The Hero of Regression – The Talentless Boy Vows to Protect His Childhood Friend, the Female Hero, This Time Around – Chapter 44

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐥𝐞


With a battle cry, Dragburn initiates an attack on me.

The first attack is a full-power right straight punch, typical of Dragburn, coming directly from the front.

I counter it with my left-hand sword, Onryomaru.


In terms of durability, Onryomaru would melt if it continued to make contact with this azure flame’s immense heat for even a second.

However, Dragburn’s current attack speed rivals Ruberto-san’s Instant Slash, which is incredibly fast.

The contact time is just a mere moment.

That’s precisely why a block with Onryomaru is possible.

Dragburn’s fist, swung down from a diagonal due to the difference in physique, deviates off its course and fails to hit its mark, diverting downward.


Nevertheless, Dragburn fully understands from our previous battles that one blow won’t settle the fight.

Having swung its right fist through the air, Dragburn twists its body to deliver a left uppercut.

It’s a combination from a right straight to a left uppercut.

This time I block it with my right-hand sword, Kurotenmaru.

Instead of using Distortion, I use Flowing Blade.

While lightly hopping to the left and avoiding the trajectory of the punch, I divert the attack and use its force to spin in the air.

I then slam my momentum-filled left leg into Dragburn’s abdomen, following the form of a spinning back kick.


There’s no damage to Dragburn.

Of course.

Even if I slashed its eyeball with Kurotenmaru, it would just be a minor injury. There’s no way a kick would do damage.

However, my aim is not to damage, but to knock it back and distance it from Stella.

That’s why I used a kick rather than a slash.

The miscalculation was that even a light touch on the body resulted in a fairly bad burn on my leg.


As one would expect from a magic item, the leg armor can withstand that degree of contact.

However, my body, which should be protected by it, is too frail.

Honestly, even while maintaining distance, the heat emitted by Dragburn alone is quite unbearable.

If it gets inside the reach of my sword and maintains that state for even five seconds, I would either melt or burn out.

I should avoid doing things like that kick as much as possible.


“『Stamina Recovery』!”

As I was about to ignore my burn and charge, two types of Healing Magic came flying from Auntie Elle and Eltrait-san.

Instantly activated low-level healing and another low-level magic that restores lost stamina.

They probably chose low-level magic because, like other spells, Healing Magic needs to hit its target and they prioritized speed of activation.

It’s hard to hit a target that’s moving rapidly, and there’s a chance you might even hit the enemy.

Choosing low-level magic instantly—truly the wisdom of veteran wizards.

Nice assist.

I wish the rookie Saint would learn from this.

Either way, this has made things a lot easier.

With a lighter body, I charge at Dragburn.

“『Fist of Flame』!”

In response, Dragburn chooses to intercept with the same simple attack it’s shown many times before.

Seems like it’s all good for a counterattack.

Because it knows that even if it takes a counterattack, the damage won’t be significant, it seems intent on forcefully pushing through.

In reality, this is much more troublesome than being caught in some small trick.

It certainly understands its own strengths well.


Even so, if it’s an attack I’ve seen before, it stands to reason I can handle it.

I deflect Dragburn’s fist once again with Onryomaru using Distortion.

“『Burst Barrage』!”

Dragburn unleashed a flurry of punches like a storm.

He used the same move he’d used earlier, but now it was incomparable, executed in his Blue Flame Dragon form.

The sight was so intense that describing it as “storm-like” felt cliché.

This wasn’t just a storm-like assault.

The current Dragburn was a storm of blue flames incarnate.

He was like a sentient natural disaster.

But so what?

Do you think you can fight the Demon King’s Army without the resolve to face a natural disaster?

No matter how strong an enemy I’ve faced, I’ve always gripped a humble sword and cut through them all.

Compared to the battles I’ve been through, this situation is trivial.

Things are different now; I have comrades.

Behind me is a childhood friend who is more dependable than anyone else.

I no longer have to win on my own.

How happy and reassuring that is.

You, who enjoy fighting alone, probably won’t understand this until the day you die.

In the face of the disaster that Dragburn has become, I stand ready with two swords.

Adding just one more sword has significantly altered my way of fighting.

These dual-blade techniques are not meant for solo combat.

Because, that’s the truth.

