The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Growth

As expected, the Quatra name holds immense power. Without me doing anything in particular, the Aliseteen faction continues to spread. Sanna, the Count’s daughter who was always by my side in my previous life, is sticking to me closely again this time.

“Well… this is just how it is.”

I sit on a bench in the courtyard of the academy and casually observe my surroundings. In this school where proud individuals are crammed together, it would be strange if there were no conflicts. The stress of being confined within the school due to the boarding system, combined with scenes of high-ranking noble students bullying those of lower status, make me depressed.

I feel like I’m being blamed for something.

In these eight years, I have learned the skill of reflecting on myself and considering others’ feelings.

And it was ironically Julian-sama who taught me that. I visited his mansion countless times because Lili was there.

However, I have never met his family even once.

Since he was a child, he had lived alone with servants in a separate mansion of the royal family, as the only one of the four brothers.

In the past, I envied him for being able to do whatever he wanted there, and I told him so many times. I had never even thought about what kind of emotions he would have being alone there.

Julian-sama was the most beautiful and talented among the four brothers, but lacked charisma and friendliness, which made him unloved by the queen. He was resented for being better than his older brothers and was pushed away unfairly.

It was only after my perspective broadened in this life that I finally understood his feelings. Lili’s pity for Julian-sama was also one of the reasons why I tried to understand him.

——He said that I am charming enough just the way I am, and I was very happy with those words.

I didn’t understand the line that Julian-sama said to me back then.

He was disliked by his mother since he was a child and was locked up alone in a vast mansion.

After spending many years, I was finally able to understand even just a little bit how much he had suffered.

When I was younger, I would often say that I was blessed with a favorable environment and that I had won from the moment I was born. Now I realize that it was only natural to be hated for that.

And now, as I watch someone being bullied right before my eyes, I can’t help but think:

How pitiful are noble people.

With that thought in mind, I stood up from where I was dozing off and walked towards the male students. I crossed my arms and puffed my chest as much as I could, trying to make myself look bigger.

“It seems that you’re doing something quite interesting.”

“Hey, it’s Duke’s daughter, Quatra!”

It seems like there’s no one who doesn’t know my face. The three male students who were bullying looked at me with big eyes.

At their feet was a small male student. He was so crouched down that I couldn’t see his face, but his uniform was beautifully covered in dirt.

“I wonder if you really find this kind of thing fun.”

“U-Um, no. We aren’t enjoying this. It’s just that this guy doesn’t understand his position…”

“That’s right. We were just being kind and teaching him.”

There aren’t many students from higher-ranked families than me at this academy. I don’t know their faces, but judging from their attitude, they don’t seem to be sons of particularly important nobles.

“You guys are so kind.”

When I gave them a smile, their cheeks immediately turned red. It’s advantageous to be beautiful in times like this.

“I should learn from you guys and teach him some manners.”

“h, no, he’s not the kind of guy Quatra-sama would want to deal with.”

“Oh, so you guys are good but I’m not?”

I narrowed my eyes ever so slightly, and they trembled in fear.

“Shall we go then? I’ll teach as well. But just so you know, I’m not as kind as they are.”

“You…you can’t be serious?”

When I grabbed the arm of the cowering student, he looked up at me with eyes full of fear.

“Just come with me. And if you resist, who knows what might happen to your family?”


I could feel the hand that had grabbed me trembling uncontrollably. Am I really that scary?

“Aliseteen-sama, we also want to—”

“I’d prefer if you didn’t come along. I want to enjoy this by myself. Slowly… you know?”

When I gave a nasty smile to Sanna and the male students, no one else dared to say anything more.

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