The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Fine art dealer Daniel

The next day, at the mountain cabin. . .

“3. . .300 pieces?!”

Diana and Leon couldn’t believe their ears.

Inside the cabin, along with Gustav, was Daniel from Belz Trading Company.

“That’s right. Those flower candies. 10 pieces per person, for 30 people. Can you do it?”

“We can. However, it will take some time.”

“I want them delivered to the hot spring inn in Lipps village in a week.”

“Understood. But please promise to consume them promptly as the flowers will gradually fade and deteriorate once trapped in the candies.”

“I see. When handing them over, make sure to convey that to the recipients.”

“By the way. . .What are these candies for?”

In response to Diana’s question, the men chuckled slightly.

“What can you do if the creator didn’t anticipate it?”

“Oh no, it’s not always as we expected.”

Daniel brushed back his bangs and smiled.

“It’s a souvenir.”

“Is it for after the party, then? Is there some kind of celebration?”

“No, there won’t be any such events. Diana, it seems you fled from the urban area of Latgip to this countryside.”


“Merchants and nobles like us have also fled to the surrounding villages.”

“I see. So, it’s like an evacuation?”

“That’s right. In short, they have too much free time on their hands.”

Diana nodded deeply.

“There’s no entertainment here like in the city, after all.”

“In that case, everyone asks me if there’s 〝something beautiful.〟 As someone who has mostly focused on painting, I was at a loss for ideas. In the countryside, the enjoyment is mostly centered around scenery and food.”

“Ah, I see. . .”

“So, this is a novel souvenir or conversation starter.”

Leon, who had been silent until then, spoke up.

“Besides scenery and food, there are other enjoyments in the village.”

Daniel turned his gaze towards Leon.

“Oh? Like what?”

“Flowers and hunting.”

Diana looked up at Leon. Hunting was something she had never heard of before.

“I see. . .Hunting, huh. . .”

“During summer, there aren’t many animals, but from winter to spring, well-fed boars and rabbits appear in those hills over there.”

“Do we have hunting rifles?”

“No, but we have boar traps.”

“If we had hunting rifles, we could organize such tours.”

“If you have fishing rods, going to the river on the south side of the village is also nice.”

“Hmm. . .It sounds quite idyllic. . .”

Diana thought there were still many things she didn’t know about this village.

“If you search, there might be more enjoyments. If there’s anything that interests you, please let me know. I’ll be of help.”

Diana nervously gazed at Leon, who seemed more enthusiastic than usual.

“Thank you. I appreciate it.”

“No problem. If you’d like, I can pick some flowers while we’re here.”

“Oh, let’s do that.”

The four of them left the cabin. Riding on the summer breeze, the scent of lilies and gardenias wafted over.

“. . .But when I heard that Diana rejected the marriage proposal with me and married a farmer, I was surprised.”

Upon hearing that story, it was Diana’s turn to be surprised.

“Oh. . .So, the marriage proposal was with Belz Trading Company?”

“Yes. It seems my mother had been talking to Heinz Trading Company about it for a while.”

Leon stood there looking somewhat lonely, and Gustav patted his shoulder as if comforting him.

“But when I came here today, I understood why you wanted to marry a farmer.”

Daniel let his black hair flutter in the wind and smiled literally with flowers on his back.

“Coming here makes me feel like I’ve come to retrieve something I’ve forgotten.”

“Oh. . .That’s poetic, Daniel-sama.”

Diana chuckled. Daniel plucked a lily while surrounded by its fragrance.

“It smells nice. It could be a way to relax amidst the chaos of war.”

“I can pick more if you’d like. Maybe even make a wreath?”

“Do you provide such services? Impressive.”

“. . .I’ll charge you for the wreath.”

“I almost fell for it. Let’s just stick to picking flowers for today.”

Diana was enveloped in the scent of lilies and her eyes sparkled.

“. . .Could it be, Daniel-sama, that you’re craving scents?”

“Well, now that you mention it. . .Enjoying fragrances might be nice.”

With the backdrop of the hills blooming with various flowers.

Diana and the others watched as the carriage carrying Daniel, holding a bouquet of lilies, departed.

Suddenly, Gustav muttered to himself.

“If the timing had been different, he would have become Diana’s husband.”

Leon looked down, and Diana quickly clung to his arm.

“Do you really think so?. . .I can only imagine Leon as my partner.”

Gustav also looked down for a moment.

“Since then, I’ve been a little concerned. . .”

“. . .About what?”

“Ilsa. After meeting Daniel, she’s been acting a bit strange.”

Diana shook her head.

“T-That’s. . .not true! Onee-sama is Gustav’s wife and the bride of Ishtar Trading Company! She wouldn’t entertain such improper and wicked thoughts!”

“But. . .she keeps asking me when Daniel will come.”

Diana’s hair stood on end.

“What?! The next time I deliver candies, we must have a proper conversation face-to-face!”

“Calm down, Diana. It’s not like Ilsa-sama and Daniel-sama are involved in any way.”

“The situation is more serious than Leon thinks! Onee-sama should be careful not to say or do anything that could cause misunderstandings.”

“. . .And Diana, please be careful not to make things worse. I won’t be able to recover if you do. . .”

Gustav quickly interjected, trying to diffuse the situation. Diana trembled with anger, and Leon awkwardly embraced her shoulder.

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