Unless you’re a hero blessed with extraordinary strength or a Sword Saint, wielding a sword single-handedly would not only diminish the power exerted on the blade but also the strength needed to support it, especially for someone as untalented as me.

Even if I wanted to employ the Flowing Blade technique, I couldn’t apply force when striking, rendering me unable to inflict any substantial damage.

The might of the Dark Moon has become useless, I can’t sustain the Calamity Return, and I can’t muster the minimal power required for the Sky Rebellion.

I can only master Distortion and Slashing Sweep perfectly.

Because this style is newly forged, there are undoubtedly weaknesses caused by my own inexperience.

Nevertheless, even when factoring in those weaknesses, when fighting alone, handling a single sword with both hands is far more potent.

But, if I only use the two techniques I can fully utilize, Distortion and Slashing Sweep, this style becomes more efficient.

Especially for Distortion, having an extra sword increases my maximum capacity not by twice, but exponentially.

Even if one hand is incapacitated, the other hand can handle it.

I can use Distortion simultaneously or sequentially at two points.

This is an immense advantage, particularly for defense.

The two-sword style is not for offense.

Rather, it specializes solely in defense by giving up on attacks and counterattacks.

The ultimate evolution of absolute defense by leaving all attacks to my comrades.

And then,

“Second Strike Deformation━━.”

This move is the essence of my unbeatable defense.

The primary reason I still chose to use the incomplete two-sword style.

“『Distortion Thousand Hands』!”

The Distortion, now doubled, warps and deflects all of Dragburn’s attacks.

The synergistic effect of two Distortions.

It brings not an additive but a multiplicative effect.

Enough to nullify Dragburn’s all-out attacks, made with life on the line, without any counterattacks on my part.


This was unexpected for Dragburn, who let out a surprised shout.

A moment of impatience crossed his face.

However, he immediately shook it off and launched his next attack.

“How about this, then!”

Continuing his flurry of punches, Dragburn generated a flame in his mouth, readying to fire his breath.

But doing so would dilute his focus, making the trajectory of his punches simpler.

Reading the simpler trajectories, I deflected them with Onryomaru while closing the distance slightly and aimed Kurotenmaru into Dragburn’s mouth.

“Third Strike Deformation━『Slashing Sweep: Crush』!”

A modified version of Slashing Sweep, it interrupts the incantation and disperses the magic before it’s even launched.

With this, the breath of flame vanishes.

If you want to shoot, start from scratch.

Meanwhile, even as this exchange of attacks continues, Stella’s chanting rapidly progresses.

Even with my back turned to Stella, an overwhelming light spills out from behind, so dazzling it’s hard to ignore.

Seems like preparations for an ultra-powerful light magic are advancing smoothly.

If I can keep buying time, I win.

“Argh! That’s bad. . . . . .I didn’t want to, but no choice!”

Muttering such a line, Dragburn tries to change his movement.

Strength gathers in his legs, and his center of gravity shifts backward.

He intends to leap backward.

Is he planning to shake me off and directly aim for Stella?

It’s the right decision to attempt the best possible move without sticking to a frontal breakthrough, but don’t think I’ll let you do that.

The moment Dragburn’s foot leaves the ground, and his center of gravity completely shifts backward, I aim and slash at his left ankle with Kurotenmaru.

At the same time, I thrust Onryomaru into his left chest and push with all my might.


Dragburn stumbles as his left leg is slashed, and just as he tries to move backward, he’s pushed from the front, losing his balance entirely.

He manages to avoid falling by using his tail for support, but his attempt to leap backward ends in failure.

“I told you so. You won’t take another step from here.”

Don’t think you can ignore me.

There’s only one way for you to move forward.

“If you want to get to Stella, beat me first.”

Without raising my voice, but with focused fighting spirit, I declare to Dragburn.

Hearing this, Dragburn first widens his eyes, then bursts into laughter.

“HAHAHA! Right! Of course!”

As if possessed, Dragburn laughs uproariously.

“Seems like I was mistaken! Avoiding obstacles is not my style! I crush what stands in my way and move forward! That’s how I do things!”

With that, Dragburn takes his stance, his eyes fixed solely on me, devoid of any doubt.

“Let’s go, worthy opponent! I’ll crush you and defeat the hero!”

