The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 99

The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 99

Chapter 99: I’m home

The mysterious light radiating from the ceiling did not greatly alter the situation, but it was obvious that the light was guiding Auglia-sama towards me.

There were no human beings in my vicinity who could navigate the depths of this castle.

My reliable ally Millie had appeared before me. If I could not trust Millie here, then I had no right to continue living.

It is understandable that she hated me, an imperial princess who was indifferent to the war. And it was possible that this hatred could drive her to take the life of a member of the Faithnum imperial family.

However, Millie declared that she would now assist me without any expectation of reward, in my dire straits.

Despite her slender build, compared to that of a seasoned knight, and her limited abilities, she said she would give her life for mine, even though she had once tried to kill me.

All I had to do now was place my faith in her words and the ray of light.

The light was advancing. The knight held a short sword, his backup weapon, trying to apprehend me and Millie. But Millie’s weapon had a longer reach.

(Please, please, please, let it be in time! If Millie were to die, it would all be for naught. Please!) 

Even Millie must be frightened. I don’t know what my prayers are for.

However, all I can do is hope. I don’t have the combat skills of Millie or the ability to control the country like Bianca can.

My only recourse is to use my intellect to the best of my abilities to survive. And all I can do is pray fervently for something I don’t even know the name of or if it exists.

A beam of light guides the way from the ceiling to the wall. I understand that Auglia-sama has reached the basement.

But they’re in the dark about what the exterior of this room looks like. If Gauche had searched this far, he would have already entered.

All that remains is to wait for the light to guide them.

Millie deals with the knight who is approaching with a short sword by keeping a safe distance and shielding me from behind. I was also desperately keeping an eye on our positions to avoid stepping away from Millie’s protection.

Thankfully, Bianca is boiling from the head. If the blue flame were to ignite at this close range, the heat alone would cause the cloth to catch fire. Fire spreads further than the eye can see.

Such knowledge is a standard expectation for members of the royal family in the Faithnum Empire.

As of yet, she remains unaware. Despite her efforts to send another knight to assist, the demonstration from earlier seems to have made a significant impact.

Suddenly, the sound of rushing footsteps could be heard.



In the dimly lit room, Auglia-sama’s figure could be seen at the end of a bright beam of light.

The golden light was shining directly from my chest to the pearl held in Auglia-sama’s hand.

Behind Auglia-sama stood Gauche, Melissa and Gwenna, as well as the knights including Gordon and John who had come to serve as my protectors, all standing in formation.

There were more knights present than those who had accompanied Bianca. The sight caused me to burst out in laughter, causing all my previously felt worries to dissipate in an instant.

“Don’t come near me on this cushion! Anyway, take care of the knights!”

“Claire! H-How far are you going to go to get in my way?!”

Bianca thrashes her head and lets out a piercing scream. Her tone is now devoid of reason. It’s evident that the attempt to kill me has failed.

“Bianca, I haven’t gotten in the way with anything. Let me educate you, as sisters. ——You seem to believe that you can return to the Faithnum Empire from the Wegrain Kingdom at any moment, driven by your hatred for me. But religion is a way of life here, and you shouldn’t have tried to use it as a weapon. From now on, you will have to embrace the Lina Religion in this country. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.”

“That’s not true! Father will do something about it…”

“Only if he’s able to kill me.”

No one rushed towards Bianca as she gasped in shock and dropped to her knees, stunned by my words.

Bianca’s guards were expertly overpowered and taken into custody by the knights of the Baratonia Kingdom.

Gauche leapt onto the cushion, but I guess Gauche would have no problem.

The knight was quickly overpowered, his freedom taken as his hands and feet were bound with the pre-prepared wire.

Millie collapsed onto the ground, visibly relieved. Perhaps she was even prepared to risk her life to protect me.

But I never had any intention of harming Millie. If the Faithnum Empire were to learn of her betrayal, she would be in grave danger.

Therefore, the only option was for us to return to Baratonia together.

“Gauche. This cushion is fire-resistant. When the fire starts from the circle, wrap the knight securely and kick it out. Then, please escort us out. ——Otherwise, Auglia-sama may jump into the flames at any moment.”

“Ah, that’s why you’re so composed… okay, got it. ——I’m glad you’re safe, Claire-sama.”

“…Thank you, Gauche.”

Gauche rips the large blanket with his short sword and throws the knight outside (though it’s so lightweight that it’s difficult to imagine how he possesses the strength to lift a fully armored knight). As expected, the flames rose, but the knight itself simply rolled on the ground without catching fire. 

He then took the remaining cloth and enveloped Millie and me, lifting us each onto one arm.


“Quiet and clench your teeth. The cloth is a precaution, it’s quicker this way.”

There was no room for argument.

Auglia-sama was visibly nervous, but Gauche made no move to harm us.

(He has always been kinder to me than any other member of my family.)

Millie, who was unfamiliar with Gauche, clung tightly, but with the ease of a feather, Gauche lifted us both high into the air, reaching the lofty ceiling, and set us down softly without a jolt.

I then stepped down from Gauche’s arm and ran into Auglia-sama’s embrace, sobbing and shouting in relief.

With the comfort of being back, I could no longer contain my emotions.

“Claire… I’m sorry I was late. Welcome back… I’m so glad you’re safe.”

“Yes… I’m back, Auglia-sama.”

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