The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Love at first sight of a noble young man

Keaton brought several types of bricks in front of Leon.

“As a gardener, which one do you think is good?”

Leon picked up the lightest brick, which felt like a pebble.

“This one is good.”

“Hmm, it doesn’t look very appealing.”

“The well-built bricks are suitable for the already paved areas. But I want to use this one specifically for planting roses.”

“I see. So you’re planning to use it as a patch?”

“Yes. It won’t have a unified look, but everyone will only see the roses anyway.”

“Ahahaha, indeed.”

Diana felt like she finally got a close look at Leon, the gardener of the Heinz mansion, who was standing next to her.

Daniel was engaged in a heated discussion with another contractor about the shape of iron arches and trellises.

Until the work was finished, Diana had nothing to do. She discreetly tucked away some candied lemons in her belongings and decided to take a stroll around the garden.

Since a wrought-iron bench had already been delivered, she walked towards it to sit down.

Suddenly, there was a rustling in the bushes.

Surprised, she stopped in her tracks and became even more astonished when she saw who emerged from there.

It was Laura.

Laura was also surprised, and the two of them exchanged glances.

Although there was a slight awkwardness from their recent encounter, surprisingly, it was Laura who broke the ice with a smile.

“The rose syrup was delicious. I enjoyed it very much.”

Diana nodded.

“This place will become a rose garden, so when it’s completed, Diana-san can have unlimited access to the rose syrup.”

Diana laughed. Then she lightly tapped the bench next to her, urging Laura to sit.

As Laura sat down, Diana used a stick to write on the ground.

〝How are you feeling?〟

Seeing that, Laura smiled awkwardly and nodded.

“When you first came to this village, I was quite unwell, but now I’ve recovered significantly. I haven’t mentioned this yet. . .but yes, it’s been since I drank your syrup.”

Diana stared at Laura in surprise at this unexpected revelation.

“I’ve never enjoyed any meal before. But that rose syrup was exceptional. It had a taste I’ve never experienced before. . .it was shocking. At the same time, it’s strange to say, but. . .my surroundings seemed to turn a bit rosy.”

Laura was talkative today. There was passion in her tone.

“It was the first time that food had such a profound effect on my mood. Sugar is a precious commodity, but the scent of roses became truly dear to me. I didn’t tell you this, but I’ve always loved roses. Flowers may be silent, but they are incredibly beautiful and noble. It may sound presumptuous, but I can’t help but be drawn to them, as if I see myself reflected in them. Being able to consume that essence was indescribably blissful. I’m truly grateful to you. . .to the point where I regret yelling at you last week.”

Diana’s eyes welled up with tears, and she nodded repeatedly.

It’s not uncommon for a favorite food to improve one’s health. For Laura, it was roses.

“You have so many wonderful ideas. I heard you used to sell wisteria syrup. It’s really cool how you challenged Leon, who was secluded in the mountains, with flowers. Leon is truly lucky to have a strong girl like you as his bride.”

Being praised like that made Diana feel ticklish.

Diana wrote on the ground again.

〝What brings you here today?〟

Laura nodded.

“My father and his craftsmen asked me to make lunch for them.”

〝How are you feeling?〟

“I haven’t mentioned this either, but I can function normally until lunchtime. But for some reason, as the sun starts to set, my body feels drained and I can’t move anymore. It’s been like this since my ear troubles. So, if it’s just providing lunch, I can manage.”

〝What are you planning to make?〟

“I think pasta would be good. I brought some dried noodles.”

〝Shall I help too?〟

“That would be helpful.”

Just then, Daniel arrived.

“Diana, so you were here. I need to borrow your wisdom for a moment. . .”

Diana hurriedly stood up, and Laura followed suit.

In that moment. . .

In the roseless rose garden, a sudden burst of vibrant light overflowed.

Diana was reminded of her own backyard from the past, the day when Leon arrived. She felt a similar shift in the air, a dazzling change. 

She made up her mind to talk to this person, no matter what. The day she decided that in her heart.

Just like Diana at that time, Daniel’s eyes are captivated by the beauty of Laura. 

He gazes at her pure white skin, her glossy black hair adorned with a hairpin, and her lips that are tinged with a shade of red.

“Um, what kind of consultation is it. . .?”

Diana timidly asks, but Daniel seems to be completely absorbed in Laura, as if he hasn’t heard anything. 

――I have a bad feeling about this.


“Yes. . .”

“What is her name?”

Laura, who can’t grasp the situation, looks at him and Diana with a perplexed gaze. Diana reluctantly answers.

“. . .Her name is Laura-san. She is Keaton-san’s daughter.”

As soon as he hears that, Daniel suddenly grabs Laura’s hand and kneels down on the ground.

Laura stands there, frightened and bewildered, not knowing what to do.

“Laura. . .I was born to meet you.”

Diana’s eyes widen as she hears this beside them.

“. . .Please become my wife, Laura.”

“Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh!”

Diana is shocked, but Laura doesn’t seem to hear anything.

In a corner of the garden, a strange mix of excitement and silence passes by. Laura looks down at the unfamiliar man with a puzzled expression.

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