The Hero of Regression – The Talentless Boy Vows to Protect His Childhood Friend, the Female Hero, This Time Around – Chapter 17

𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐬𝐞 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧

𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐬𝐞 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧

The first to make a significant move since the battle began was the Dragon Zombie.

With its massive three mouths wide open, a vast amount of magical energy began to converge within them.

This is that thing.

The dragon’s trademark. . . . . .

“Is it using its breath attack!”


The moment I recognized it, I ran towards a location that would likely be a blind spot for the breath attack.

My target was behind the Dragon Zombie.

I dart through its legs and make my way to its back!

However, an army of zombies began to approach as if to obstruct me.

Moreover, quick zombies maneuver to block my escape path.

This must be the handiwork of the Old Hag Demon.

She doesn’t care if her own zombies get blown away by the breath attack.


I forced my way forward, trying to create a path.

Zombies blocking the way formed a wall to obstruct me.

I leapt over them with all my might.

Converting an attack aimed to knock me out of the sky into propulsion with Rapid Current, I successfully escaped to a blind spot for the breath attack.

Just after I made my way through, the Dragon Zombie’s breath was unleashed.

The breaths released simultaneously from its three heads mixed together, creating an incredibly powerful force that devastated the ground.

The ground I had just been standing on was deeply indented, forming a crater.

Such power. . . . . .

There’s no way to disperse this with a slash or distort its trajectory.

I could probably do it if I were more skilled, but for now, I can barely handle one breath attack.

If two or more heads attack at the same time, it’s impossible.

Avoiding is the only option.

However, it seems that even avoiding isn’t easy.

“Guh. . . . . .?!”

I felt a sharp pain in my leg and looked towards the source of the pain.

The fabric around my right calf was melting, and the skin and flesh beneath it were also melting.

This was damage from the aftershocks of the recent breath attack.

It was not just any breath; it had released a torrent of poisonous fluid like a toxic dragon.

Despite completely avoiding it, I suffered substantial damage from the mere splash of the poison.

Fortunately, the damage to my leg hasn’t reached the bone, so I can walk if I ignore the pain, but my mobility has definitely decreased.

I need time to recover.

“Open, open, the tiny fragment of the gate to the Demon Realm. Lead my pawns. ━━『Summon』!”

Ignoring my need for time, the Old Hag Demon used another spell.

A magic circle similar to when Dragon Zombie appeared formed, and new zombies emerged to replace those blown away by the breath.

Summoning magic.

A secret technique of demons that can manipulate space to a limited extent.


Fortunately, the number of newly summoned zombies is lower than expected.

Ten new zombies were summoned.

Ten zombies that didn’t engage me and weren’t caught in the breath attack.

A total of twenty zombies.

Not a small number, but not unmanageable either.

“Damn. This is the limit if I have to heal myself at the same time. And my stock is rapidly depleting. It’s Franke’s fault. Honestly, I told you to summon as needed. . . . . .”

The Old Hag Demon muttered as if sighing, wielding the staff that had been split in two with her remaining left hand and directing the zombies towards me.

The Dragon Zombie aimed its massive tail at me from behind.

The movement is slow, but its size and weight are on a different scale.

Before the tail attack could accelerate, I closed the distance and thrust Kurotenmaru into its scales with all my weight.

Even aiming for gaps in the scales with a full-force thrust only resulted in a scratch, but I was able to dig the blade into the dragon’s tail.

The Dragon Zombie didn’t pay any mind to me and continued to sweep its tail as commanded.

I clung to my firmly implanted sword, Kurotenmaru, for support and avoided a head-on collision with the swinging tail, minimizing the damage.

Once the tail reached the targeted position, I pulled out the blade and used the force of the swing to gain distance.

I felt sick, like riding in a carriage with terrible safety and comfort, but thanks to that, I managed to put significant distance between myself and the Dragon Zombie, even leaping over the zombie horde to land where I aimed.

I broke my fall using Rapid Current and sprinted toward my destination with my uninjured left leg still in motion.

That destination is. . . . . .the entrance to the Cave of the Dead.

The Dragon Zombie’s massive body can’t fit into the narrow cave.

It’s the perfect place to buy time for recovery.

“Huh?! So that’s your game!”

It seems that the Old Hag Demon noticed my intention and ordered the zombie horde to chase after me.

But there’s no zombie capable of catching up to me in my current accelerated state.

The Old Hag Demon seemed to understand that too, and the real threat was the Dragon Zombie’s breath attack unleashed once again.

