The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Eldest son George (a perpetually disgruntled man)

Three days later.

Leon and Diana were riding their beloved horse, Regina, down a gentle hill.

Their destination was the center of the village.

They were heading to the mansion of Leon’s eldest brother, George, for negotiations.

After passing through the hot springs area and walking for a while, they could see forests and meadows. The scattered houses gradually increased in number along the roadside.

While holding the reins of the horse, Leon spoke.

“Diana is not an ordinary woman to use a wedding as bait to secure assistance.”

“Oh, really? I just don’t want us to be at a disadvantage.”

“. . .Um. . .I don’t really want to say this now, but. . .”


“I want to avoid contact with my relatives as much as possible. I honestly don’t want to negotiate.”

“It’s okay! I’ll do it!”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Leon whispered in Diana’s ear, holding her in his arms.

“I don’t want to involve Diana in the affairs of this village.”

Diana stiffened and focused all her senses on Leon’s voice from behind.

“Sometimes I almost forget, but Diana is not a woman of such low status to be in a place like this. Eventually, she will become the high-ranking wife of a wealthy magnate, just like her older sister, Ilsa-sama.”

She sighed and said, 

“I. . .I don’t want that. I really don’t.”

“. . .”

“To be bound to a man I don’t even love for the rest of my life, I absolutely refuse.”

“. . .”

However, Diana hesitated to continue the conversation.

(Leon, I want to be with you forever because I love you.)

She suppressed those words that were about to escape her throat and kept them locked in her heart.

(I wish I could say that. . .)

She couldn’t say it because deep down, she knew.

Leon doesn’t feel the same way. 

Perhaps, if she were to confess her true feelings, everything would be over. Given Leon’s serious nature, he would distance himself and stop talking to her. Especially if he feels indebted to her father, Aurel. He can already see a future where he’s running around, claiming it’s for Diana’s happiness. 

But that’s precisely why.

“I can’t bear the thought of Leon living a sad life on the outskirts of this village.”

It’s not a parting gift, but she wants to make him happier than he is now.

“I know it’s selfish. But I want to remove even a little bit of sadness. You saved my life, so now it’s my turn to help you.”

“. . .Diana.”

When he called her name like that, she felt a slight warmth.

Diana felt dizzy with happiness but also a tinge of sadness.

(I wish Leon were more of a frivolous womanizer)

Diana trembled deep in her throat, where no one could see.

(If that were the case, maybe he would have made a move on me already. Even if it’s insincere, it might have been easier for me to give up on him.)

She thought it was ridiculous how she made up nonexistent scenarios and delighted or saddened herself.

(If it’s ridiculous, then I’ll dance in a ridiculous way. Just watch. . .George and the others)

As they entered the center of the village with their horses, the gazes pierced her painfully. Everyone was looking up at the unusual Diana.

George’s mansion was located in a vast wheat field further down the village.

It was a bigger mansion than she had expected. She could see scattered tenant farmers. It seemed like a large farm.

The wheat ears were transitioning from green to bronze. As the wind became visible, the wheat ears swayed in unison.

The horse walked through the central path of the wheat field, stepping crisply.

In front of the mansion, Fritz was already there.

They dismounted the horse and tied it to a stake.

“I’ve been waiting, worried.”

Saying that like a young girl, Fritz welcomed Diana and the others.

“I’ll go with you. Follow me.”

The three of them entered the mansion and followed Fritz to George’s room.

George was seated at the table, already prepared with wine for the number of people. 

Diana took a breath when she saw him.

His gray eyes seemed incredibly nervous, as if harboring an unfathomable anger. He resembled Leon in his physique, but had a certain roughness to his skin.

The high collar of his work clothes, tightly closed up to his neck, accentuated his nervousness.

“. . .H-Hello.”


Even Diana’s cheerful greeting felt empty in front of this man. She quietly sat on the chair. Leon and Fritz also took their seats.

“Hans and Thomas will also come.”

With his curt words and difficult expression, Diana recalled the memories of the merchants she had met before.

(This man has a deep anger at his core. Perhaps it’s related to losing his mother.)

Leon didn’t take his eyes off his older brother. Fritz remained looking troubled, keeping his head down.

After a while, the second son, Hans, and the third son, Thomas, arrived.

Surprisingly, Hans was a young man with a gentle demeanor and glasses. He was slender and didn’t resemble the other four men with their masculine appearances. When he spotted Diana, he blushed and nodded at her with his eyes. Diana couldn’t help but notice that he had a different vibe.

In the silence, with no sign of blessings, George glared at Diana and spoke.

“I heard from Fritz. What kind of audacity is it to demand supplies if you want to have a wedding?”

It was a sudden declaration of war.

Leon sent a gaze towards George that resembled a murderous intent.

Diana made up her mind.

“If you won’t provide the supplies, then I won’t proceed with the wedding. I’ll leave now.”

George, who seemed to have a poker face, twitched his forehead.

With an expressionless face, Diana calmly stared back at the eldest brother.

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