The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 53

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It’s been a week since we started at the Royal Academy, and since His Majesty the King hasn’t assigned us any specific duties, Liz and I are enjoying our school life to the fullest.

It’s only…


… I can’t stand the look Liz is getting with each passing day.

In addition, upperclassmen have recently shown up in the classroom just to see Liz. This makes it difficult for me to remain calm.

“…it’s really unpleasant.”

“Do you agree, Liz?”

“Yes, the way they look at Dee-sama… Did they miss what I said on the day of admission?”

Liz arches her brow… Hmm? The way they look at me?

“No, wait a minute. The uneasy stare is directed at Liz, not at me, right?”

“No, Dee-sama isn’t aware. The way women regard Dee-sama…”

Liz takes a look around the room and says… No, it appears that they are looking at Liz though…

“…There’s no doubt that all three of us, including myself, are being watched…”

“Is that so?”


Fumu… There is no doubt about it if Hanna says so. And I don’t think it matters how much you dislike it when someone looks at you…

“Hanna… What I feared has finally come true…”

“Yes, and the worst part is that Your Highness doesn’t even know about it.”

…The two of them seem to be saying something different.


“Your Highness and Marguerite-san, you have been summoned to the palace right away.”

“I suppose for us…”

Liz and I exchange glances as Suzan-sensei enters the classroom and informs us.

Well… Is this, by chance, a case…?

“I understand. Then I’ll head to the palace right away—Liz, Hanna, let’s go.”


“Huh? Isn’t there also a summon for me, Sensei?”

“No. It’s for His Highness Dietrich and Marguerite-san this time.”

“All right…”

Oscar appears depressed.

Perhaps he understands why we were summoned.

And one of the reasons was probably because he tried but failed to use Marquis Collengel to make a name for himself during their diplomatic missions.

Passing by Oscar, we got on a carriage and headed for the royal palace.

“What is this summon, Dee-sama?”

“It’s most likely a foreign student… from the Carolin Empire…”


Liz appears to have been reminded of this by my words.

Yes, “Roxanne Du Carolin,” the first princess of the Carolin Empire, came to study here as a bargaining chip in bringing the Border Marquess Metzelder into my fold.

I remember being called a few weeks later, and when we got to the school, the King was there to greet us.

“In preparation for Princess Roxanne’s arrival to study here, I was working with my father-in-law and Marquess Metzelder to plan the security situation and ensure that everything was in place. Even if Prince Charles, the First Prince, intervenes, her safety is already assured.”

“Yes—I admire Dee-sama’s keen insight.”

Liz’s cheeks flush as she grabs my hand and looks at me with amber eyes.

I can’t help but feel my heart flutter and want to hug her when I see her like that. But since we’re almost there, I’ll have to be patient…

“We have arrived, Your Highness, Marguerite-sama.”


The carriage comes to a stop in front of the palace entrance; I get out first, take Liz and Hanna by the hand, and lead them out.

“…Your Highness Dietrich, the king, is waiting for you.


Count Reinmayer, the knight commander, leads us into the reception room with a pained expression on his face.

Bruno, the son of Count Reinmayer, lost his inheritance, became a commoner, and was kicked out of the country.

Bruno’s punishment was justified because of his disrespectful behavior, but the Counts of Reinmayer were not entirely blameless as a result, so it wasn’t such a bad outcome.

Nonetheless, the knight commander now despises me.

“You may proceed.”

We enter the reception room and see His Majesty the King, the Marquis of Collengel, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a woman.

Platinum blond hair, emerald green eyes, a balanced nose, and full lips

Without a doubt, this is the Carolin Empire’s first princess, Roxanne.

“Welcome. Actually, I need Dietrich’s help. Prior to that…”

His Majesty winked, and Princess Roxanne took a step forward.

“Your Highness Dietrich, nice to meet you. My name is Roxanne Du Carolin, the first Princess of the Carolin Empire.”

“I appreciate your kind greeting. My name is Dietrich Tu Estline, First Prince of the Kingdom of Estline. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

I gracefully took Princess Roxanne’s hand in mine and let my lips fall.

… and Liz? I’ll kiss your hand later. Please don’t look at me like that.

“This is Princess Roxanne, who has been admitted to the Royal Academy to study—Dietrich and Marguerite would be ideal hosts for her.”

“I understand—Your Highness Roxanne, I and Marguerite will be your hosts.”

“Fufu…I look forward to working with you.”

“Thank you very much.”

Liz and I, as well as Princess Roxanne, exchange bows.

“Then, please take her as soon as possible to the school’s dormitory—Princess Roxanne has already been assigned a room by the headmaster.”

“All right, Princess Roxanne, let’s get going.”


Without taking Princess Roxanne’s hand, I led her out of the room.

The Marquis of Collengel and the Count of Reinmayer were saying words like [Rude!] to me. but I ignored them.

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