The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Unexpected Visitor

After getting out of the bath, Diana was made to change into a new dress and have her hair styled.

Ilsa was making a fuss somewhere, pretending to do it for her sister’s sake, and constantly brought lavish treats. As Diana watched, she remembered the luxury she used to indulge in.

Nothing was enjoyable.

Gustav’s letter had been sent two weeks ago. Judging by the date written on it, he seemed likely to return within this week.

Diana hadn’t seen Gustav since the wedding.

Even though she had been given such a lavish ceremony, her sister couldn’t be satisfied. Diana was surprised by her dissatisfied expression, thinking that she had everything she could want.

Diana suddenly looked up at the wall.

There was a flower wreath made by Leon.

Quietly leaving the banquet hall, Diana threw herself onto her bed in her room and cried.

A week later, Gustav returned to the inn in the village.

Ilsa, accompanied by Diana and a large group of servants, welcomed her husband at the entrance. 

Ilsa smiled as Gustav arrived, but as he passed by, her smile faded, and she immediately rushed to Diana.

“That’s enough for today. Come on, Diana, let’s go for a walk outside.”

Diana felt irritated.

“I don’t want to go out.”

“Oh, why not?”

Just as Ilsa asked her that, it happened.

Diana flinched, rubbing her eyes. Then, in astonishment, she rubbed her cheeks.

It was strange. Even though she wasn’t thinking about anything, tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

“. . .Diana?”

Ilsa peered in, and Diana shook her head.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

“. . .”

“Oh. . .well then, rest in your room today. I’ll bring tea and sweets in the evening.”

Ilsa believed that her sister’s mood would improve with tea and sweets. Two years ago, her sister might have indeed cheered up with them. Diana was frustrated by this misunderstanding.

She returned to her room and opened the window.

Diana suddenly looked down at the backyard from the second floor.

There was a figure there.

“. . .Leon?”

Diana squinted her eyes. Chestnut hair, a muscular back. The figure looked the same. She couldn’t believe it and her heart raced as she hurried down the stairs.

But when she reached the backyard and saw him, Diana couldn’t believe her eyes.

Noticing her footsteps, the man turned around.

“Hmm? You, Diana?”

“Ugh. . .George. . .”

He should resemble him. After all, he was Leon’s older brother.

Diana panicked and turned her back to George, running off. Just as she was about to enter through the front entrance of the inn. . .

“Oh, Diana. So you’ve decided to go for a walk after all?”

This time, Ilsa came out from there. George approached with a puzzled expression, and Ilsa happily approached, causing Diana to panic.

“I. . .I don’t want to. . .!”

“Diana, what are you doing all dressed up in a place like this, powder merchant?”

Ilsa protested with a puzzled expression from the other side.

“Hey, Mr. Wheat Miller. You have a terrible way of speaking. She is my sister, Diana. The heiress of Heinz Trading Company. Remember that well!”

George frowned slightly and looked down at the oddly dressed Diana.

“Heinz. . .Diana. . .”

He realized something and clicked his tongue.

“Oh, I see.”

Diana turned pale.

“This is quite a trick they played on me. What were they thinking, pulling off such a grand prank?”

Diana started trembling. Ilsa noticed something was wrong and comforted her sister.

“Oh, don’t cry, Diana. That Wheat Miller, he’s quite a surprising character, isn’t he? He has a scary face and a big attitude. He’s just a peculiar person. He’s one of the suppliers who wholesale flour to this inn.”

While inwardly surprised by this unexpected fact, Diana looked up at George with fear.

George was unusually smiling.

“I see. So, living in the mountains was indeed too much for a young lady like you.”

Diana looked down.

“Leon is so clueless. I thought it was strange that he would marry before any of his siblings, disregarding their positions.”

Diana covered her face with her hands and crouched down, bursting into tears.

“It’s only natural. Well then, goodbye, Diana. Take care over there.”

Ilsa crouched down beside her, patting her back. Diana pushed her hand away, stood up straight, and suddenly felt a strong aversion to everything, shouting out.

“I hate you all!”

Both George and Ilsa were taken aback.

“I hate everyone! Arrogant Ilsa, sarcastic George, and Leon who pushed me away. . .”

Diana looked up at the sky and screamed.

“I hate everyone!”

Tears overflowed and wouldn’t stop. Ilsa lost her color and became flustered, while George seemed lost in thought.

“Hmm? Leon pushed her away. . .?”

Ilsa turned to the stoic man next to her.

“That child has been sulking like that ever since leaving the mountain cabin. . .Mr. Wheat Miller, do you know anything?”

George didn’t answer.

The servants came out one by one and dragged the tearful Diana into the inn. As outsiders who were only renting a corner of the village, they couldn’t afford to show their troubles to the villagers.

Diana was confined to her room, and the door was closed with a troubled expression.

She collapsed onto the bed and continued screaming and crying until her voice went hoarse.

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