The Chronicle of the Dungeon Master of Slaughter – A Reclusive Beautiful Girl Became a Dungeon Master, So She Pursues the Path of a Hikikomori – Chapter 67

π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« πŸ”πŸ•: π‘πžπ°πšπ«π

β€œYou seem quite tired, Mamori. You should head back and rest.”


I took advantage of the Demon Lord’s words and sent the Automata and Leif back to the dungeon via the transfer function.

We will be informed about our future strategy through the Chaos-chan doll.

Well, even if they say strategy, I was told it would be something very rough, resembling a horde of beasts typical of the Demon Lord’s army.


That being said.

Since we have returned to the dungeon after the battle, let’s fulfill the promise for a change of mood.

I manipulated Automata to pat Leif’s head.


β€œHuh?! Master?”

β€œYou did well. You’ve worked hard.”


I gently patted Leif’s head, who was looking somewhat gloomy, while removing my mask.

Praising is important in disciplining a slave.

I learned this from Kurosuke(pet cat).

Thanks to that, he started using the toilet in the designated place, so there should be nothing wrong with this method of training.

As proof, Leif’s face became slightly calm.


β€œYou did the job I asked of you properly.

So, as promised, I will give you a reward. Close your eyes for a bit.”

β€œY, Yes.”


While Leif’s eyes were closed, I transferred the chair and table used in the negotiations with the Demon Lord from the warehouse and placed them here.

Next, I used DP to purchase something.

I put it on the table and made Leif, who was still closing his eyes, sit on the chair.


β€œYou can open your eyes now.”

β€œYes. Wow. . .!”


Leif, who opened her eyes, let out a voice of admiration.

What was on the table was a kid’s lunch.

However, it’s a Japanese kid’s lunch made with DP.

Like when I served a pork cutlet bowl before, the dungeon core can read the dungeon master’s information, so it can serve Japanese food that exists in my memory.

And from what I’ve seen of the food served in diners in the royal capital and such, Japanese food culture is superior to this world’s.

So, I think this kid’s lunch would be a feast for the residents of this world.


β€œGo ahead and eat.”

β€œY, Yes! Itadakimasu!”


And so, Leif began to eat the kid’s lunch with a look of delight.

He must have been hungry.

He should chew his food well.

I continued to watch Leif through Automata, for some reason.



And then, after finishing his kid’s lunch, Leif began to doze off and soon fell asleep.

He must have been tired.

There was a considerable amount of time between when the Demon Lord and the dragon left here and arrived at the royal capital, and during that time, if he had been with those two, he would have been exhausted.

I think if I had done the same thing in my main body, I would have been a recluse for ten years due to the backlash.


πŸ”Ήπ•¬π–œπ–Šπ–‡π–˜π–™π–”π–—π–Žπ–Šπ–˜.π–ˆπ–”π–’ ― π•΄π–“π–‰π–šπ–‘π–Œπ–Š π–Žπ–“ 𝖆 π–ˆπ–”llπ–Šπ–ˆπ–™π–Žπ–”π–“ 𝖔𝖋 π–™π–—π–†π–“π–˜π–‘π–†π–™π–Šπ–‰ π–“π–”π–›π–Šπ–‘π–˜ π–œπ–Žπ–™π– β€œπ–‰π–†π–Žπ–‘π–ž π–šπ–•π–‰π–†π–™π–Šπ–˜β€ 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–Šπ–π–ˆπ–‘π–šπ–˜π–Žπ–›π–Š π–†π–ˆπ–ˆπ–Šπ–˜π–˜ 𝖙𝖔 π–†π–‰π–›π–†π–“π–ˆπ–Šπ–‰ π–ˆπ–π–†π–•π–™π–Šπ–—π–˜πŸ”Ή

I put the tired pet to bed, and I was also tired, so I rested in the bed in the living space.

In this way, the long, long day finally ended.

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