The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Wrapped in Warm Arms

Deeply ingrained traits are not easily wiped away. As someone who has lived for sixteen years without any consideration for others’ feelings, I lacked the crucial emotion of empathy.

“I hate it…I hate it…what should I do…”

I sat down on the floor and cried like a child. Tears stained my bright pink dress in an instant.

“Aliseteen-ojosama! What happened to you?!”

Lili rushed over to me with a panicked expression. She seemed genuinely worried about me.


“Don’t cry so much…oh, you poor thing.”

Without hesitation, Lili hugged me tightly. Her apron dress immediately became dirty with my tears and snot.

“What happened, Ojo-sama?”

The warmth of her voice and body slowly melted my tangled-up heart. While still sobbing, I dropped each word one by one.

“I did something terrible to you earlier, Lili.”

“To me?”

“I was the one who told you to choose what to wear, but all I do is complain about everything.”

I cried out loud and hugged Lili, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I hate myself like this! I can’t do anything about it…!”


Lili called my name as if she was deeply moved. I had never cried like this in front of anyone before.

I wanted to do something, but I couldn’t. I realized for the first time how frustrating that feeling can be.

Lili gently stroked my back and rocked me soothingly.

Her heartbeat echoing in my ear somehow calmed my raging emotions.

“It’s okay, Ojo-sama.”


“Because Ojo-sama is such a kind and gentle person.”

Warmth spread from where we touched each other.

I never realized that Lili’s voice could be so gentle.

“I’m not gentle at all.”

“You’re crying like this because you’re kind.”

“It’s all for my own sake.”

Saying something like this is not very mature for someone my age, but I was desperate.

I never want to feel that way again.

“If only…”

Lili took out a handkerchief from her pocket and gently wiped away my tears.

“If Ojo-sama ever gets lost, Lili will always be there to guide you.”


“I’m sorry, was that a bit too difficult?”

I pressed my cheek against Lili’s chest and nuzzled her, marking her like a cat. My body was instinctively seeking comfort from her.

“My, my, you’re quite the spoiled one, aren’t you?”

“…I’m not like that.”


In my blurry vision from crying too much, I kept staring at Lili’s face for a long time.

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