The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 61

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“I overheard it! Is it true that His Highness was attacked?!”

Back at Marquess Metzelder’s mansion, a woman with slightly red skin and wet hair asks in a panic.

And Gustav, the steam-smeared man, is behind her.

I’m pleased that the two got along well in the hot springs.

“Don’t worry. Hannah apprehended the assassin. The military police are now looking after the assassin’s body.”


Marquess Metzelder’s brows immediately raised in apparent relief.

“…They have the audacity to do something like this in my city! I will definitely track down the ringleader and rip him to shreds!”

“I, Gustav, will never forgive them…!”

Sigh… I’m not sure if it was Oscar, the First Queen, or a subordinate, but they won’t get away with it if we find out. It’s a truly stupid thing to do.

“However, how did they find out we were in the city? We were supposed to be on the road this time…”

Liz mumbles.

Yes… We decided to visit Rhinesbrook the day after receiving the letter from the Marquess of Metzelder, and we only told a few people, including Yennie and the Marquis of Friedenreich, where we were going.

So it would be unthinkable for her to arrive in town ahead of time and then ambush us at that café, of all places.

…They’re either watching our every move, or they have an insider spying on us from Oscar or the first queen faction.

“When we return to the Royal Capital, we’ll have to flush out the vermin.”

“Leave that to me, your highness. I will exterminate each and every one of them.”

“Me as well!”

My words have fired up Hanna and Nora.

“That’s reassuring—but never, ever cross a dangerous bridge—you are both now irreplaceable to me.”

“…Of course, I understand…”


I nodded, satisfied, as I looked into their eyes.

“Arara. Your Highness is a charming… person, isn’t he? He even got Gustav and me involved.”

“I-Is that so?”

I don’t remember anything like that in my previous life, when I was so clumsy that everyone avoided me except Liz and Gustav…


“I’ve become like this because I met Liz. And, of course, Hanna, Nora, Gustav, and Her Excellency Metzelder. These numerous encounters have shaped me into the person I am today.”


“Your Majesty…”

“Hahaha… Your Highness, you have changed dramatically…”

“Oh my, I’m glad I could contribute to your development.”

I smiled at my beloved and at this wonderful group of people.



I’m soaking alone in the mansion’s hot springs after the Marquess’s welcome dinner.

I’ve been told that the hot springs are not gender-segregated, but… I still can’t bring myself to go in with Liz.

First and foremost, I’ve never had an intimate-physical relationship like this with Liz before…

“But… When I became king, both in name and in reality, and Liz became queen, then I…”

Only then will I return here with Liz.

I resolved to do so as I washed my face in hot spring water… Hmm?

When I see a figure reflected in the water, I look up.

“Your Highness…”


Liz was standing there in her robe.

Her white skin glows in the moonlight, and her stunning appearance captivates me.

“W-Well, you see… May I join you?”

“O-Of course!”

In a loud voice, I invite Liz to join me, who looks embarrassed and downcast.

“By the way, what’s the matter…? Have you had trouble sleeping?”

“No…Ha-Hanna said Dee-sama went to the hot springs, so I…”

“I-I see…”

Hanna, thank you. You went to the trouble of informing Liz of my whereabouts.

But it happens so quickly that I become nervous without even realizing it.

I cast a glance at Liz, who is soaking in the spring… Liz’s thin neck floated in the steam, her collarbone and chest peeking out from beneath her robe…

“Dee-sama—I’m relieved you’re safe today.”

“A-Ah, uh—Thanks to Hannah, I’m alive.”

I was glued to Liz’s body as she spoke to me, and despite the fact that I stiffened involuntarily, I managed to appear calm.



“Dee-sama… I’m so glad… I’m so relieved you’re safe!”

Liz leaps into my chest, shaking my shoulders.

I see…

She was trying so hard not to show everyone how weak she was…

I’m glad for Liz’s thoughts.

“Ah, Dee-sama…”

“I will never die, Liz—I’ll only die if I spend the rest of my life with you… So…”

Liz looked into my eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.

I raised her chin…


—and placed a gentle kiss of oath on her red lips.

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