The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 98

Chapter 98: The Current State of Duke McGallen’s Household (Part 2) ― Extra edition

After finishing fishing, the Duke family and their entourage climbed the mountains of Pabst village in their carriage.

The sun was already starting to set. They leaned their fishing rods against the entrance and Klaus went to fetch water from the well, while Sophia and Leah stood in the kitchen together.

“We have matches, so it’ll be easy to start a fire. Okay? With these wood shavings…”

As Leah listened to her mother’s instructions on how to use the kitchen, she gazed out the window at the elegant white hotels.

(I wish we could stay there.)

Leah started a fire in the stove. The evening glow added another source of light to the room.

She clumsily filleted the fish. Leah skillfully removed the flesh from the bones with a knife.

She sautéed it. The fragrant smell of the fish filled the room.

Mother and daughter stared intently at the cooking fish.

“It’s my first time cooking.”

“Yes, I don’t think any Duke’s daughter has ever filleted and cooked fish by herself.”

“Is that so?”

“Leah, you’re amazing.”

Leah had been captivated by the white hotels just moments ago, but when her mother said that, her attention returned to this small villa.

She wondered why her parents had built such a small villa in such a remote place.

“Hey, Okaa-sama, why did you build this villa in such a place?”

As Sophia wiped and arranged the washed dishes, she answered her daughter.

“This place is a place where anything is possible.”


“Yes. It’s a place filled with the potential for happiness.”

Indeed, it seemed like anything was possible here. Because there was nothing.

Leah had lived surrounded by many things and people. She had thought without a doubt that it was happiness.

Emptiness was unhappiness. That’s what she believed. That’s why the Duke family had so many things.

But now, her mother suddenly declared that emptiness was happiness. Leah couldn’t keep up with her mother’s sudden change in values.

“Is that so… I don’t understand.”

At that moment, her father  finally returned.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, both of you. Diana gave me something nice.”

Prompted by Sofia, Leah went to greet her father  at the entrance. Klaus handed Leah a small can.

“You should open it and see.”

When she opened the can, it contained salt-pickled edible flowers in various colors.

“What is this… it’s beautiful.”

“It’s salt-pickled edible flowers. They have a herbal flavor, so they can be used as a seasoning for the sautéed fish.”

Leah smelled it. A gentle scent, reminiscent of fennel, spread.

Klaus placed a sack in the kitchen where Sofia was.

“Also, this is onions and wine vinegar.”

“Oh, with onions and vinegar, we can make another dish. Shall we make vinegar soup?”

“That sounds good too.”

While her parents were excited, Leah closed the lid of the can.

Certainly, the flowers were beautiful, but the meal itself was quite simple.

(Otou-sama and Okaa-sama came here to play at being farmers.)

Leah thought that and felt a bit disheartened that even at this age, she was still being dragged along by her parents’ games.

They served the fish and sprinkled the salt-pickled flowers.

A soup made with fresh whole onions, giving off a sweet and tangy aroma, was also served.

In front of Leah was a peasant’s meal, far from the extravagant meals of the Duke household.

Leah took her seat and gazed at it with a somewhat dissatisfied expression.

After finishing the prayer before the meal, they each began to eat.

Suddenly, Leah looked up and became absorbed in watching her parents.

The two of them, without the presence of servants, were unusually open in their conversation.

“It’s been a while, having such a simple meal. Let’s go visit Diana-san tomorrow to pay our respects.”

“I heard Diana just gave birth to her fifth child (lol). There’s still a newborn who can’t even hold their head up yet. We can go, but let’s not overstay our welcome or burden her.”

“Oh, really?… She didn’t mention that in her letter.”

“She probably didn’t want to worry us. It’s her typical thoughtfulness.”

Leah suddenly felt a wave of loneliness.

Leah was already twelve years old. In four more years, she would have to leave this family.

In front of her was her elderly father. They wouldn’t be able to stay together for much longer.

(I see… they came here to create memories.)

Surely, they intended to give their daughter a taste of nature under the guise of a lady’s education, just before she became an adult.

“By the way, Sofia. What are you planning to do tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, well, I’m going to teach Leah how to shoot a hunting rifle.”

Leah couldn’t believe her ears.

“Hu-Hunting rifle?!”

“It’s okay, Leah. I’ll patiently teach you until you can shoot.”

“N-No, that’s not it…! Why do I need to learn how to shoot a hunting rifle?”

“Oh, but it was a war-torn world until recently, you know? If you learn it now, it can be useful for self-defense, and you can also catch prey. It’s killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it?”


Leah turned pale.

“Well, a hunting rifle, huh? We don’t have one at home…”

“I promised to borrow it from Daniel-san.”

“Has Daniel been living in that hotel since then?”

“No, he leaves the management to the owner and only comes for summer retreats.”

Leah glanced at the white hotel outside the window.

“Who is this Daniel-san?”

“I’ll introduce him tomorrow. He is the owner of Belz Trading Company, an art dealer, and he also manages that hotel.”

“Oh, I see. What kind of person is he?”

“He’s a very fun person. I think he’s five years older than me…”

As the owner of an art trading company, Daniel must be a shrewd and dignified gentleman. Leah imagined him to be a talkative, well-rounded man, just like many other wealthy people.

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