The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 47

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“Certainly! The wax seal is proof of that!”

The Count of Bonhof triumphantly responded.

Liz and Hannah in the audience raise their mouths as soon as they see it.

“Oh? Is this truly mine, and can I inspect the seal?”


With a smile, Count Bonhoff handed it to the court official standing nearby, who had it brought to me.

“We’ll see…”

I took the letter in my hand and examined the wax seal’s seal.

“…I’m sorry, but this isn’t my seal.”

“That’s not possible! I cannot believe that His Highness Dietrich, our kingdom’s first prince, would make such a false statement in court for his own benefit… It’s a disgrace!”

Count Bonhof shook his head in delight.

“Then I ask you, Count Bonhof, how did you know this seal belonged to me? I don’t recall ever exchanging letters with His Excellency Bonhof.”

“T-That’s—Yes! I have confirmed this with someone who has received letters from His Highness Dietrich!”

Haha… What a pathetic excuse.

First and foremost, I would not send a letter to anyone other than the nobles of my faction.

And my comrades would never betray me.


“Arara? Is that correct?”

“What!? E-Excellency Metzelder…!?”

Suddenly, the Marquess of Metzelder appeared in court and asked Count Bonhof.

N-No, I’ve never heard of her coming to the royal capital either!?

“Fufu… I’ve been writing to His Highness Dietrich for quite some time. So let me see if the seal is genuine.”


With that, Marquess Metzelder approached me and took the letter.

“…It’s similar, but it’s clearly different…”

“T-That’s ridiculous!”

“It’s true—because His Highness Dietrich’s seal is adorned with a small marigold flower. This one, however, does not.”

Sweat pours down Count Bonhof’s brow in response to Marquis Metzelder’s words.

Then he slowly turns his gaze to the audience. I suppose he’s trying to appeal.

“… May I borrow your seal for confirmation, Your Highness Dietrich?”

“Of course.”

I nodded in response to the judge’s request, and Hanna, who had been sitting in the audience, stood up and exited the courtroom to get the seal.

The judge also summoned other nobles who had received letters from me and demanded that their letters be used as evidence.

As a result of this…

“His Highness Dietrich and Her Excellency Metzelder are certainly correct.”

“I-It can’t be…”

When it was clear that the markings on the letters he had shown were different, Count Bonhof turned pale and staggered.

“Count Bonhof—I’ll ask you again, why did you claim ownership of the letter mine?”

“T-That’s—Like I said before, I found out about this from someone who got the letter…”

“Your Honor, Then I’ll call him to the witness stand.”

“I acknowledge the witness’s appearance.”


Count Bonhof would have no other option.

This is what happened as a result of a clumsy trick. That’s exactly what you get.


“You should have told me if you were coming, Your Excellency Metzelder.”

“I’d like to surprise you, Fufu, wouldn’t I? But I didn’t expect you to do something so unique.”

After the trial, we’re having a talk with Marquess Metzelder in the reception room of the royal palace.

“They never imagined they would be so successfully duped.”

“That’s what happens when you play unnecessary tricks in a situation where there’s no way out.”

When Nora said that, I smiled and replied.

In fact, when I entered this inspection job, I instructed Nora to replace the seal.

I did this in anticipation of Oscar, that careless man, doing something inappropriate while I was away.

Oscar, indeed, used Linda to steal the seal and use it against me.

“In the end, Count Bonhof, who used the fake letter to undermine Dee-sama, was given a second degree and forfeited most of his property and lands for disrespecting the royal family, while Viscount Reinke was sentenced to death as planned.”

“Umu. We’ve now eliminated two nobles from the Second Prince’s faction.”

Liz smiled as I nodded.

“Hey, don’t you think I did well?”

“You did, indeed. As a result, I will also present Her Excellency with a few bottles of His Majesty’s prized wine.”

“Fufu! You’re as generous as ever!”

Marquess Metzelder smiled as she patted me on the shoulder.

“What brings Her Excellency to the palace, by the way? —I don’t believe there is a current call for her…”

“Ara? Of course, I’m here to celebrate His Highness and Marguerite-sama’s admission to the Royal Academy.”


The words of Marquess Metzelder surprised Liz and me.

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