The Hero of Regression – The Talentless Boy Vows to Protect His Childhood Friend, the Female Hero, This Time Around – Chapter 102


“It’s over. . . . . .?”

Watching the Demon King shatter into pieces, Stella murmured in disbelief, as if to confirm what just happened.

The Demon King is dead.

The ultimate final enemy met his defeat with a somewhat satisfied look on his face as he passed away.

If it wasn’t my imagination, his dying expression seemed more peaceful than it was in the previous world.

『Yes. It’s over now. You’ve done truly well.』



Suddenly, a voice that didn’t belong to anyone present in the area filled the space, surprising everyone.

However, it was a voice I recognized.

As if to confirm that the voice’s owner was indeed the person I had expected, the Holy Sword held by Stella began to move on its own, floating in the air and emitting a dazzling light.

And then, the light gradually took shape, forming the figure of a familiar person.

White skin, white hair, white attire, and even the slightest tinge of color in the eyes.

A pure white girl, as if she were the embodiment of the concept of whiteness.

It was indeed. . . . . .

“God. . . . . .”

The supernatural being I once met in the Elf Village.

She claimed to be the god of this world.

“So you can make an entrance like that too.”

“It’s quite a stretch, but let’s get this over with quickly.

I will now overwrite the world.”

Then, God clasped her hands as if praying,

“Beloved world, listen to my voice. Witness their efforts. Praise their accomplishments.”

She began to chant in a singing tone.

It must be a magical incantation.

The means of world salvation that she spoke of in the Elf Village.

This was likely the method to overwrite the current world, which was on the brink of destruction due to the Demon King, with the previous world.

This magic was probably that method.

“The king of invaders has fallen. Many lives have been spared. Most of the world has escaped the clutches of demonic invasion.

Blessings upon the heroes who made this possible.

May their future be happy. May the world’s future be bright.”

In the palm of God’s hand, a particularly dazzling sphere of light appeared.

It floated above her head and then. . . . . .

“『Light of Salvation』.”

The light burst forth.

For a moment, our vision was engulfed by a dome of expanding light, and the next moment the world had changed.

There wasn’t a major visible change.

The only thing visually different was, at most, what appeared to be the remnants of the magic—particles of light dancing around.

Still, something fundamental, something deep within, felt definitively altered.

“The world’s overwrite is complete.

The damage caused by the Demon King has been minimized, and this world has once again received a hundred years of peace.”

God spoke as her form began to fade.

With a face full of loving kindness, filled with visible emotion, she spoke in a trembling voice.

“Allan, Stella, and all the heroes here, all the warriors who fought against the Demon King’s Army,

Thank you. Truly, truly thank you.”

Then, God deeply bowed her head.

“Thanks to you, the world has been saved.

I am proud of you all.

I am truly, deeply proud.”

“Uh, well, uh, thank you?”

“Why are you making it a question?”

After the fierce battle, Stella gave a remarkably absent-minded response to the god, who was bowing his head in all seriousness.

Stand tall and puff out your chest.

“Um, God.”


” How long will this fighting go on?”

However, Stella’s following words were serious.

. . . . . .She must have felt something in the battle with the Demon King.

To be honest, I have my own thoughts about it too.

In the previous world, my eyes were clouded with hatred, and I saw the Demon King only as an enemy to loathe and fight.

Now, having clashed with Fezard, hearing the sorrowful roar of the Demon King upon Fezard’s death, and most of all, knowing that Stella survived, I have room to think otherwise.

The Demon King and Fezard. . . . . .I believe they weren’t that bad.

At the very least, they deeply cared for each other.

They were enemies I had to kill, yet I didn’t want to.

Truly, they were enemies I wish were not enemies.

Perhaps that’s why.

Despite finally accomplishing our long-sought goal, it doesn’t feel completely satisfying.

Facing an ordinary Demon King is already tough enough, but in a scenario like this, bitterness is added to the mix.

Our generation may have settled it, but in the generations of our children and grandchildren, another Demon King will come attacking once again.

Just how long must humanity continue this battle?

It can be said that it’s only natural to be concerned.

“I cannot say for certain, but the number of times the demon race has invaded exceeds ten.

In other words, they have relentlessly attacked equal gods for over a thousand years.”

“And,” the god continues.

“Even a god can’t avoid wear and tear from such relentless attacks.

Probably, at most, one or two more invasions.

After enduring those, all that remains is to defeat the depleted god of the Demon Realm.”

“Just one or two more times. . . . . .”

In other words, a hundred or two hundred years from now.

Is that when the long battle between demons and humans will finally end?

If so, we must pass it on.

Like Ruberto-san did for our younger generation.

“When humanity wins, what will happen to the demons?”

“. . . . . .Unless another god takes control, a godless world will collapse.

No creature would survive being engulfed in the world’s destruction.”

“I see. . . . . .”

Stella’s face clouded.

. . . . . .It’s naive, but I understand.

The Demon King said he would create a world for demons as a tribute to Fezard.

They must have been fighting for that reason all along.

It’s sad that it wasn’t rewarded at all.

Of course, if it were, it would be a problematic goal, and I don’t regret crushing it in the slightest.

That’s the nature of battle.

When parties with irreconcilable objectives clash head-on, one must trample over the other’s goals.

Stella surely understands this.

That’s why she says nothing more.

Still, understanding it logically is different from how one feels.

It’s not like you can’t have complex feelings about it.

It’s just that simple.

But watching Stella, God said something unbelievable.

“. . . . . .If, just if.

When the god of the Demon Realm is defeated and this world has some breathing room, and there are demons who don’t wish to continue the ideology of the current Demon King in the Demon Realm. . . . . .

