The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Strong Allies

“Julian-sama, would you please guide me around the campus again today?”

“Julian-sama, I brought some valuable tea from my home country. Please enjoy it with me.”

“Julian-sama, could you teach me more about this country?”

Princess Chai’s advances towards him were quite impressive. With adorable, fairy-like gestures, she clung closely to Julian-sama.

It took less than half a day for her to change her address from “Your Highness Stratis” to “Julian-sama,” and her behavior was so polite and friendly that even though she behaved so unorthodoxly, most people viewed her favorably.

Even though no one knew if the lie about “touching someone’s body in Slophone being a sign of friendship regardless of gender” was true, everyone accepted it. Especially the male students and male teachers.

The position I had gained in this school over the course of more than two years was nothing special and could easily be taken away by her.

Instead of sympathy for the Duke Quatra’s daughter, I was being pierced by the gazes that said, “But if it’s Princess Chai as the other party…”

However, it seems that not everyone thinks the same way.

“His Highness Stratis has a formal fiancee, Aliseteen-sama, so Princess Slophone’s actions are too much!”

“That’s right! She’s using Aliseteen-sama’s generosity as an excuse to escalate the situation even more!”

“Aliseteen-sama, please tell us anything you need!”

Seeing the young ladies who are always by my side, led by Sanna, getting angry as if it were their own problem, even I was surprised.

“Why are you so angry about it?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Aliseteen-sama has always protected us.”

Expressed in that way, I started to reminisce about the past in my head. I had responded to the insults from the other young ladies and warned them not to lay a hand on my followers, but never could I have imagined… it was about that?

When did they stop having fearful expressions? Well, Sanna still drops her sandwich out of surprise every now and then.

“We will always stand by Aliseteen-sama, no matter what.”

As they nodded firmly, I looked up to conceal the rising emotions within me. If I hadn’t done so, I would have probably burst into tears with a pitiful look.

“…That’s very reassuring.”

With a casual voice, that was all. However, I heard their happy laughter and desperately tried to hold back my overflowing emotions.

Thanks to them, the small spark that was within me vanished without igniting. I never thought that feeling like I’m not alone could warm my chest so much.

I am not alone anymore. I promised once again, as I was moved by their smiles, that I would never again destroy myself with jealousy.

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