The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 41

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“My name is Emi—For the next two weeks, I will be looking after His Highness Dietrich and Marguerite-sama.”

“Likewise, my name is Yennie! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

Shortly after Hannah left the room, Viscount Reinke brought two ladies-in-waiting.

“Oh, I look forward to your kind cooperation. Thank you for your consideration, Lord Reinke.”

“Thank you very much! After all, I want His Highness Dietrich and Marguerite-sama to have a pleasant and enjoyable visit!”

Viscount Reinke said proudly.

“Our chef is working hard preparing for tonight’s dinner, so please be patient.”

“Hahaha… I’m looking forward to it.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

Viscount Reinke bowed and left the room.

“Fumu… Emi, Yennie, I look forward to working with you for the next two weeks.”

“Sir, yes.”

“Leave it to me!”

Emi seemed serious and a little cold, but Yennie answered with a lot of energy.

“By the way, how long will Liz… um… Marguerite’s room be prepared?”

“Yes, it’s already finished—I’m about to break the news as well.”

“All right, Liz, go ahead.”

“Fufu, yes, Dee-sama, I’ll see you later.”

I took Liz’s hand in mine, helped her to her feet, and left with Emi to her room.


I looked at Yennie, who was alone.

“So… what do you think?”

“Yes—That Emi is the mistress of Viscount Reinke, who is responsible for snooping on His Highness. And as the newest lady-in-waiting, I have been chosen as a novice caretaker.”

Yennie kneels down and calmly explains, which is a big change from how she looked just a few minutes earlier.

“Umu. I appreciate all of your efforts over the last month. Everything will be over soon, so I apologize for troubling you, but please continue.”

“You’re very welcome. This Yennie will be with His Highness Dietrich forever.”

Yennie lowered her head in response.

Yes, Yennie, like Hanna, is one of Marquise Friedenreich’s secret agents, whom the Marquise gave me a year ago.

She is about the same age as Liz and me, and she is still a trainee secret agent.

However, her instructor, Hanna, believes she is a capable intelligence officer who will soon become a significant force… From the looks of it, she was right.

“Yes—Then, on the following day, we will destroy the human trafficking ring. We will turn over the evidence and detain Viscount Reinke.”

“We have all the proof we need—Isn’t this a little hasty?”

“Naturally, The longer we wait, the more people suffer. Then there’s no reason to wait and cross our fingers.

The main reason is that Liz and I should have received our school uniforms by now, and I can’t wait to see Liz in hers….

“Understood, I’ve been presumptuous.”

“No, that’s all right. Please let me know if you notice anything or have any questions. There’s no need to be concerned.”

“Your Highness…”

Yennie’s eyes are moistening and her face is upturned.

…This is not a good sign.

Yennie’s bad habits appear to be showing.

“Your Highness… Please have mercy on me…”

“… Stop. That’s something I always say.”

“But… This is killing me!”

Yennie rushed over to me, unbuttoning her blouse one by one.

The hair has fluffy cat ears growing.

Yennie is a descendant of a tribe of beastmen on the verge of extinction on the continent, and she usually hides her ears in her long hair, but when she’s in heat, she comes at me with her fluffy cat ears out.

It’s just too much trouble for me…

“Your Majesty—Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell Marguerite-sama… So…”

“…N-No, not like that, just get away.”

I reject her coldly, but Yennie refuses to listen to me.

She is displaying her cat ears, which appear to be very comfortable to touch…

“… Then I’ll have to use force… Fugya!?”

Yennie collapses to the floor as her tail, which extends from beneath her skirt, is yanked as hard as she can.

“Sigh… I suspected something was wrong, so I returned right away…”

“Unyuu… T-That’s awful, Hanna-san…”

Yennie complained with teary eyes, as opposed to Hanna, who let out a huge sigh.

“S-Sorry… Hanna, you saved me.”

“…Your Highness, Yennie, does not require any compliments. Isn’t she going to attack you if you did?”

“W-Well, I know that, but… I can’t disrespect those who have done so much for me and Liz…”

“Sigh…Your Highness’ kindness is admirable, but you must still select the right person.”

Hanna leans in and warns me.

… If you argue like that, I can’t disagree….

“Because Your Highness is like that… even I…”

“Hm? What is it?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

I’m curious about what Hanna was going to say, but I’m afraid to ask.

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