Then maybe, just maybe, spare them.”


Stella and I both let out shocked exclamations.

God, who had previously shown such hatred towards demons, started saying strange things.

All while making a face like they’d bitten into a billion bitter bugs.

“When the god of the Demon Realm dies, the demons will lose their divine protection and will weaken to the level of slightly stronger monsters.

If you wish, I’ll permit a very small number of weakened ones to live quietly in the unexplored regions of this world.”

“That is. . . . . .thank you.”

“It’s a very special exception, solely because you, the saviors, wish for it.

Otherwise, who would care for such creatures. . . . . .!”

God spoke compassionately, their face far from divine, as if they were about to spit out an expletive.

“Of course, if they don’t meet the conditions of not wanting to fight, they’ll be left to die.

This applies to anyone who wants revenge for their killed comrades, like the current Demon King.”

“We understand. That’s more than enough.”

Stella bowed her head again, saying, “Thank you.”

Surely, nothing more can be hoped for or should be hoped for.

The fight against the Demon King, who sought to avenge Fezard, was inevitable.

In the previous world, I who sought to avenge Stella, would also never have stopped.

So, the bitterness that arises must be a trial we have to overcome.

Just avoiding further calamities through God’s mercy is an unexpected fortune.

There’s no other way to think about it.

“It’s about time.”

God’s form had already started to fade significantly.

They were on the verge of disappearing.

“Lastly, allow me to give you a blessing.

Not for saving the world, but for the future where both of you safely live together.”

“Li, Live together. . . . . .?!”

“Allan, Stella. Congratulations. May you find everlasting happiness.”

With those last words, God disappeared.

The Holy Sword that served as the core lost its light and plummeted to the ground, losing its buoyancy.

And then, a moment of silence followed.



Was she conscious of God’s recent remarks? Stella reacted excessively just by hearing her name.

Normally, I would’ve turned red, but I was different now.

After all, I’d already resolved to defeat the Demon King.

I won’t let anyone call me a wimp, not even in the hidden depths of rest.

“You said it before the final battle, didn’t you?

Once the Demon King is defeated, it’s my turn to ask for your answer.

So now, I’m fulfilling that promise.”


I put my moving left hand on Stella’s cheek and — just like Stella forcefully did before — I took her lips.

My first kiss initiated by me.

And as our lips part, I say it.

I say the words I’ve always wanted to say.

“I love you, Stella. I love the you who has always stayed by my side.

I feel at ease when I’m with you. I feel unbearable anxiety when you’re not there.”

“Whoa, wait. . . . . .?!”

“I love how we can casually rile each other up.

I love how you’re reliable and we can support each other.

I love how strong you are, how you didn’t run away even when you had the option, how you didn’t abandon your duties as a hero.”


“I love how you sometimes show your vulnerable side.

Even without divine protection, I want to chase after you; I want to be by your side forever.”

“S, Stop it, please. . . . . .!”

With each word I say, Stella’s face turns redder and steam seems to burst out from her head.

Finally, the most important thing.

“I want you by my side forever.

I want to live in the same moment as you.

So, Stella. . . . . .will you marry me?”

“W, what…?!”

Stella lets out a burst of steam as if she’s reached her limit, almost malfunctioning for a moment.

But she reboots just in time to give her answer.

“I, I may be unworthy, but I look forward to what comes next!!!”

“Ah, yes! I’m counting on you too!”

I embrace Stella with all my heart.

Without hesitation, I proudly assert that this is mine.

I was unbelievably happy, no exaggeration.

However, that feeling of happiness was blown away by Stella’s next words.

“Ah, you know! I was happy, but, well, I was happy, but!

There’s really nothing to do in front of everyone, right?!!”

“. . . . . .Everyone?”

Suddenly coming to my senses, I look around, moving my neck slowly like a rusty doll.

My back is soaked with an uncomfortable sweat, and my face turns pale.

I was hoping that my bad premonition would turn out to be wrong, but reality is harsh.

“Whoo-whoo! Showing off, aren’t we!”

“Congratulations Stella-san! Finally! You’ve done it!”

“Man, I can’t wait to see your children!”

“I’ll be visiting you guys regularly to dig deep into your newlywed life! Be prepared!”

“Congratulations, Hero-sama, Allan-kun. Such moments are indeed joyous in any era.”

“Hmph! May your happiness explode for a lifetime!”

“I don’t know you guys well, but congratulations! So, congratulations!”

Looking around, Blade, Rin, Auntie Elle, and everyone in Hero’s Party was there.

Imina-san, Eltrait-san, Doug-san, and everyone from Team Garm were staring at us with wide eyes.

And they all started throwing congratulatory words at us.

“You guys were awake?!”

I thought everyone was knocked out from the fatigue of the battle against the Demon King.. . . . . .

So what’s the deal?

They were all holding their breaths and watching my super embarrassing confession?!


A wave of embarrassment washes over me.

Anger also surges within me.

Anger towards these guys who are grinning from ear to ear!

“Hey! This isn’t a show!”

How dare they tarnish this new chapter in my life!

Unforgivable! I’ll beat them all up!

Even though I thought that, my body hurts too much to move!

Damn it!

Even in an atmosphere that could hardly be called romantic, I finally fulfilled another long-standing wish and became united with Stella.

It’s truly regrettable that at the very end, a dark chapter in my history was created that would tease me for a long time to come.

Still, the fact that I was able to engage in foolish banter with my comrades after defeating the Demon King was perhaps the greatest stroke of luck.

When I looked back on this time later, I chuckled to myself and thought just that.

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