“Try if you can.”


Letting out a roar, Dragburn charges.

This time, not with fists, but with a shoulder tackle, plunging forward.

A movement that simultaneously handles both offense and advance.

In response, I leaped into the air, aiming for the moment when Dragburn tried to accelerate, and with both hands wielding my swords, I unleashed Distortion from above.

Upsetting the balance, Dragburn sinks to the ground.

However, in the next moment, he turned his face towards me and unleashed a breath attack without charging.

I dispersed it with Onryomaru’s Slashing Sweep.

Now, using the breath as a distraction, a full-force punch approaches from behind the flames.

I deflect it with Kurotenmaru’s Distortion.

From there, Dragburn’s furious onslaught began.


Right straight, left hook, right uppercut, left body blow, spinning tail sweep, breath attack, and a flame fang bite.

Roaring continuously, Dragburn doesn’t stop its relentless assault.

I parried every single one with my dual blades.

I deflected the right straight with Onryomaru.

I dodged the left hook with Kurotenmaru.

For the right uppercut, I barely stepped back, placing the tip of my blade under the fist and, at the perfect timing when its trajectory was most unstable, I flicked it upward using the back edge of my sword.

The left body blow was avoided by stepping back, using the momentum to move my body to the left, and diverting the punch from Dragburn to my right side at the optimal moment.

I preemptively jumped to dodge the spinning tail sweep.

I neutralized the breath attack with a slashing sweep from Onryomaru.

The flame fang bite targeted me while I was airborne. I thrusted Kurotenmaru at its snout, utilizing the force of its charging face with a flowing blade technique. I twisted my body to avoid its fangs, and then slammed both blades into Dragburn’s torso, using the recoil to land.

All of this happened within a single breath.

We engaged in this intense offense and defense multiple times, buying just a few seconds.

I was so focused that I felt like my nose would bleed.

I watched Dragburn so intently that my eyes felt like they would bleed, trying to predict its every move.

One mistake and it’s game over.

In this desperate struggle where every second felt unbearably long, my skills were being honed.

But at the same time, I was fully aware that my physical, mental, and spiritual strength was being rapidly depleted, and the limit named death was quickly approaching.

However, in this struggle at the brink of my limits. . . . . .I won.

“Allan! We did it!”

From behind, I heard Stella’s voice.

The moment my ears caught those words, I instinctively used a technique known as Rapid Current, not to counter the enemy’s attack but to propel myself away. This allowed me to deflect Dragburn’s attack and swiftly distance myself from him, creating a clear path for Stella’s shot.

As I moved away with momentum, I turned my gaze toward Stella, and there stood the female hero, wielding a Holy Sword that seemed to compress all the light emitted by the sun into a single blade of pure white aurora.

Even without the sword’s power directed at me, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming force, one that even transformed Dragburn into the formidable Blue Flame Dragon, emanating from it.

I was convinced that with that, victory was assured.

So much so that I had absolute faith in it.

But the one who felt this the most was none other than Dragburn, the target itself.

The moment it saw me withdraw, it acted on its animal instincts for survival and took evasive action with all its might.

However, Dragburn’s feet were suddenly stopped.

It was bound by countless chains of light coming from below.

“””『Sacred Chain』!”””

“W, What is this?!”

This was a binding spell released by Auntie Elle, Eltrait-san, and many other elves.

Looking closer, the elves who I thought had been wiped out were behind the melted walls, wands in hand.

Though they appeared injured, their numbers hadn’t diminished much.

Near them was Rin, who looked completely exhausted.

Apparently, while I was holding off Dragburn, Rin had been healing them, preparing this magic for this moment.

The carefully woven Sacred Chain did indeed stop Dragburn, if only for an instant.

And that instant was the fatal gap in Dragburn’s defense.

Faced with this, the Hero’s ultimate technique was unleashed.

“『True・Moonlight Blade』!”

Compacting all the stored power into a crescent-shaped blade, a one-hit kill slash.

It closed in on Dragburn, who had his evasion sealed.

Dragburn forcibly tore apart the Sacred Chain and crossed both arms in front of his body, trying to endure Stella’s full-power strike.


However, the crescent blade does not cease.

As it slashes through Dragburn’s arm, it continues forward, ever forward.

