The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Mutual change

When Princess Chai holds her teacup with her slender fingers, she sips on her tea elegantly. Perhaps my earlier impression was just my misunderstanding.

She looked at me with a calm expression.

“At that time, Julian-sama’s and my parents, the kings and queens of our respective countries, wanted to arrange our marriage. Although I didn’t have a formal fiancé, he already had you as his intended partner.  Parents are so selfish, aren’t they?”

I was never informed about any cancellation of our engagement. It’s ridiculous that they would even put Princess Chai in a difficult position behind my back.

However, it’s obvious which marriage would be more beneficial when comparing the Quatra family to the Slophone princess, regardless of them being from the Duke family.

The engagement under the guise of studying abroad was a way to connect the interests of both countries. This surely means that Their Majesties the King and Queen were secretly pleased with my downfall.

Even though I did nothing wrong, it weighs heavily on me that they proposed to cancel the engagement. They must be rejoicing that they can skip the trouble of doing it themselves.

Perhaps they didn’t even think twice about me dying, just seeing it as an easy way to get rid of me.

I know it’s my own fault. But the negative emotions continue to dominate my heart. Do they know how much I suffered from the unbearable loneliness and fear at that time?

“Oh dear, it seems like it was quite a shock for you. However, you are the one who caused it, so blaming others won’t do any good.”

“…I understand. It’s all because of my childish jealousy. There’s no one else, including you, to blame.”

My body is burning, yet my core is surprisingly cold. Even though I know I have to stay calm, I am easily overwhelmed.

“To me, who knew such intentions, you seemed too miserable and pitiful. That’s why I wanted to save you and rewound time. The reason you have memories from before the reversal is because I made it so. I can’t interfere with the formation of someone else’s personality, so I thought that if you remembered your mistake, you wouldn’t repeat it.”

I closed my eyes once to calm down. The current me is living as Aliseteen properly. It’s different from the time when I was only valued as a Duke’s daughter, trapped by appearances and pride.

Even if I can’t become a perfect good child, I have decided never to unjustly hurt someone again.

“Thank you, Princess Chai. Thanks to you, I have the chance to walk through life as a new person.”

“It seems like you haven’t changed much from before.”

“No. I am different from who I was back then.”

When I looked straight at her, she returned a small click of her tongue.

“Princess Chai, you’ve changed quite a bit. Back then, you were truly lovely and kind, like a fairy of flowers.”

“Yeah, I think so myself. I’ve become a bad girl.”

Her lips curved into a smirk, and there was no trace of the fairy of flowers left in her.

“Are you ready, Aliseteen Quatra?”

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