The Hero of Regression – The Talentless Boy Vows to Protect His Childhood Friend, the Female Hero, This Time Around – Chapter 39

𝐀 𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐧

𝐀 𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐧

Let’s go back a bit in time, to when Allan and Stella were conversing with a god.

One of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s Army, Dragburn, who wields the power of fire, had retreated from Elf Village, leaving the fight with the heroes for later enjoyment. He was now resting in a mountain far from the Elf Village.

That being said, any damage he had sustained was already healed due to his remarkable regenerative powers.

He was resting only because there was nothing to do until the residual effects of the Divine Tree Protection completely disappeared.

In other words, he was bored.

Then, four dragons approached him.

Each was a high-rank dragon, exuding immense power.

And they began to playfully nuzzle against Dragburn, much like pets cozying up to their owner.

“Ha ha ha! You adorable creatures!”

Dragburn started to pet and dote on these dragons.

The dragons also seemed happy, narrowing their eyes.

This was a perfect way to kill time.

Especially since Dragburn had been incredibly bored ever since he arrived in this world, he was grateful for the dragons’ company to ease his tedium.

By the way, all four of the dragons here are female.

It was his harem.

Most of the dragons who followed Dragburn into the previous battle and were slain were male.

This was not because Dragburn intentionally eliminated the males to create his harem. Rather, the females chose to wait for Dragburn’s return, while the males chose to accompany him.

He didn’t force any of them.

He didn’t even issue any orders.

He simply respected the dragons’ desire to lend him their strength.

To begin with, Dragburn wasn’t leading the dragons with any particular intent.

The trigger for this whole situation was that Dragburn had been sulking for years in the Demon King’s Castle because he was unhappy with the Demon King’s decisions.

When he woke up one day, he heard conversations among the demons within the castle.

Apparently, in recent years, demons stationed across various regions by the Demon King had been defeated one after another.

Among those defeated were powerful figures like Rova and Franke, whom Dragburn had recognized as strong.

Rova had been a veteran servant of many generations of Demon Kings, surviving for hundreds of years while amassing power and taking on heroes and legends.

Franke was Rova’s greatest creation, intended to be her successor.

While they may not have been on the level of the Four Heavenly Kings, they were far more powerful than average demons.

There was someone among the enemies strong enough to defeat them.

The moment Dragburn learned this, his patience, already stretched thin, reached its limit.

The demon race is a species that thrives in battle.

Thick clouds constantly obscure the sun, natural disasters rage, and there is no trace of any blessings from nature in their desolate homeland, the Demon Realm.

Not even a single blade of grass grows there.

There is nothing to eat.

According to someone’s story, the excessive interference of the gods of the Demon Realm led to its devastation, and in order to survive in this world, they had no choice but to fight.

They had to fight, win, and devour their defeated foes.

Dragburn believes that this is the true way of being a demon.

To fight in order to live.

To become strong in order to live.

If one seeks fulfillment in such a life, then it can only be found in battle.

Eventually, Dragburn started to find purpose in fighting formidable opponents.

Battles where he could fully utilize the power he had honed for survival became overwhelmingly joyful experiences.

To live like a blazing fire, to enjoy battles that flare up, and to ultimately burn out when dying

—that is the existence of Dragburn, the demon.

However, such a way of life was twisted by a certain demon.

That demon was terrifyingly strong.

Even challenging with all his might, Dragburn was not a match; even a suicidal attack had no effect.

Dragburn was utterly defeated. . . . . .yet he was not killed.

That demon spoke.

Become my subordinate.

I am the one who rules over demons, the Demon King.

In the Demon Realm, it is natural for the defeated to become sustenance for the victor.

Therefore, becoming a subordinate rather than fodder is also a form of natural law. Convinced by this, Dragburn submitted to the Demon King’s forces.

After that, the days were, well, reasonably enjoyable.

As a subordinate of the Demon King, he wielded his power, subjugating other demons and monsters by force, gradually expanding their influence.

During that time, Dragburn’s strength reached the top tier within the Demon Realm, second only to the Demon King. The only opponents who could stand on equal footing were the ones who would later become the Four Heavenly Kings. Even weaker individuals could become playmates if they banded together and came his way.

Eventually, the Demon King’s Army, which had enlisted renowned powerhouses if not all of the Demon Realm, slipped through the gate to the otherworld that opened once every hundred years and marched into this world as its next destination.

However, from here, Dragburn’s days of boredom begin.

It was still okay when he first passed through the gate and destroyed the nearby country.

