[In my territory, I made it possible for tenant farmers to move. That way, they can work in better landlord’s lands and compete with each other fostering a spirit of competition and improvement.]

Not only in this country, but in any land, the power of landlords is second only to the lord. 

It is unthinkable for tenant farmers to choose the land they work on. 

However, Duke Marcus’s territory is an exception, where tenant farmers can choose their own landlords. 

[Anyone would prefer to work under a superior who strives to reform farmland and increase production. They would want to work under someone they feel motivated to give their best for, right?]

Ojou-sama was speaking as if she had experienced the laboring class somewhere.

Since Ethan-sama is generally not good at socializing, he entrusted more than half of his territory’s affairs to Miss, so he apparently easily approved of this policy. 

In addition, Miss had contact with both the subjects and landlords, frequently engaging with them. 

Ethan-sama is the lord and master, but Miss has significantly changed the awareness of the villagers by personally walking through the territory and showing empathy. Miss may give off a high-class impression at first, but once you talk to her, she surprisingly becomes friendly and doesn’t have much of a sense of superiority.

Her slightly absent-minded and carefree nature creates a contrast with her appearance, completely changing the impression.

[How wonderful it would be if Viara-sama became the queen of this country.]

I desperately held back the urge to go crazy every time the villagers mentioned this. For me, it was a relief to see her faintly saddened by those words.

As the cunning and sly person I am, I continued to whisper in a gentle voice, “I will take care of it, so don’t worry.”

My mentor, Grat-sama, neither affirmed nor denied my hidden feelings. He simply advised me, “To obtain something truly important, seize the opportune moment.”

And then, I was able to obtain Miss at the perfect timing. . .

In this recent escape abroad, Miss probably thinks that I got involved for my own benefit. But that’s not true.

After all, I had decided long ago that I would steal and run away with her rather than let a prince like that take her away from me.

The timing and circumstances may have changed, but the outcome remains the same.

I clearly remember when Vi-sama threw herself into my arms with a beaming smile after the breaking off of the engagement ceremony at the church. Her slender body fit snugly into my arms without any discomfort, as if she had become mine.”

When I held her, I thought that I would never let go.

After that, I calculated everything in an instant. How could I safely make her mine?

When we returned to the mansion, I immediately set the young men in motion. I ensured that even if I were absent from Duke Marcus mansion, things would continue smoothly.

Cute Vi-sama is completely unaware, but the task entrusted to me by Ethan-sama was to escort her to the port.

In the note I showed her in the carriage, it said, “Take care of my sister!” with the words “to the port” written in my mind.

Originally, it was supposed to bald head Galius, accompanying her on the journey.

Knowing Ethan-sama, he probably wanted to avoid any men taking advantage of his heartbroken sister during her escape from the country.

Galius is a devoted husband, so there was no need to worry about that. He was also skilled.

But I didn’t want to entrust Vi-sama to anyone other than myself, so I unilaterally released him from his duty and took over.

Using water magic, I erased the words [To the port] from the note.

When we talked through communication, Ethan-sama was astonished. I took it as a compliment when he said, “You’re really cunning. . .!”

As I climbed up the tower where the sea breeze blew fiercely, a pale blue moon floated in the sky.

If they were to imprison Vi-sama and Mother, this tower with no escape route facing the sea would be perfect.

Having put the guards to sleep, I secretly searched inside the tower for the figure of my beloved.

It didn’t take long for me to find Vi-sama, who had a troubled expression, in the top-floor guest room. 

“There you are. . .!”

Surely, she must be contemplating how to escape from here.

I only murmured, “I’ll take care of everything,” to her profile seen through the window, and left the place.

Ah, it should have been easier for us to escape to Nice.

There’s no point in lamenting about what has already happened.

I will do what needs to be done and safely take Viara-sama away from here.

It’ll be alright, everything will go smoothly.

In the pitch-black darkness, relying on faint lights, I ran along the fortress walls.

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