The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Uninvited Guest

Buildings are being constructed one after another on the outskirts.

Walnut-colored cabins, moss green houses, a white adobe hotel, and a brick mansion―

Meanwhile, in front of Diana’s house, people are digging up the rocky land with a massive workforce.

They are creating a new field.

The land was sold at twice the usual price. With that money, they were able to hire this many workers.

Diana looked out at the bustling outskirts from the second-floor window.

The wind blowing into the house had become completely cold.

Due to this cold, the nobles who used to say they wanted to stay in their previous residence, a mountain cabin, were gradually disappearing.

But everyone who used that cabin expressed their gratitude to Diana.

It seems the key lies in that single bed and agricultural work.

It seems that the more possessions one has, the duller their senses become, and it breaks their relationships with the people around them.

Starting from scratch and building everything from nothing was a completely new experience for them.

Diana shifted her gaze to the small garden next to the mountain cabin. The edible flower garden still had flowers blooming.

There are flowers that bloom even in winter.

(I wonder what taste the next flower will have.)

Since winter had arrived, there were more stewed dishes being cooked, and the role of flowers had diminished.

Due to the limited ingredients in winter, the cooking classes were temporarily suspended.

They decided to do knitting together during winter.

The instructor was――

“You’re scooping up here and skipping a row. That’s why the cable pattern is getting off.”

In a low voice, Klaus said that and took the unfinished fisherman knit from the noblewoman.

The woman absentmindedly looked at the middle-aged gentleman with a flushed face.

“I’ll undo it back to the previous row. Just wait.”

Klaus smoothly unraveled the yarn, and all the women were captivated by his skillful fingers.

Next to him, the slightly plump Sofia was knitting a lap blanket with red yarn.

Diana went downstairs and pulled a chair next to Sofia.

“…Is it alright to ask Duke-sama for something like this?”

“Fufufu. It’s fine. He used to knit all the time during his navy days at sea.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“I heard it for the first time too. If he had such a wonderful skill, I wish he had told us earlier.”

It seems that all sailors are knitting experts.

“Everyone is idle. It’s better to have something like knitting than doing nothing.”

“That’s true. By the way, Sofia-sama, how are you feeling?”

“I’m doing great. Look.”

Sofia lifted the hem of her dress, revealing thick knitted socks.

“Oh my!”

“Klaus made them for me. He said I shouldn’t get cold.”

Sofia no longer called Klaus “Ojii-sama”.

Diana narrowed her eyes.

“…Can you feel the movements of the baby now?”

“Yes, occasionally it spins around.”

“Wow, amazing!”

And then…

The door of the cabin was knocked rapidly.


After speaking, Diana heads towards the entrance.

When she opens the door, there is──

“Oh, Village Chief Roberto. What brings you here today?”

Roberto looks around inside and then says,

“Well, I’m here to inspect the construction. After this class, I have something to discuss.”

He says with a slightly troubled expression.

“If you have something to discuss, you can do it now.”


Observing the exchange between the two, Klaus says.

“It’s already noon. Diana seems busy, so let’s end it here for today.”

He showed quick thinking. The students nodded at each other and left the house while being seen off by Roberto.

“Diana, I’ll come again next week.”

“Thank you, Klaus-sama.”

Duke McGallen and his wife had already returned to their completed villa.

“Oh… Village Chief.”

As if replacing them, Leon returned from the field.

“Is the Village Chief also attending the knitting class?”

“Oh, no… Hahaha.”

“Leon, the Village Chief has something to talk to us about.”


“Just wait a moment. I’ll bring the guest now…”

Roberto looked out beyond the entrance and quickly jumped to the carriage to inform someone of something.

“It’s a guest?”

Diana and Leon exchanged glances.

The person who got off the carriage was an old man wearing a robe.

Inviting him in, Roberto cautiously closed the front door.

“Um, who might you be…”

Roberto approached Diana and desperately grabbed her shoulders.

“…I have a request for you!”

Diana widened her eyes.

“A request?”

“Yes… the fate of this country is at stake!”

“That’s quite an exaggeration.”

“…This is no time for jokes.”

The old man in the robe stepped forward and removed his hood.

Diana froze.

The person standing there was someone she recognized.

King Hendrick IV of the Kingdom of Wendels.

In that moment, flames ignited in Diana’s mind.


Diana screamed. Sensing something was wrong, Leon pulled Diana away from Roberto.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nooooo!”

“Calm down, Diana.”

Leon held his distraught wife tightly and cautiously looked back at the old man.

“Hey, who exactly are you…”

The old man finally spoke with a heavy voice.

“I am King Hendrick IV.”

Leon understood everything. Instantly, his dull-colored eyes filled with deep hatred.

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