Even though it was a ruthless rampage driven by overwhelming firepower, there were skilled individuals among the humans who became their enemies this time, and he could enjoy the battle to some extent.

However, after some time had passed since coming to this world and completely annihilating the first country and establishing their rule.

For some reason, the Demon King, including Dragburn and the other Four Heavenly Kings, prohibited themselves from engaging in combat.

From then on, the Demon King, despite having overwhelming power, embarked on a deviously convoluted strategy, gradually whittling down the humans who are their current enemies.

He even questioned why this was happening.

At that moment, the Demon King simply said,

『I want to obtain this world. I absolutely must obtain it. That’s why I’m choosing a more certain method.』

He doesn’t completely understand what the Demon King is saying.

If you ask him, it seems like all the Demon Kings who have invaded this world in the past have been defeated by a 『Hero』.

It’s not wrong to strategize against such formidable foes.

But that’s the way of the weak.

It doesn’t align with Dragburn’s philosophy.

Confronting powerful enemies head-on and giving everything in battle is Dragburn’s purpose in life.

Having that taken away was a pain worse than death.

However, Dragburn was defeated by the Demon King and became his sustenance.

He has no right to complain.

Fortunately, the Demon King allowed Dragburn to challenge any hero that appears.

However, the condition is that he must face them with all Four Heavenly Kings.

Sharing the joy of battle with someone is not something he cares for.

Still, it’s better than having no role at all.

The other Four Heavenly Kings are not as fond of fighting as Dragburn is.

If he takes the lead, he’ll naturally be the one to fight the hero.

Consoling himself with that thought, Dragburn went to bed sulking.

But even after 5 years, 10 years, no hero appears.

When will a hero appear?

When will he be able to fight?

Just when he was growing more discontent, he heard of a formidable being who could even defeat veteran demons.

The moment he felt the urge to fight, as if it was the final push he needed, his fighting instincts were inflamed to an unbearable extent, and Dragburn reached his limit.

Ignoring the Demon King’s orders, he alone flew out of the Demon King’s Castle.

The four high-ranking dragons that are here now followed Dragburn at that time.

They were a part of the defensive force of the Demon King’s Castle, but in truth, they are monsters that Dragburn had subdued in the Demon Realm.

Dragons are drawn to those of their kind who are overwhelmingly strong.

They chose to follow Dragburn over the Demon King.

Afterwards, seeking formidable opponents, they headed towards the Elf Village that other demons said was most troublesome, and happened to encounter a flock of dragons(wyverns) on the way.

When Dragburn knocked out the boss of the flock who foolishly challenged him, the whole flock became attached to him and started to follow him on their own.

And so, an army of dragons was formed by happenstance.

What awaited them at the Elf Village they visited was a group of wizards boasting excellent skills.

Dragburn was delighted at the encounter, although he wasn’t sure if there were beings who could fight him on equal footing; at least, they looked formidable.

Initially, he didn’t intend to let the dragons get involved, planning to enjoy the battle himself, but the Elf Village had something extremely annoying that interfered with the mortal combat.

That was the Divine Tree.

A bizarre giant tree that weakens those who belong to the demon race.

The story couldn’t be worse than this, coming all the way to fight at full strength, yet not being allowed to do so.

Enduring repeatedly until he could no longer bear it, and just when he found a formidable opponent and was pleased, here comes the unexpected Divine Tree.

Dragburn snapped.

His frustration reached its limit, and he decided to destroy the Divine Tree immediately.

He even borrowed the dragons’ powers without hesitation.

He didn’t want them to interfere in the battle, but if it’s about removing obstacles, that’s a different story.

The dragons who were assigned roles were happy to work for Dragburn.

Although all except the original four perished, there was enough achievement to match their sacrifice.

The detestable Divine Tree fell, and then. . . . . .

“Mu ha ha. . . . . .”

Dragburn, while recalling the appearance of formidable new foes, grins ferociously.

After all, the hero he had dreamed of had appeared.

Moreover, there were no nuisances like the other Four Heavenly Kings around.

A great, no, it was a tremendous feeling of joy that surged within his heart.

He thought from the depths of his heart that it was a good decision to come out of the Demon King’s Castle.

Whether they were still in the midst of growing or if there was some trick, the hero’s power didn’t seem to have reached the Demon King.

However, even so, Dragburn felt a level of strength that would make it a tough battle if they were to go all out.

Depending on the situation, he might be pushed to the point where he had to use his last trump card.

That’s fine.

That’s exactly what he wants.

A true battle only comes when both sides give it their all.

