The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 23

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“Is there anything wrong, Hannah?”

“Nothing at all.”

It’s been a week since Marguerite arrived at the royal palace.

Hanna simply gave me a thumbs up without changing her expression.

I sense Hanna becoming more casual with me… well, I don’t mind.

“Well… Marguerite is lovely, but I can’t be ashamed of myself as her fiance.”

“…Normally, as the first prince of this country, you would think of it the other way around, but since we’re talking about his highness, there’s no problem.”

…Well, consider that a compliment.

“How about tonight’s party?”

“Everything has been planned out. “His Excellency” says he’ll bring trusted neutral noblemen to the private reception room if given the chance.”

“All right.”

Okay… Today is the announcement of my engagement to Marguerite, as well as the celebration party.

Naturally, all of the country’s nobles will be present.

And this party venue will serve as a springboard for the formation of my faction, which currently has no supporters.

“And what did Linda have to say?”

“Yes. His Highness Oscar will meet noblemen introduced by the Marquis of Collengel at today’s party. Here’s a list.”

Hanna hands me the list, which I carefully review.

“…I see a lot of people from the First Queen’s faction.”

“It appears that the Marquis Collengel is attempting to isolate the First Queen’s faction—They appear to believe that the only way to defeat the Dukes of Wallenstein, that woman’s family, is to push through by numbers.”

Since the day I was whipped by the First Queen, Hanna has referred to the First Queen as “that woman” whenever we are alone.

It’s nothing more than disrespect, but I can tell she’s upset on my behalf, and it’s also pleasant, so I don’t pay attention and just ignore it.

“So, Your Highness, what are you going to do?”

“It’s settled—After all, aside from Marquis Collengel and the Knight Commander, Count Reinmayer, there aren’t many powerful noblemen who can easily switch from the First Queen’s faction to the Second Prince’s faction. If we gain power, the balance will shift.”

I say that and hand the list back to Hannah, but this is only a preliminary analysis.

It is true that when His Majesty the King died in my previous life, many people, including powerful nobles, supported Oscar.


“There are other people I really want to join our camp, in addition to the neutral aristocrats that His Excellency Friedenreich has prepared for me.”


Hanna nodded in response to my words.

Yes, a powerful nobleman who is only seen at such gatherings of all the nobles and who never participates in national politics.

A prominent figure who protects the border, which is located on the border with the “Carolin Empire,” which dominates the Radia continent and controls one-third of the kingdom’s distribution of all of its soldiers.

The Border Countess, “Hildegard Metzelder.”

“But I’m afraid it’s not as simple as I’d like to believe.”

In fact, Countess Metzelder was not involved in the battle for succession to the throne in my previous life; she simply stood by and watched.

I suppose the events in the capital are just a minor concern for her.

“…Your Highness, Marguerite-sama, is almost ready.”

“Ah, I see. I’ll then be on my way.


I took Hanna with me to Marguerite’s room.


“Are you going to Marguerite’s room now, Elder Brother?”

“…Greetings to the Kingdom’s Star, First Prince Dietrich.”

Oscar appeared in front of me, along with Marquis Collengel and Count Reinmayer.

“Please accept my greetings, His Excellency Collengel and His Excellency Reinmayer—What brings you to the palace today? It should be too early for the party…”

“No… I’m here for another reason and happened to run into His Highness… Oscar…”

“So do I.”

This also happened to be a very convenient opportunity.

Two people, allegedly from the faction of the first queen, have arrived with Oscar.

“Well, in any case, is His Excellency Reinmayer confident that His Majesty the King will be well protected?”

“…His Majesty has graciously invited me to today’s party.”

“Thank you very much. I would be delighted if His Excellency Reinmayer could join me and Marguerite in celebrating.”


Count Reinmayer responded awkwardly.

I also don’t want you to congratulate me.

“Please excuse me now.”

“Wait, elder brother, wait!”

Oscar, whom I had been ignoring and treating as if he were an air, abruptly stopped me.

“What is it? I’m busy with the party.”

“No, I’d like to make a request to Elder Brother…”

“Request ?”

I attempted to end the conversation with a glare, but Oscar said something strange that caused me to raise my eyebrows slightly.

“Yes. I’d like to dance with Marguerite at tonight’s party so that we can get to know each other better.”


Hannah, who was standing behind me, stopped me with her hands as I gave off a murderous chill.

Haha, I can’t believe you asked me to do such a thing knowing I’d refuse. So, you’re trying to shake me up?

Or are you trying to impress Marquis Collengel and Count Reinmayer by being in a better position than I am?

In any case, this is absurd.

“Of course, that request is not granted. If you really want a woman, you should ask His Majesty the King to find you a fiancée.”

“Huh! That’s a good idea. I’ll need an heir at some point.”

“Yes. I hope you’re given good land.”


Oscar reacted to my sarcasm with sarcasm, which I then covered with more sarcasm.

What do you think?

Oscar and the two behind him stare at me as if they are about to shoot me.

“Hanna, let’s go quickly… to my fiancée.”


This time, I left Oscar and the others behind and went to Marguerite’s room with a smug smile on my face.

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