The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Aliseteen, teased

After that, I sent a letter to Julian-sama, stating that I would like to see him whenever he had time. A few days later, instead of a reply, his servant arrived at the Quatra house. I had intended to go to see him, but it seems Julian-sama himself came to the mansion.

“I wonder why. It’s really strange.”

As I waited for Julian-sama in the hall, the eight-year-old me was lost in thought. I sat on the couch, swinging my legs and unconsciously swaying my body.

When I was trying so hard to be liked, I was completely ignored. After meeting Julian-sama three years ago, he started coming to see me more and more.

I don’t really know if I’m liked or not, but for some reason, he comes to see me.

We look each other in the eyes and have conversations, and I even see him smile occasionally. Things that were impossible before are happening now.

I’m not sure if this change is due to my age or my current achievements.

To be honest, I’ve even thought about bringing up the idea of ending the engagement with Julian-sama myself. But I’m sure he’s not interested in that kind of talk.

I think it was the same when he was engaged to the old me. It was a marriage between families, not a matter of preference. That was all that mattered to him. His and his partner’s feelings didn’t matter to him at all.

“But it’s much better than before, and I learn a lot from being with Julian-sama.”

Yes, I learned that the environment is important in order to change myself. The power to learn from other people’s good points and absorb them.

There is something I didn’t have before as Aliseteen, and I have it now. So I’m sure everything will be okay.

“Do your best, Aliseteen!”

“What are you doing your best for?”

I raised my fist towards the sky, making a fuss and shouting loudly, only to shrink and shrivel up as I was called out from behind.

“Hello, Aliseteen.”

“J-Julian-sama… Good afternoon.”

I wonder when he came in. Even though he’s just a child, it’s embarrassing to be caught in such a situation.

“Is something wrong? Your face is red.”

Julian-sama’s distinguished face is still beautiful today. He’s eight years old now, and his beauty is only increasing.

“I’m fine! My face isn’t even red!”

“I see. I thought Aliseteen was embarrassed after hearing your loud self-talk earlier.”


If he knew that much, why did he bother asking me? He’s so mean!

Looking at me, who is trembling and blushing even more, Julian-sama has a very satisfied expression on his face.

… I have a feeling this person isn’t really a good person.

“Sorry, I’ll stop teasing you now.”

“I don’t care!”

The Quatra family is in a panic as they watch me turn away in anger. Even though I’m just a child, they must be concerned about my attitude towards His Highness.

“Welcome, please come this way.”

“Huh, didn’t you know?”

“Really, do you have to be so mean?”

Lately, I’ve been teased like this all the time and it’s really getting to me. Nobody has ever treated me like this before, so I don’t know how to respond. I can’t get angry either.

“You really have a funny reaction, Aliseteen.”

“I’m honored to receive your compliment, Julian-sama!”

I turned around and, taking advantage of the fact that I couldn’t see Julian-sama’s expression, stuck my tongue out as far as I could.

I started to regret it, wondering if I should have listened to Lili’s advice and not sent the letter after all.

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