It wasn’t a high-powered breath like before.

It must take a while to charge up, so this time it’s a rapid-fire breath of small poison orbs.

The poison orbs rain down, attempting to remove my escape routes and take control of the area.

But, I can defend against this!

“『Distortion Chain』!”

I warped some of the incoming poison orbs into each other, causing them to burst.

Large droplets rain down like a shower, but that’s not a problem.

I have something to use as a raincoat, if not an umbrella.


I thrust one hand into my Magic bag and pulled something out.

It’s a ragged, black kimono that has become a Magic item.

It’s the equipment that had continuously protected the Sword Saint Skeleton.

I’ve personally experienced its durability and annoyance.

It’s weak against blunt force but should be incredibly effective against this sort of attack.

Wearing a kimono as a shield, I managed to withstand the poisonous rain.

As expected, the kimono endured the likes of poisonous rain without any issues.

Truly fitting equipment for an ancient Sword Saint.

Even considering it’s a magic item, the quality of the material must be exceptional.

Despite its worn-out appearance over the years, it’s a testament to how well it retains its original form as a kimono.”

Thanks to that, I’ve reached the goal.

I ran all the way to the entrance of the Cave of the Dead.


I hear the loud click of the Old Hag Demon’s tongue as I take temporary refuge in the labyrinth.

Thanks to the two demons causing chaos, the labyrinth’s upper layer is empty of both monsters and adventurers.

I hide in a relatively obscure location after making a few turns in the passageways, as the zombie horde is still pursuing me.

Finally, I can use Healing Magic.

But my low-level Healing Magic alone can’t fully heal me.

I take a Recovery potion from my Magic bag and sprinkle it on the affected area.

It got me to a level where I could say I’m more or less healed.

I still have wounds, but as long as I ignore the pain, they won’t hinder my actions.

It’s a potent poison to have this much effect just from the droplets.

For now, to avoid any more hits, I unfurled the kimono and draped it over my shoulders like a cape.

It doesn’t fit well and looks pretty awkward, but it’s much better than nothing.

“Phew. . . . . .”

With this, we’ve somehow managed to reach a bare minimum level of preparedness.

Let’s think of a strategy now that we’re settled.

First off, defeating that Dragon Zombie is going to be incredibly tough.

The compatibility is horrendously bad.

Even if we use our most damaging move, Flowing Blade, against that massive body and robustness, it’ll barely scratch it.

Moreover, considering the Dragon Zombie’s basic attack method is a long-ranged breath attack, the chances of even using Flowing Blade are almost nil.

Distort and Slash Away might help protect against that breath, but they’re not complete defenses, and they’re not attack moves, so they won’t do damage.

The usual way to deal with enemies like this would be the Fifth Strike or the Sixth Strike, or maybe a stab to the eye area with Dark Moon, but that probably won’t work either.

The Fifth Strike and Sixth Strike aren’t available right now, and even if we could pierce its eye and destroy its brain with Dark Moon, the enemy is a zombie.

That won’t stop it.

Unless we inflict enough damage to cut it in half.

“. . . . . . This is hopeless.”

Conclusion, defeating the Dragon Zombie is impossible.

I hate my own powerlessness.

But, just because we can’t defeat the Dragon Zombie doesn’t mean we’re giving up on this fight.

If the Dragon Zombie is a no-go, then we should directly attack the Old Hag Demon controlling it.

There’s no doubt that she is the most critical weak point in this battle.

If the spellcaster dies, the zombie should perish too. . . . . . Whether that’s true or not, the situation should definitely improve.

Climb atop the massive body of the Dragon Zombie and cut down the Old Hag Demon fused to its head.

It won’t be easy, but it’s the only way.


Just as I’d made up my mind, I heard multiple footsteps approaching.

Have the zombie horde caught up?

Of course, they’re in the way too.

Let’s reduce their numbers a bit with a surprise attack.

Just as I’d decided that and lunged at the zombie horde from a blind spot, cutting a few of them in half and turning them to dust. . . . . .

“Found yaa!”

With that sickening voice, there was a tremendous rumbling as the cave ceiling collapsed.

I narrowly avoided damage by immediately retreating, and what I saw was one of the Dragon Zombie’s heads piercing through the ceiling.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

This thing broke into the labyrinth, even if it’s just a part of it!

Magical energy is gathering in the Dragon Zombie’s mouth.

The breath attack is coming!

And in this narrow passage with no way out!


While astonished by the unexpected ambush, I try to counter.

The battle forcibly enters its second round.

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