In pursuit of severing every part of that body, the blade of condemnation marches on.

Even so, Dragburn resists his impending doom.

Dragburn’s body shifts backward.

Deeming it impossible to catch the blade, he plans to deflect it upward.

But it’s not that simple.

What’s being unleashed now is a full-powered attack that the hero had prepared over a long time.

Dragburn’s arms are ripped off.

But he bites into the crescent blade with his fangs, literally stopping it, and forcibly withstands it through his tough scales and blue flame armor.

He endures, and endures, and endures.

And finally, Dragburn. . . . . .endures it all.


The crescent blade’s trajectory is distorted and flies upward.

Though Dragburn has lost both arms, his fangs are shattered, and his body bears large gashes, he has not suffered a fatal injury yet.

Stella’s, no, all of our full-powered attack has been deflected by this monster.

“It’s my victoryyyy!!!”

Dragburn lets out a roar close to a scream and starts generating a breath of flame inside his mouth.

If the current attack fails, we won’t have any decisive moves left.

I’m reaching my limit, and I probably can’t hold Dragburn back any longer.

The Elves are completely exhausted.

Stella too has most likely depleted almost all her magic power.

And Dragburn, with that wounded body, is convinced that he can defeat us all before his life burns out.

If we continue to fight like this, we will suffer damage to the extent that can only be described as our defeat before we can take down Dragburn.

But that’s only if the current attack fails.

“No, Dragburn. ━━ We are the winners.”


Stella utters those words, and Dragburn looks up in astonishment.

Above him is the deflected crescent blade.

And also me, who had positioned myself above Dragburn, anticipating this situation.

“I thought you might even repel Stella’s full-power attack.”

That’s why my action is the last resort.

Truly, the final trump card.

“Fifth Strike Deformation━━『Light Return』!”

The technique that returns an enemy’s long-range attack back at them, Fifth Strike 『Calamity Return』.

Its modified form, a deadly sword technique that distorts the trajectory of an ally’s attack and returns it, explodes.

I let go of Onryomaru, and gripping Kurotenmaru with both hands,

I catch the crescent blade and, along with a slash from Kurotenmaru, drive it into Dragburn’s neck.



I pour all my strength into Kurotenmaru, while Dragburn flexes the muscles in his neck and wraps himself in blue flame armor for the final clash.

A sound of something cracking is heard.

The sensation is transmitted through my hand gripping the blade.

This is Kurotenmaru’s scream.

Having been subjected to strenuous use in the battle, clashing with blue flames multiple times, and even controlling the hero’s full-power technique, even Kurotenmaru has reached its limit.

I’m sorry, Kurotenmaru, hang in there.

Just one more strike will do.

Let me rely on your strength that once continuously supported the great hero 『Sword Saint』 Shizuka.

As if sensing my will, Kurotenmaru slashed at Dragburn’s neck without breaking, even as cracks spread across its blade. . . . . .

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !”

Suddenly, Dragburn let out a laugh.

The sound made my heart leap, thinking it was a laugh of assured victory.

But, I was wrong.

This smile of Dragburn’s,


Was a voice of praise for those who had defeated him.

Dragburn’s head was severed and it flew through the air.

The body of the headless Dragburn slowly fell over.

There’s no sign of movement.

The overwhelming sense of intimidation I had felt up until now was gone.

He’s dead.

Until his last moment, with a ferocious smile exposing his fangs, the demon named Dragburn lost his life.

Having confirmed this, I raised the crack-riddled Kurotenmaru to the sky.

“””Uh, uooooooo!!!”””

The Elves erupted in victory, letting out screams filled with joy.

Auntie Elle and Eltrait-san let out sighs of relief, but remained vigilant for any new threats.

Rin completely let her guard down, plopping herself down on her butt.

And then, Stella,

“We did it!”


Ran over to my side and casually raised her left hand.

I raised my left hand as well, and we exchanged a strong high-five.

Despite the protection of my mithril gauntlets, my hand hurt—perhaps I overdid it again. But that pain in my hand conveyed to me the reality of our victory and the end of the fight.

“We won. . . . . .”

I muttered, savoring the moment.

And so, the deathmatch with Dragburn, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of 『Fire』 that occurred in the Elf Village, came to a close with our complete victory.

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