The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 70

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“Your Majesty, this way, please.”

I led His Majesty the King to the signing ceremony with Princess Roxanne already on stage.”


“…what’s he doing?”

“Well… everyone, listen up! This treaty will be signed with the Carolin Empire by my worthy successor, First Prince Dietrich!”


His Majesty the King’s unexpected declaration rendered everyone present speechless.

Oscar, in particular, appeared to be shaken.

The silence seemed to last forever, but then…


“Long live the crown prince!”

“Long live the king!”

“Long live the Kingdom of Estline!”

The crowd around me was going wild. They congratulated me. But why are they so happy?

I used to be…I was the Cold-Blooded Prince.

“Hahaha, the people are well aware of it—how far His Highness has come in service to the people in the last two years.”


Indeed, I have not been constrained by the magnitude of the task, but by the desire to improve the lives of the people of this country.

But I know that doesn’t make the assessment so simple.


“Come one—Don’t cry like that, take my place.”

“Your Majesty…”

His Majesty the King slowly pushed me to the platform.

“Ufufu… joining forces with His Highness Dietrich was not a mistake.

“Your Highness Roxanne…”

Princess Roxanne grinned as she said so.

“Let’s get this signing started. I, too, would like His Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s endorsement.”


I laugh at the amusing Princess Roxanne, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Then I look at the woman I love the most. Liz, like me, was holding her mouth and crying uncontrollably.

Hanna and Nora, who were standing nearby, were also crying.

Following the signing, I shook hands with Princess Roxanne, who was met with cheers and applause.

But…my signature is smudged and poorly written.


Following that, the celebration ceremony went off without a hitch.

Of course, neither Oscar nor Prince Charles intervened.


“So… I was hoping you could tell me why you did this.”


We now confronted Lady Collete, who attempted to contact the assassin she had planted in order to disrupt the celebration.

Princess Roxanne is, of course, present.

“Collete… Why did you do it?”

Princess Roxanne inquired, her voice trembling and her eyes welling up with tears.

They’d known each other since they were kids. I can only imagine what she was feeling.

“Even if you don’t respond, I cannot let such an act go unpunished in the Kingdom. I regret to inform you that Lady Collete will be punished in accordance with the Kingdom’s laws.”

“What?! Y-Your highness Dietrich! Collete must be under some conditions! Please, give her lenient treatment!”

Princess Roxanne clutched at me and pleaded desperately, I said quietly.

“That will not happen—as a Royal Academy colleague, I have my own reservations, but I cannot make a mistake when outside.”

Yes, I am His Majesty the King’s heir.

I will not tolerate any mistake that could endanger the people.

The true priority is the country and its people.

“… The official punishment will be handed down after the trial, but for conspiracy, incitement, attempted assassination, and disruption of the celebration, the punishment will certainly be… the death penalty.”


Princess Roxanne burst into tears at my heartless words.



“How did His Highness Dietrich know I was His Highness Roxanne’s adversary?”

Lady Collette inquires in hushed tones.

“It’s simple. A nameless son of the Marquis risked his life to inform me that you were assisting Prince Charles. That’s it.”


Lady Collete mutters a single word and lowers her eyes gently.

“Well, if you can reveal who was connected to you, I can grant you a reasonable pardon…”


Princess Roxanne vigorously raised her head as soon as I said that.

“Collete! Tell us everything, and you will be spared!”

Princess Roxanne grabbed Lady Collete’s shoulders and squeezed her tightly.

In the hope of saving her at any cost.

“…Even if I were saved now, my parents’ house is already…”

Yes, I see… They will certainly destroy it so that the evidence of the link between the failed house and Prince Charles is not revealed…

“The allied kingdom of Estline will punish them—the ringleader will not get away with such an act. Above all, even the great Carolin Empire would want to avoid friction with neighboring countries.”


“Well, we’ll hold the trial as soon as the celebration is over, so take your time and think about it until then. Let’s go, Yennie.”


I walked away, leaving Her Highness Roxanne and Lady Collete behind.

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