The Discarded Bride’s RemarriageーThe Icy Margrave Swears His Loveー – Chapter 30

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟎: 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐨𝐧’𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧

“Ojou-sama. I apologize for keeping secrets from you.”

“Lift your head, Simon.”

I stood up, took his hand, and shook my head.

“I was truly surprised. But I understand that all the secrets and plans were for the sake of protecting Otou-sama’s territory.”

“Chloe-ojousama. . .”

“If it had been about the mine manager, and if I had known when the divorce was brought up, I think I would have definitely confirmed it with my husband. Then I would still be trapped by Stephan, living a lonely life in a white marriage. . . Thank you, Simon. You’ve always protected me in place of my father.”

When I smiled, he widened his eyes. Then he crumpled his face, holding back tears.

“I thought you wouldn’t be able to bear such a deceitful revenge drama because you are so sincere, Ojou-sama.”

What Simon spoke of, his eyes behind his monocle distorted, was the suspicion surrounding my father’s death.

“Your fatherーーCount Maclouge had been tormented for many years by troubles with the Strelitzi family over water sources. The Strelitzi family was having poor harvests, and they were blaming it on the water pollution caused by the people of Maclouge’s territory.”

“I see. . .”

My father never tried to talk about the territorial issues when he met with me as a child.

He probably didn’t want to expose the young me to the muddy world of adults.

“Ojou-sama. I am convinced that the Strelitzi family had a hand in the sudden death of the Count. But for now, I’m glad we were able to make the territory yours. From now on, Cerrado-sama, who has become a court magician, will be a great force in exposing the evil deeds of the Strelitzi family.”

“. . .Did Cerrado-niisama also become a court magician on purpose to gain authority?”

Simon nodded.

“Yes. He thought that becoming a court magician was the quickest way to clear your father’s regret and become your support. And the trial went smoothly this time thanks to the efforts of Cerrado-sama, who became the third assistant to the court magician.”

“. . .Even now, my father is moving everyone’s hearts. . .And I am still being protected by him.”

Simon shed tears, and the maid Nowariya stroked his back.

Nowariya smiled at me.

“He’s my childhood friend. . .He really has continued to care for Count Maclouge and you. . .”

According to Simon and Nowariya, everything, including Owenna’s rampage in the territory and Stephan’s arrival after the rampage caused problems, went according to plan.

“But I never thought that woman would even hurl abuse at children.”

Simon shook his head in exasperation.

“I hope it hasn’t left a scar on the children’s hearts. . .”

Seeing Simon furrow his brows, Theodore-sama and Nowariya exchanged glances and chuckled.

Theodore-sama said,

“There’s no problem. The children knew our true intentions.”


Theodore-sama nodded at Simon, who widened his eyes in surprise.

“The children deliberately antagonized Owenna and intentionally provoked her to utter rude remarks. They said, [Because we are children who do not appear in social circles, there are things we can do for teacher].”

“That’s right. Even the tea was lukewarm. Every time, I served her tea without sugar to provoke that woman.”

I was taken aback by the revelations from Theodore-sama and Nowariya. Simon shrugged his shoulders.

“Haha. . . Indeed, it’s quite a farce.”

“Speaking of farce, let’s have some tea. Everyone must be tired, so please moisten your throats with some tea. The scones are freshly baked.”

Nowariya suggested, trying to lighten the mood.

We all looked at each other and decided to start a late tea time.


By the way,

I thought, looking at Theodore-sama’s profile.

What will happen to the engagement?

Since it was a lie to help me, I don’t think there will be an engagement.

Theodore-sama will probably bring up that topic later.

More importantly,

There was something I was more concerned about than my own marriage.



“What will happen to themーーthe Count and Countess Strelitzi?”

“They will leave with nothing but their territory, and they will simply go home empty-handed. That’s the end of it, they will never bother you again.”

“. . .”

“You seem unsatisfied, Miss Chloe.”

I decided to speak my mind to Theodore-sama.

“Theodore-sama. I have a request to make. . .”

It was about Anne, the girl Owenna had brought with her.

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