He probably has another two or three days until the remnants of the Divine Tree Protection completely vanish.

Thinking of the supreme moment that was fast approaching, Dragburn chuckled again.

“Ah, finally, finally found you. I’ve been searching for quite some time.”

However, someone appeared to dampen his good mood.

Dragburn’s face soured, and he shot a disdainful glance at the visitor as if he were looking at trash.

Standing there was a single bat.

The familiar of the most unpleasant colleague.

If he remembered correctly, this creature could share sensations with its master.

“Really, the fact that someone like me has to run errands for someone like you. Incompetent, incapable of following even simple orders. A barbaric lizard soaked in instinct from head to toe. It’s sad to think that someone like you is a colleague. Ah, how distasteful. It even lowers my own dignity.”


A vein popped on Dragburn’s forehead.

This annoying guy had shown up at a moment that could potentially ruin his fun, spouting infuriating lines.

Anyone would lose their temper, not just Dragburn.

He resolved to kill this thing when he got back.

Well, it will probably be stopped by the leader of the Four Heavenly Kings as usual.

Provoking knowing this makes it even worse.

(Sneaky and cunning, a disgrace to the Four Heavenly Kings. . . . . .)

Dragburn truly despised this creature.

“Now, let’s go back. A scolding from 『Wind』 awaits you. Look forward to it.”

“I refuse!”

“. . . . . .Haa. Are you sane? This is clear betrayal to the Demon King. I’d like you to stop wasting my effort any further.”

“I said I refuse! I’ve reached my limit! I won’t be satisfied unless I let off some steam!”

“. . . . . .I thought you were stupid, but I didn’t think you were this stupid. I hope you’re prepared. . . . . .”

“Shut up!”

With a breath of fire, he completely obliterated the familiar.

Although it was unlikely considering the distance from the Demon King’s Castle, if this creature were to pass on information, there was the worst-case scenario of being interrupted while fighting the heroes.

So it’s better to obliterate it before any slip-ups occur.

Besides, he was annoyed enough to want to do it; two birds with one stone.

“. . . . . .Ruined my mood. Time to sleep.”

Attempting to improve his sour mood caused by the unexpected visitor, Dragburn went into a sulk and slept.

By the time he woke up, he hoped to forget this unpleasant feeling and purely enjoy the battle with the heroes.

However, Dragburn, who was bad at thinking things through, had overlooked one thing.

There was no way that malicious creature would back down so easily.


“Ugh, that idiot is. . . . . .!”

In a room within the Demon King’s Castle, there was a figure clearly frustrated, having had his familiar blown away by a disliked colleague.

He looked like a man in his 20s, dressed in extravagant noble-like attire, appearing to be a human at first glance.

However, he was actually one of the elite in the Demon King’s Army, a member of the Four Heavenly Kings representing the element of Water.

“But to think that war-monger would be so obsessed. Judging from his position, he’s targeting the Elves, isn’t he? It would be a windfall if they took each other out, but that’s likely wishful thinking.”

Muttering this to himself, the man sent several other familiars toward the Elf Village to scout the surroundings.

“Hmm. The annoying Divine Tree has fallen. Though it was a unilateral action, it appears some results have been achieved. How vexing.”

The man gritted his teeth as he confirmed the battle results achieved by Dragburn.

Even though this made the Demon King’s Army more dominant over humankind, not a trace of joy could be seen on his face.

Then, an idea occurred to him.

A devilish form of harassment.

“If the lizard is aiming for a battle with the Elves, then perhaps I should give a little assistance.”

His mouth corners twisted into a malevolent grin.

What he called ‘assistance’ was merely a euphemism.

In reality, it was harassment designed to prevent Dragburn from enjoying the battle.

“The pieces to use. . . . . .how about those high-rank dragons? Even though the best I can do with my familiars is slightly manipulate their thoughts, simple monsters should suffice for manipulation.”

Furthermore, it would be killing two birds with one stone, for he would harm the pets that the guy somewhat cares for.

After all, this is generous support given to a disobedient traitor.

There’s no reason for him to be reprimanded.

“Now, let’s teach that brainless lizard the wonders of using one’s head.”

With that, the man’s hidden familiars approached the four dragons sleeping around Dragburn and injected something into their bodies.

The familiars were crushed the moment the dragons noticed them, but it was already too late; the seed had been planted.

The effect may not manifest immediately, but it will within a few days.

All within the palm of the man’s hand.

Thus, the decisive battle between the heroes and the Four Heavenly Kings in Elf Village was set into motion, instigated by an unwelcome visitor in a way neither party desired.

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