The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: I will end up liking it

On the way back from the hot springs. . .

Leon, who was holding the reins behind Diana, said quietly, 

“What are we going to do? Pretending to be my bride, it’s a lie.”

Diana held a basket full of groceries and chuckled with satisfaction. 

“Was it a bad idea?”

“Lies are not good. I have a nature that can’t lie.”

“But think about it. If you deny it, what kind of conversation will we have?”

“. . .Sigh.”

“If you say I’m not your bride, it will turn into a story that Leon brought a random woman.”


“And if they dig deeper and find out that I’m Heinz’s daughter, what will happen?”

“. . .!”

“So, it’s better to just admit it quickly, right?”

As they rode on the horse, Leon shook his head. 

“That’s what you say, but what if I can’t hide it when I leave my house and contact Ilsa-sama?”

“At that time, we’ll deal with it. We can say we broke up or that I left.”

“. . .You know.”

Diana quickly came up with something that sounded plausible, but her true feelings were different.

She was simply happy to be mistaken by the neighborhood ladies as “Leon’s bride.”

Leon’s strong arms were wrapped around Diana on both sides.

The girl felt so happy that she was almost squirming.

(I wish this moment could last forever.)

They arrived at Leon’s cabin in the early afternoon.

“Hey, Leon. Let’s have lunch.”

“You must be tired. Diana, you’re not completely healthy yet, so rest.”

“I’ll make it today.”

“I told you, ressst.”

Diana looked up at Leon.

“It’s my way of repaying you.”

Leon widened his dull-colored eyes.

“You risked your life to save me. I want to repay that.”

He suddenly smiled as if relieved.

“I already received a favor just by being able to work at the Heinz mansion.”

“Here we go again with the honorifics, Leon.”

“. . .Just rest.”

“I don’t want to. I’ll feed you until you’re full.”

“Fine, I’ll just start the fire.”

“Fufufu. Please.”

While Leon started the fire, Diana milked the cows in the barn.

She put a pot on the fire, sautéed flour in oil, added milk, and then put in potatoes and dried meat. She also toasted bread over the charcoal fire.

Creamy potato stew and bread with a crispy crust.

It was a luxurious lunch after a long time.

They sat facing each other at the table.

Diana could see Leon’s eyes quietly shining.

“Let’s eat.”

The rich milk clung to the fluffy potatoes, providing much more satisfaction than a simple soup.

The bread, a specialty of the village housewives, had a rustic taste of wheat.

Leon silently devoured his meal.

“. . .How is it?”

Finally, he came back to his senses at Diana’s question.

“Huh? Oh. . .It’s amazing, delicious.”

“. . .Honorifics.”

“I forgot to give my impression because it was so delicious.”


The meal quickly came to an end.

Leon took the dishes and headed towards the well. Diana followed him.

Diana watched him carefully wash the dishes in the bucket from behind. Leon muttered, 

“. . .You’re good at cooking.”

“Yes. I often watched the cook at Otoo-sama’s mansion using ingredients imported from foreign countries.”

“I see. So. . .”

Silence fell. Diana suddenly longed for Leon’s back and instinctively leaned closer.

Clang! The sound of a dropped plate.

“. . .Ah.”

Diana was taken aback.

After a moment of groaning, Leon turned around and gently said to her, 

“Please stop, suddenly.”

Diana felt dejected.

“. . .I’m sorry.”

Leon wiped the dishes and returned them to the dry bucket, then turned around and sighed mixed with a sigh. 

“I’ll tell you this now, Diana-sama. Men are very simple.”

Her eyes went beyond surprise and turned blank.

“Don’t touch me too much. I might fall in love.”

Diana’s eyes didn’t just go blank, they turned completely white.

“. . .Huh?!. . .Huh?”

“I told you, stop it because I might fall in love. Okay?”

Leon carried the bucket and silently returned to the cabin.

Diana watched him and blushed.

“. . .I-Is that so?. . .You might fall in love?”

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