The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 50

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“Fufu… Enrolling in the Royal Academy with Dee-sama is like a dream come true…”

It’s finally time to enter the Royal Academy, and Liz and I are riding in a horse-drawn carriage on our way there.

The Royal Academy is a boarding school, and the royal family is subject to its rules.

This appears to be based on the philosophy of the Royal Academy’s founder, the 1st King, who warned against the pampering of always relying on those around you and encouraged the age of 18 as an adult with a matured figure both mentally and physically.

“But it’s fine for me and Liz, but Hanna… Isn’t it a little much?”

“…what are you trying to say?”

I looked at Hanna, and she looked at me in a way I didn’t expect her to look at me, her lord, so I quickly turned my face away.

Yennie, who is the same age as me, was supposed to join us at the academy as a valet and companion.

[You can’t be alone with someone like her.]

Hannah was vehemently opposed.

So Hanna, who was four years older than us, was admitted to the academy under the false pretense of being the same age as us.

As an orphan, Hanna has never attended a national school, but she is admitted because she holds the title of Baroness of Schacht.

So, Nora and Yennie remain at the royal court to perform various duties.

“I can see it now.”

Feeling awkward towards Hanna, I looked out of the window and saw a large building in my field of vision.

That is the Royal Academy, where all of the children of the Kingdom of Estline’s noble children attend.

“But… It’ll take a long time to get into the academy…”

“Well, it’s the first day of school. It’s unavoidable.”

Liz frowns as she looks out the window at the procession of carriages.

Fumu… I can enjoy Liz in the carriage in this manner, but I can’t ignore Hannah’s gaze.

“Well, since the school is only a short distance away, why don’t we get out of the carriage and walk there?”

“That sounds like a good idea!”

Liz smiled and clasped her hands together at my suggestion.

“Is that all right, Hannah?”

“Yes. The rest is just a straight walk to school, which I believe we can manage.”

We exit the carriage with Hanna’s permission.

Of course, both Liz and Hanna were taken down by me.

“Look—the kids in the carriages are looking at us with great interest, aren’t they?”

“Well, it’s unusual for nobilities to walk on purpose.”

A face-conscious aristocrat, on the other hand, would never consider doing so.


“Take note, Hannah.”

“Of course, those who look at his majesty in that manner are profane.”

Hannah was inspecting the family crest on the carriage even before I gave her instructions.

So, I guess the person who is mocking me is from the Second Prince faction.

…No, some of them are from the faction of the First Queen as well.

“Really, what does Queen Teresa think of Dee-sama…”

Liz murmured in a frighteningly low voice.

Since interfering with the First Queen’s education, neither I nor Liz have met her in public.

Even in the palace, the first queen has turned into a recluse, and her cronies have been critical of me.

[The first prince wants to eliminate his biological mother, the first queen.]

[Despite being a biological child, it’s a place where there’s no shame.]

These are the slanderous statements made by the faction of the First Queen.

“For my part, I feel more at ease being treated in this manner. Above all, I don’t need to be afraid of them.”

Even though they say they are the first queen faction, most of the nobles have joined the second prince faction in the last year and a half, leaving only the Duke of Wallenstein and the nobles under him.

Their factions are now falling behind in terms of dynamics.

“All that remains is to deal with the Wallenstein family, but I have some ideas as well.”

“I see… fufu.”

Liz laughed at what I said.

“Your highness, all the sons and daughters who looked at you with disdain were part of the second prince and first queen’s faction.”

“I suppose so. I’m looking forward to my time at the academy.”

“Yeah! I’ll knock down anyone who disrespects Dee-sama!”

“Please order me to make them vanish unnoticed.”

Liz and Hanna are giddy with delight… But, please, keep it moderate, you two…

And then…

“Hmph! It’s so pathetic that this is the first prince in this country!”

Oh, really? You have bravery in saying such things, knowing that I am the first prince.

I direct my attention to the source of the voice.

“… Ah, I see.”

He’s Bruno, Count Reinmayer’s eldest son. He was staring at me.

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